Jung Il Woo 2010

JIW 2010 2

Welcome to the year 2010 of Jung II-woo’s Professional life!  This year Jung II-woo took it a little slower.  He continued to attend school, at times 4 times a week!  And he found a way to challenge himself by participating in in his first and only play. It was for the Hanyang Repertoire Theater. The play called “Beautiful Sunday,” ran successfully with a total of 62 presentations.

Jung II-woo held two Fan Meets this year, one in South Korea and one in Japan.  He prepared hard for these working on his piano skills for three months!  During the Japanese Meet he also founded his first official Japanese Fan Club called “Flying Up.”  His nickname of JFrog became known as he set up his first Twitter account with that name.

Jung II-woo also signed with a new Entertainment company called back then NOA (now Fantagio) and he spent the remainder of this year finding new projects and preparing for them.

Jung II-woo ended the year challenging himself.  He took on being the producer of the play “Hamlet” for Hanyang’s Repertoire Theater.



Beautiful Sunday                                                                                        February 4 – March 28


Junior  (March)

Mountain  (April)

Haru Hana   (Dec)

Product Endorsements

Nix Shoes and Jeans  CF2 and Spring Catalog, Fan Signings


Promoting “Beautiful Sunday”  (Jan)

Celebrating his Success in the Theater  (Mar)

Signing with NOA Entertainment  (Apr)

Nix Shoes signing in Seoul and Busan  (Jun 4, 5)

Attending Lee Min-ho’s 24th Birthday/Fan Meet   (Jun 20)

Attending Park Yong-ha’s Funeral   (July)

Celebrating his 24th Birthday at his Third Fan Meet in Korea    (Sept 5)

Being out and about!    (Sept)

Celebrating his Second Fan Meet in Japan    (Nov 7)

In an Interview for Oricon, Japan    (Nov)

In an interview for Chosun   (Nov)

Producing the play “Hamlet”   (Oct/Nov)

Visiting Kyoto, Japan   (Nov 15)

Attending Movie VIPs     (Nov)

Photo Shoots

In a striped scarf

For NOA Entertainment