About Me

March 13, 2017 + 1

I am Fan13.  A Fan of number 13.  Why?  I don’t know.  Maybe because I was born on a 13th?

I am a fan of  Jung Il-woo.  A very recent fan.  How recent?…October 2016!  You could say I made it really late to the party…but hey! I made it. This is probably what compelled me to tell the story of his life in my Instagram account during this two year hiatus…and this led to the creation of this website and all extensions to Twitter and Facebook.  I saw the lack of a website that covered all his professional career in English, (not machine translated) and in a simple manner.  With plenty of time to catch up…  I saw this as an opportunity to get to know Jung II-woo throughly and benefit the English speaking community he has and may have in the future.   I keep a running list of events for every year and write them in as I find them.  It feels like digital archeological work!  I am digging for information…and organizing it. I can only imagine what an archeologist must feel when s/he finds an ancient dinosaur bone!  I get so excited when I find a photo of Jung Il-woo I had not seen before!  I think by the end of this I’ll be able to see a photo of his and know what year and what event it is from…yes, I’ll be a Jung II-woo nerd!


Why?  What turned the tide for me from the rest of the many talented, handsome South Korean actors? It was a combination of Jung Il-woo’s playfulness, kindness, sweetness and something in the way he moves… I find it …absolutely delightful!  (Hence the name of all my accounts!)

I am a woman.

I am a daughter.

I am a sister.

I am a friend.

I am a learner.  I believe it is the ultimate reason why we are in this planet.  I think that all that happens to us in this life are lessons meant to be learned.  Love? One has to learn to love as well.  (My profession would say:  I am a teacher.)  I enjoy these activities that help me learn: reading, playing, and traveling.

I am bilingual:  I speak Español and English fluently.  And…

I am learning 한국어 (Korean).  Not easy.  The writing…wow!  My goal is to understand Jung II-woo when he speaks so I don’t have to read subtitles.  Oh…yeah…and for someday when I meet him, I want to speak in Korean to him.  That is if my blank mind, dropped jaw and drool…allows it!

I am a designer of the graphic kind too. Because I was talented with art and my family thought that being a teacher would not be a good career financially,  I studied two careers during my college years…  The extra work was worth it as I enjoy the combination of both careers and make enough to live a good balanced life.

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela.  I  grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  I currently live in Boston.  (Freezing today…because of a snowstorm…  This meant I had the day off from teaching and time to write this!)  You can see the views from my windows…and tomorrow’s post!   Brrrrrrr…is right!


I have lived in both cities exactly half of my life and I hold them both very dear to my heart. But, if you were to ask me where I’m from I’d say:

I am from planet Earth.

Dear fellow Earthlings that love Jung Il-woo… just remember how lucky we are to be in a sphere that floats in space and that we along with Jung Il-woo are its fellow passengers! Living and sharing in the same time and space.  Remember to take care of it…this is our Spaceship…  Oh!  I forgot to say:

I am a fan of Science Fiction.  Star Wars, Star Trek…my life!   So: May the Force be with you!  Live and prosper!  And remember…(from Les Brown) Shoot for the moon…even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars!

Jung Il-woo…open those arms…  Here I come!