Jung Il woo


His name:  in Hangul: 정일우 (In English it is pronounced Chon ee-roo), in English: Jung Il Woo

Birthdate:  September 9, 1987

Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea

Age: 34 (Western)  35(Korean)

Height: 6 feet, 184 cms

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Religion: Catholic, his catholic name is Anthony.

Official Websites: www.jungilwoo.com, www.kribbit.kr



His father is Mr. Jung Hae-hoon, a former television news anchorman.

His mother is Mrs. Sim Yeon-ok, she is a professor at the Korean National University of Cultural Heritage.  She knows a lot about Korean traditional fashion and fabrics!

His sister is Ms. Jung Shi-sung who is 5 years older than him. I read she is in the world of Fashion Design too. Someone once told me that Jung Il-woo does not like anything posted about his sister, he is very protective of her, that’s why I will not create any posts or pages about her until I ask his permission.



Awoo  2010-2019



Daelim Elementary School

Sungnam Middle School

Youngdeungpo High School

Seoul Institute of the Arts (SeoulArts). Department of Broadcasting Arts.  (1 year)

Hanyang University, Theater and Arts Major. Graduated on February 20, 2014



2006   Unstoppable High Kick  (거침없이 하이킥)  as Lee Yoon-ho


2006-2007 (MBC): Unstoppable High Kick  (거침없이 하이킥)  as Lee Yoon-ho

2008 (MBC): The Secret of Keu-Keu Island  (크크섬의 비밀)  cameo, as Lee Yoon-ho – ep.1

2009 (MBC): The Return of Iljimae / Moon River  (돌아온 일지매)  as Iljimae

2009 (KBS2): My Fair Lady / Take Care of The Young Lady  (아가씨를 부탁해)  as Lee Tae- yoon

2009 (MBC): High Kick through The Roof (지붕 뚫고 하이킥)  guest star, as Jung II-woo – ep.35

2011 (SBS): 49 Days (49일)  as Scheduler/Song Yi-soo

2011 (tvN): Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (꽃미남 라면가게)  as Cha Chi-soo

2011 (MBC): High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged  guest star; as Jung II-Woo – ep. 40

2012 (MBC):  The Moon Embracing That Embraces The Sun  (해를 품은 달)  as Prince Yang Myung

2013 (KBS):  The Queen of Office  (직장의 신)  cameo, Ep. 3  as Cha Chi-soo

2013-2014 (MBC):  Golden Rainbow (황금 무지개)  as Seo Do Young

2014 (MBC):  The Night Watchman’s Journal (야경꾼일지) as Lee Rin

2015 (Naver TV Cast):  High-End Crush (고품격 짝사랑)  as Choi Se-hoon

2016 (tvN):  Cinderella and the Four Knights  as King Ji-woon

2017 (True4U)  Love and Lies (กลรักเกมมายา)  as Tim  (First Thai Drama)

2019 (SBS)  Haechi (해치) as Prince Lee Geum

2020 (JTBC)  Sweet Munchies (야식남녀) as Chef Park Jin-sung

2021 (MBN) Bossam Steal the Fate  (보쌈-운명을 훔치다) as Bawoo

Not aired:

TBA  (Hunan TV)  Beautiful Woman (女人花似梦)  as Kim Moon-ho

TBA The Girls’ Lies (女人花似梦) as Lantian



2006  The World of Silence (조용한 세상 ) as young Ryu Jung-ho

2007  My Love  (내 사랑) as Ji Woo

2015  The Rise of a Tomboy  (女汉子真爱公式)  as Ge Yang

2018  The Discloser (급기밀) as Kang Young-woo

Filmed “Highway Family” Its release date is expected to be sometime in 2022.

Music Video

2006  This Is Me (이게 나예요)   by SAT

2007  Goodbye Sadness (굿바이 새드니스)  by Gu Jung Hyun


Variety Shows

2009 (MBC) Happy Together  Season 3, Episodes 110 & 111

2011   (MTV Korea)  One More Time

(TBC)  Surprise Dream Project 

(Hunan TV)   Up Go    (China)

2012   (TTV)  Joy Time  (Taiwan)

 I love JK.   (Taiwan)

2014   (MBC)  Infinite Challenge

2015   (JSTV)  Star Chef (China)

(SBS)  Running Man (Ep. 242)

2016   (SBS)  Running Man (Ep. 283, 289, 290)

2016  Star Shop  (China-Korea)

2019  (SBS) Running Man (Ep. 437)

2019  (SBS) My Little Old Boy (Ep. 126)

2019 (KBS) Happy Together. Season 4 (Ep. 41) (Ep. 61)

2019  Drunk Talk (일간스포츠)  (취중토크)

2019 (KBS) Happy Together. Season 4. (Ep. 61)

2019-2020 (KBS2) New Item Release, Convenience Store Restaurant.   (So far 19 episodes)

2020 (MBC) Radio Star (Appearance supporting Na Mun Hee) (Ep. 682)

2021 (MBC) Phone Cleansing (Show Premiere) (Ep. 1)

2021 (MBN) Eat More


2019 (KBS) Wild Map (와일드맵)

2021 (MBC) 15th Anniversary High Kick Documentary

2021- 2022 (Seezn-MBC every1) Village Shop  (Episodes 3-8)


(Hanyang University)  Beautiful Sunday  (뷰티풀 선데이) 2010  as Lee Joon-seok

(Hanyang University)  Hamlet  (작은 촌락)  as a producer

Elephant Song 2019-2020 as Michael



2009   Guilty (죽일 놈)  narration for Dynamic Duo song

2011  Scarecrow(허수아비) track from 49 Days OST

2011  Someone like you” (너란 사람) track from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop OST

2014   Rain Instead of Tears (차라리 비눈물에)  track from The Night Watchman’s       

Journal OST, duet with Nicole Jung

2015  “Heartbeat” track from The Rise of a Tomboy OST

2015  “My All” track from the Thai drama Love and Lies OST


His YouTube Channel

1DAY 1LWOO JUNGILWOO.  He currently posts about every two weeks.


His Magazine

2019  Kribbit Issue 1


Military/Civic Service 

December 8, 2016 – November 30, 2018

Seocho Senior Center