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Welcome to 2009 in Jung II-woo’s Professional Life!

Jung II-woo went back to his busy filming and modeling schedule this year.  He worked so hard!  He continued to film “The Return of Iljimae” and was happy when the first episode aired on January 21st of 2009, with a rating of 18.5% in all of South Korea! This drama helped Jung II-woo not only grow as an actor but as a person as well.

In April, the day after “The Return of Iljimae’ aired its last episode, Jung II-woo left on a one month European vacation.  He first went to London where he did a photo shoot for Elle Girl Magazine, then continued on to Germany and Spain.

Right after he came back, Jung II-woo prepared for his First Fan Meet in Japan.  He practiced his Japanese a lot!  He made his Japanese fans so happy singing and even playing a Biwa (a Japanese Lute).  He then jumped into his next project, the drama “Take Care of the Young Lady” or “Lady Castle.”  where he played a rich lawyer.

After “Take Care of the Young Lady,” Jung II-woo had a cameo appearance in High Kick 2. He also endorsed Nix Shoes and Jeans this year and appeared in various magazines.  Last but not least!  He participated in various charity events through Hanyang University and other institutions.

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Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

The Return of Iljimae / Moon River  (MBC)  (돌아온 일지매)     as Iljimae

Take Care of the Young Lady / My Fair Lady / Lady Castle  (KBS2)  (아가씨를 부탁해)     as Lee Tae-yoon

Appearances in:

“Happy Together” (KBS2)   (해피투게더) Season 3, Episodes 110 & 111 as himself

High Kick Through the Roof (MBC)   (지붕뚫고 하이킥)  Episode 35  as a random character


Movieweek 365  (February)

Elle Girl  (March)

Elle Girl   (May)  “London Boy”

TV Guide -Japan-  (June)

Nylon Magazine (August)

MarieClaire (September)

Elle Girl  (December)

Product Endorsements

Nix Shoes    1,   2,   Fan Signing


Jung II-woo and “The Return of Iljimae” meets the press.   (Jan 7)

Jung II-woo and the crew of The Return of Iljimae is fed by his fans.   (Feb 3)

Jung II-woo and his love for the script.

Jung II-woo talks about acting, fame and the future.  (Mar 25)

Jung II-woo goes on an European Trip.  (Apr 10)

Jung II-woo takes part in Hanyang’s University 70th Anniversary   (May 16)

Jung II-woo invites fans to his first Japanese Fan Meet.   (May)

Jung II-woo’s First Japanese Fan Meet “Secret Time in Japan.”   (June 20)

Jung II-woo First Fan Meeting in Japan Press Conference   (June 25)

Jung II-woo in an Interview at the First Japan Meet.   (June 25)

Jung II-woo in the Press Conference for “Take Care of the Young lady.”   (Aug 13)

Jung II-woo participates in the Prayer Ceremony for “Take Care of the Young Lady”   (Aug 16)

Jung II-woo celebrates his 23rd Birthday    (Sept)

Happy Chuseok from Jung II-woo and Moon Chae-won    (Oct)

Jung II-woo does a short narration for Dynamic Duo’s song “Guilty”    (Oct)

Jung II-woo attends a Charity Event by UNICEF at Hanyang University.   (Nov 11)

Jung II-woo in Innolife’s Angel Exhibit   (Dec 16)


Interviews / Photo Shoots

Jung II-woo in a white hoodie!

In photos from various interviews.

Jung II-woo ever so lovely!

Jung II-woo in (another) photo shoot.

Jung II-woo …divine in a scarf!

Jung II-woo for SOHU TV.

Jung II-woo in the last post with long hair.

Jung II-woo in Photo Shoot for Star K Entertainment part 1

Jung II-woo in Photo Shoot for Star K Entertainment part 2

Jung II-woo in Photo Shoot for Star K Entertainment part 3

Jung II-woo in a blue shirt

Jung II-woo in a green/white gingham shirt

Jung II-woo looking like a clear blue sky!

My Special Posts

Jung II-woo is a Kiss from a Rose on the Gray