Jung Il Woo 2012

JIW 2012 Blossoms White 2

Welcome to the year 2012 of Jung II-woo’s professional life!

Jung II-woo hit the year running…as he started the filming on “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”  The Sixth episode with our dear Prince Yang Myung aired on January 10th with huge ratings.  This drama was an absolute hit and helped to keep Jung II-woo very popular.  The series finale recorded its highest ratings with a viewership of 42.2 percent nationwide, and an average of 45.8 percent in the Seoul National Capital Area.  That almost 50 % of the people who are watching TV!  WOO-W!

You’d think Jung II-woo would take time off after three dramas in a row, but nope, not this super man!  Even before “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” was done, he travelled to Japan to a special “49 Days” Fan event.  He travelled to New York to a First Look Magazine photo shoot.  Then he went back to Japan in April to promote “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.”  In between travels he had many interviews and worked as model for “Holika Holika” and “Emprani.”

He also endorsed other brands throughout this year and in to the next like:  LGE Optimus LTE II phones, Doritos, FILA and Domino’s Pizza.

In May Jung II-woo travelled to China, to promote his work and appeared in a variety show called “Up Go” which helped him become even more popular in China.  The rest of the year Jung II-woo continued to ride the wave of his success of 49 Days, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and The Moon that Embraces the sun visiting many countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

In December, he held his first Fan Meet in Taiwan.  He delighted around 1200 fans in two very special Fan Meets on the same day.  He sang to them, danced, and even took the time to shake every fan’s hand.  Such a special day prepared by such special person as him!  The fans showed him love right back by receiving him in every airport with banners, flowers and even songs!  They even rode their scooters behind his car as escorts!  So sweet!

So now delight in this, another great year for Jung II-woo!

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

The Moon that Embraces the Sun  (MBC)  (해를 품은 달)  as Prince Yang Myung.

Appearance in:

Up Go (Hunan TV) (a variety show from China) as himself.

Taiwanese TV Shows (1)   (2)  as himself.


First Look  (April)

Various Japanese Magazines   (May, June)

Jung II-woo for Trendy Magazine Vol. 49  (November)

Various Taiwanese Magazines (December)

Product Endorsements

Holika Holika

LG’s Optimus LTE II


Domino’s Pizza,   Quattro Cheese Pizza,

FILA,   FILA’s Sport Green Campaign


Press Conference for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”    (Jan 2)

“49 Days” Fan Meet in Tokyo, Japan    (Feb 6)

Wrap Up Party for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.”   (Mar 16)

Jung II-woo for Section TV, Rising Star #07  (Mar)

Jung II-woo travels to New York   (Mar 24)

Jung II-woo in Japan Part 1   (Apr)

Jung II-woo in Japan Part 2   (Apr)

Jung II-woo in Japan Part 3  (Apr)

Jung II-woo signs with SOOP Management  (May 4)

Jung II-woo travels to China Part 1  (May 8)

Jung II-woo in China Part 2  (May 9)

Jung II-woo wins Philip’s “Best Face Skin” award  (May 13)

Jung II-woo in Thailand. (May 20)

Jung II-woo attends the “Shanghai TV Festival.”    (Jul 4)

Jung II-woo starts his Official Website www.jungilwoo.com (July 5)

Jung II-woo “Shares Love” Event   (Aug 19)

Jung II-woo attends a Diesel Event  (Sept 12)

Jung II-woo Celebrates his 25th (26th Korean) Birthday  (Sept 9)

Jung II-woo travels to Malaysia for a Holika Holika Fan Event  (Sept 23)

Jung II-woo Goes Back to School  (Oct 16)

Jung II-woo travels to Taiwan Part 1     Part 2   (Oct 23)

Jung II-woo for FILA’s Sport Green Campaign  (Nov 3)

Jung II-woo in his first photo shoot for his Official Japanese Fan Club SMILWOO  (Nov)

Jung II-woo in Taiwan’s Fan Meetings: “The First Snow Promise”  (Dec)


Interviews / Photo Shoots

Jung II-woo for ETO

Jung II-woo for Donga

Jung II-woo in a Polka Dots Vest

Jung II-woo in Various Interviews A

Jung II-woo in Various Interviews B

Jung II-woo in Various Interviews C

Jung II-woo in Various Interviews D

Jung II-woo in an Interview by The Star

Jung II-woo… Dreaming II-woo!



Asia Model Awards  (Jan 18)                              Fashionista Award

The Ministry of Health and Welfare  (Jun 8)  Sharing Impression Award

Huading Award from China  (July 4)               Grand Prize for an Asian Young Male Actor

MAMA Awards   (Nov 30)                                   Presenter


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