Jung Il Woo 2015

2015 JIW Year Divider 4 Photo by Kwon Yoon-sung edited by Fan 132015 JIW Year Divider 3 Cr. Star Chef edited by Fan 13

Welcome to the year 2015 of Jung Il-woo’s professional life!

Jung Il-woo was off to an early start this year.  After a short vacation in Bali with his family, he went to Taiwan on January 9th and held his second Fan Meeting “Ilwoo Together” on the 10th.  Very soon after, on February 1st, he held his first Fan Meet in Beijing, China.  For the rest of this year he would work in many projects in China.  It there was ever a Jung Il-woo Chinese year this was it!

During March attended a Biotherm event (in China) and flew various times for the filming of Star Chef, a Chinese cooking competition show, which aired on April 4th.  That show delighted many fans and continues to do it today as we get to see and enjoy Il-woo doing one of his favorite things: cooking.  As if this was not enough of the real Jung Il-woo he was also a guest on Episode 242 of ‘Running Man’.  Here we get to see him play various games where he had to run, squat and even “bite”!

In May, Jung Il-woo was very busy filming his first movie since 2007’s ‘My Love’ The Rise of a Tomboy.’  This Chinese movie was shot in China and Australia and Jung Il-woo acts with Zanilia Zhao.  He then endorsed Noblesse Cosmetics through various activities including attending the ‘WRTT,’ or Women’s Round Table Trust 10th Anniversary Charity Event and visiting sick children at a Shanghai hospital.

He then went on to film his first web drama through SOHU TV “High End Crush.”  During September he held to very special fan meetings.  The first one in Korea was for 36 lucky fans who had the unique opportunity to bake cakes with Jung Il-woo.  The second one held in Japan was fro 100 fans, and it was a barbecue where he cooked the traditional seaweed Korean birthday soup.

In October he made another of his dreams a reality, he designed his own clothing line we2 for a friend’s store Beaker/Xtore.   He also signed with a Chinese Entertainment company called Yuehua to oversee all his activities and promote him in China.  Shortly after this he joined the cast of “Beautiful Woman” a Chinese drama that sadly has been affected by the overall ban of China on Korean Products and Entertainment.  Luckily his other drama, High End Crush aired on November 14 and went on to be very successful with 200 million views in just four months.

Jung Il-woo culminated this wonderful year with a new calendar that celebrated his 10th anniversary as a professional actor.  What a productive year this was Jung Il-woo!

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

The Rise of a Tomboy   (女汉子完美恋人) (Wanda Media)  as Ge Yang

Star Chef    (Jiangsu Satellite TV)  as himself

Running Man   (SBS) Episode 242 as himself

High End Crush  (SOHU TV, MBN) as Choi Se-hoon

Beautiful Woman (Hunan TV) as Jin Wenhao   (Has yet to air.)


Jung Il-woo sings Hearbeat for The Rise of a Tomboy   (May)


TVBS Weekly No. 881, Ming Weekly, Trendy Magazine No.57   (Jan)

Boss and ET Idol Magazines.    (Feb)

Kanryu Junai TV Drama Guide    (Feb)

Jung Il-woo for Hallyu Pia Magazine    (Feb)

Jung Il-woo for Easy Magazine Vol. 703

Jung Il Woo in blue and pink for various Japanese Magazines.

Jung Il-woo is a Man in Autumn for Vogue Magazine.

Jung Il-woo for W Korea Magazine

Jung Il-woo is ‘A Man in China’ in the Magazine: 東方流行, Eastern Trends.


Jung Il-woo in his Second Fan Meeting in Taiwan.   (Jan)

Jung Il-woo attends the VIP Premiere of Gangnam 1970.   (Jan)

Jung Il woo promotes his Golden Rainbow drama in Japan.  (Jan)

Jung Il-woo in his First Fan Meeting In Beijing, China.     (Feb)

Jung Il-woo at a Biotherm Event.    (Mar)

Jung Il-woo at the Seoul Fashion Week.    (Mar)

Jung Il-woo in Rainbo’Woo’ his Sixth Japanese Fan Meeting.   (Apr)

Jung Il-woo in the Press Conference for ‘The Rise of a Tomboy’    (May)

Jung Il-woo in “The Rise of a Tomboy” (女汉子完美恋人)     (May)

Jung Il-woo in Behind the Scenes of ‘The Rise of a Tomboy.‘     (May)

Jung Il-woo attends the ‘2015 China Shanghai Cosmetics and Beauty Expo’     (June)

Jung Il-woo filming “Heroe” for Chinese Children’s Day.    (June)

Jung Il-woo for Noblesse Cosmetics    (June)

Jung Il-woo visits children at Shanghai’s Hospital    (June)

Jung Il-woo at the ‘WRTT,’ Women’s Round Table Trust 10th Anniversary Charity Event     (June)

Jung Il-woo at a SOHU TV Event where his participation in the Internet Web Drama ‘High End Crush’ is announced.   (June)

Jung Il-woo’s “Il-woo’s three meals for a day” with boyfriend look pictures.   (June)

Jung Il-woo for Bellaflor.   (June)

Jung Il-woo in the First Script Reading of “High End Crush”   (July)

Jung Il-woo’s Oppa Fashion Style.   (Aug)

Jung Il-woo eating with a hat.    (Aug)

Jung Il-woo’s extraordinary baking birthday party!     (Sept)

Jung Il-woo’s Barbecue Birthday Party in Japan.    (Sept)

Jung Il-woo attends the 20th Anniversary of Joy & Peace.    (Sept)

Jung Il-woo in Beautiful Woman / Beauty Dream  (October)

Jung Il-woo at the Press Conference fro Beautiful Woman / Beauty Dream (October)

Jung Il-woo makes designs for his own clothing line we2 for the Xtore / Beaker. Part 1.

Jung Il-woo makes designs for his own clothing line we2 for the Xtore / Beaker. Part 2.

Jung Il-woo… 10th Thank you 2016 Calendar Pictorial by Starcast. Happy New year 2019!

Interviews / Photo Shoots

Jung Il-woo in photos by Kwon Yoon-sung.

Jung Il-woo clearer than a blue sky!

Jung Il-woo in Photo Shoot at Jeju Island.

Jung Il woo in an Interview by JCOM.

Jung Il-woo in a Smilwoo / Xtore Pictorial

Jung Il-woo in an Interview by K-Style.

Jung Il-woo’s Oppa Fashion Style.

Jung Il-woo makes designs for his own clothing line we2 for the Xtore / Beaker. Part 1.

Jung Il-woo makes designs for his own clothing line we2 for the Xtore / Beaker. Part 1.

Jung Il-woo attends the ‘PORTS 1961’ Fashion Show in Shanghai, China.

Jung Il-woo… 10th Thank you 2016 Calendar Pictorial by Starcast. Happy New year 2019!


Jung Il-woo wins at the Asian Influence Awards.

2015 MBC Awards. (As a presenter)

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