Jung Il Woo 2011

JIW 2011 2 (2)


Welcome to the year 2011 of Jung II-woo’s Professional life!

This year had barely started when it was announced that Jung II-woo would be in a new drama!  The drama was 49 Days where he got to play one of his most memorable roles: “The Scheduler” a modern grim reaper or angel of death.

As the year progressed Jung II-woo was also chosen as an ambassador to the 12th Jeon-Ju International Film Festival (JIFF) along with Kim So-eun.  They made such a cute couple!

In July, Jung II-woo travelled to Vancouver, Canada to film MTV’s “One More Time” program.  He also did a photo shoot for CeCi there.  It was really refreshing seeing Jung II-woo doing all sort of things from bungee jumping to playing beach volleyball!

As if the scheduler was not enough of an amazing role, we were treated to another of Jung II-woo’s best roles ever.  The incomparable Cha Chi-soo made it big into the small screen in October of this year. These roles gave great popularity to Jung II-woo. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop also broke audience records for an independent cable station.  At times it was even higher than its drama equivalents in regular television!

Then at the very end of the year fans received the news that Jung II-woo had been casted for a historic drama.  Can you guess what it is?  Yes!  The Moon that Embraces the Sun!  Our poor Oppa had no time to rest and even had to attend the script reading on Christmas Day!

Get ready to delight in one of the best years (if not the best!) of Jung II-woo’s career!

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

49 Days (SBS)  (49일)  as the Scheduler / Song Yi-soo

MTV’s One More Time  as himself

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (tvN) as Cha Chi-soo


OST Songs

Jung II-woo sings “Scarecrow” OST of 49 Days. (Mar)

Jung II-woo sings “Someone Like You” OST Part 3 of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. (Nov 28)



Nylon Magazine  (March)

Movie Week  (March)

Marie Claire Magazine  (April)

Cosmopolitan Magazine  (April)

InStyle Magazine  (April)

Singles Magazine  (April)

Style Chosun Magazine  (April)

InStyle Magazine (June)

CeCi Magazine (August)

CeCi Magazine with A-woo (October)

First Look Magazine (November)

Haru Hana, High Cut Magazine Vol. 66 & KBoom Magazine Vol. 78  (November & December)


Product Endorsements

Googims   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4



Jung II-woo cast for SBS’s 49 Days    (Jan 5)

Jung II-woo in posters for 49 Days    (Feb 7)

Jung II-woo in Teasers and Trailers for 49 Days    (Feb)

Jung II-woo attends the Press Conference for 49 Days   (Mar 8)

Jung II-woo as an ambassador to JIFF (Jeon-Ju International Film Festival)   (Mar 22)

Jung II-woo attends JIFF’s Opening Ceremony   (Apr 28)

Jung II-woo volunteers for JIFF’s Insomnia Night   (April / May )

Jung II-woo makes his handprint as a promotional event for JIFF.  (Apr 20)

Jung II-woo appears in “Guerilla Date”  (June 9)

Jung II-woo celebrates two years of “The Star”  (July)

Jung II-woo travels to Vancouver, Canada (July)

Jung II-woo attends the “DAIZ” Fashion Show  (Aug 24)

Jung II-woo travels to China  (Aug 25-27)

Jung II-woo cast for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Aug 29)

Jung II-woo as a DJ for KBS Cool FM’s “Increase the Volume.”  (Sept 3 & 4)

Jung II-woo attends VIP Premieres  (Sept 20 & 27)

Jung II-woo “Athletic” Fan Meet 2011 (Oct 10)

Teasers and Promotional Events for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Oct)

Jung II-woo in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Posters (Oct 18)

Jung II-woo at TOD’s (Oct 25)

Jung II-woo attends the Press Conference for Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  (Oct 27)

Jung II-woo appears in a cameo in High Kick 3, Episode 40 (Nov 21)

Jung II-woo sings “Someone Like You” OST Part 3 of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. (Nov 28)

Jung II-woo and the cast of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop get treats from fans! (Dec 11)

Jung II-woo for Kong Hyeong-jin “Cine Town” Radio Show. SBS POWER FM(107.7MHz) (Dec 22)

Jung II-woo at Flower Boy Ramyun Shop Episode 16 Viewing Party.  (Dec 20)

Jung II-woo for the jTBC’s “Surprise Dream Project” (Dec 24)

Jung II-woo is cast for “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” (Dec 27)

Jung II-woo in Posters of “The Moon that Embraces the Sun”  (Dec 29)


Interviews / Photo Shoots

Jung II-woo in green plaid with clocks!  (Mar 11)

Jung II-woo for Sports Today  (Mar 24)

Jung II-woo is a Happy Scheduler!  (Mar)

Jung II-woo for Star Express. (Mar)

Jung II-woo for NTN (Net to News)  (Mar)

Jung II-woo for Sports Hangook.  (Mar)

Jung II-woo in a blue cardigan.  (Mar)

Jung II-woo’s Three Tears  (Apr 3)

Jung II-woo for TVReport  (Apr 15)

Jung II-woo BTS of 49 Days in a red cardigan.  (May 17)

Jung II-woo in BTS of 49 Days in White  (May)

Jung II-woo is one hot scheduler! (BTS 49 Days in Black.)   (May)

Jung II-woo gray in May.  (May)

Jung II-woo in plaid and a hat.  (May)

Jung II-woo after 49 Days Interview  (Jun)

Jung II-woo in Paisley  (Jun)

Jung II-woo in the “Cupcake” Photo Shoot.  (Sept 27)

Jung II-woo for Epoch Times Interview  (Oct 20)

Jung II-woo for Chosun Online Interview  (Oct 22)

Jung II-woo interviewed for Star News  (Nov 12)

Jung II-woo in various interviews.  (Nov)

Jung II-woo in black for various Interviews.  (Dec)

Jung II-woo in a Dark Green Sweater  (Dec 17)

Jung II-woo in charming grey!  (Dec)



Jung II-woo attends the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards  (May 26)                Presenter


My Special Posts

Jung II-woo as an angel! 

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