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Hello!  Ready to delight in some of Ilwoo’s cooking? Here you will find Ilwoo’s recipes as I am able to update them.  You will see a photo and the title is a link to a page with the recipe, photos and videos! ❤️ Bon appetit 🙂

I will start with his most famous dish!  His re-discovery of the the frothy whipped coffee in Macau he named “Dalgona Coffee.”

Jung Il woo’s Dalgona Coffee (딸고나커피)



2 tablespoons of instant coffee

2 tablespoons of sugar

2 tablespoons of water (make it hot so it helps dissolve the coffee faster)


1.  Place all the ingredients in a cup and stir 400 times (It will feel like 4000!)

2.  Serve milk in a glass with ice and spoon on the frothy coffee on top, stir it in.

¡Sip away in delight!

Other Recipes from the show Convenience Store Restaurant:


Jung Il-Woo’s Mara Xiang Guo Rice Dumplings.


Jung Il woo's Red Chili (Gochujang) Noodle Soup .jpg

Jung Il woo’s Red Chili (Gochujang) Noodle Soup.


Jung Il woo's Gambas and Potato Balls Skewers

Jung Il woo’s Gambas and Potato Balls Skewers Recipe.



Jung Il woo's Tteokpapao Recipe정일우 - 떡빠빠오 Convenience Store Restarurant

Jung Il woo’s Tteokpapao Recipe ★ A Release menu winner! ★ 떡빠빠오 레시피


Jung Il woo's Boiled and Dried Anchovies .정일우 - 꽈리고추멸치조림-1.png

Jung Il woo’s Boiled and Dried Anchovies (with peppers) (꽈리고추멸치조림)


Jung Il woo's Soybean Pepper Anchovy Ssambap. Convenience Store Restaurant, Ep. 12. 정일우 - 일우와_ 쌈밥먹자.jpg

Jung Il woo’s Soybean Pepper Anchovy Ssambap. (쌈밥먹자 꽈리고추 멸치쌈밥)


Jung Il woo's Tangerine French Toast. Convenience Store Restaurant. Episode 5. 5회 정일우 감귤 프렌치 토스트

Jung Il woo’s Tangerine French Toast (귤 프렌치 토스트)


Jung Il Woo's Citrus Chicken Bake. Convenience Store Restaurant. Episode 16. 정일우 감귤 치킨 베이크 캡쳐.png

Jung Il Woo’s Citrus Chicken Bake (감귤 치킨 베이크)


Jung Il woo's 3-Step Cup Rice (3단 컵밥) 3단컵밥

Jung Il woo’s 3-Step Cup Rice (3단 컵밥)


Recipes from Sweet Munchies

I incorporated behind the scenes videos of him cooking from his official account for your absolute delight!

Licor Steamed Shellfish by Jung Il woo. Sweet Munchies 2020.jpg

Liquor Steamed Shellfish

Egg Noodle Soup by Jung Il woo. Sweet Munchies 2020

Egg Noodle Soup

Webfoot Octopus and Potato Balls with Salsa by Jung Il woo. Sweet Munchies 2020.jpg

Webfoot Octopus and Potato Balls with Salsa

Squid Ink Risotto with Tripe by Jung Il woo. Sweet Munchies 2020. jpg

Squid Ink Risotto with Tripe


Seafood Fish Dumplings.jpg

Pretty Seafood Fish Dumplings

Tornado Omelet by Jung Il woo. Sweet Munchies. 2020

Tornado Omelet

Jung il woo in Sweet Munchies Episode 5. My Screen Captures. Cr. JTBC, edited by Fan 13. 73

Shucked Lobster


Schweinshaxe. Roasted pork hocks, a German dish.

2020 7 17 Caviar Escargot with Jung Il woo. 3.JPG

Caviar Escargot

Recipes from Bilibili

Jung Il woo started posting lean recipes in his Bilibli account, it’s a Chinese App.

Lean Chicken Romaine Caesar Salad


Recipes from his new YouTube Channel

I’m so happy that Ilwoo is using YouTube to delight all with his cooking abilities.  Here are his recipes with the date of the video. The links below each picture will bring you to a page with the ingredients and YouTube link.

Rose Pasta   2020 12 26.

Recipes from his Instagram Stories

Ilwoo has been posting many salads and very healthy foods in his stories in Instagram.  He is on a diet preparing for his next role!  He was already so skinny in Bossam… I wonder why he needs to be so skinny… will he have to wear a doctor’s robe?  ^ ^ We’ll find out soon enough! For now to delight in his delicious healthy recipes go HERE.

Here is the photo of one of them with the translation below: