Jung Il Woo 2006

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Hello! Welcome to 2006 in Jung II-woo’s life!

When he got a “call back” for the audition of High Kick Jung II-woo was still recovering from a horrible accident he had in April of 2006.

On November 6, 2006, Jung II-woo officially debuted in the sitcom “Unstoppable High Kick.”  He became famous very rapidly and with barely any work he was already in a magazine in December!

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Dramas & Movies

Unstoppable High Kick  (MBC)    (거침없이 하이킥)  as Lee Yoon-ho

The World of Silence (Movie)


Junior Magazine   (December)

I have been fighting with myself, whether to include this or not and where.  If you know about Jung II-woo’s life, you know what I’m referring to… his accident.  After much thought, I decided to include it here under Events of 2006.  It is horrible that this happened to him, and that he continues to suffer its consequences today.  In a more positive light, it helped to shape the man we love today, and it shows us his undeterred will, his unstoppable energy, and the kindness and love that he greets everyone with…his gratitude for the gift of life!    I am so thankful for yours Jung II-woo!

Jung II-woo’s Car Accident

Jung II-woo’s Car Accident   (April)