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Welcome to the year 2018 of Jung Il Woo’s Professional Life!

Jung Il woo continued to fulfill his civic duties at the Seocho Senior Center for most of this year. However he surprised us with a short appearance in a movie!  Do you know which one it is?  Well as you read on you will find out!

Sadly, our dear Oppa suffered his first social media “attack” when he expressed his public condolences for the shocking death of Jo Min-ki (the actor who he played his father in Golden Rainbow) in his Instagram account.  It was so sad to see him attacked to the point he deleted all his photos from Instagram.  (I was a far away witness of this and in tears by the end of it.  Until now the saddest moment of being his fan.)  

It would be a long time until we finally saw another Instagram post and with each passing day after that, the anticipation grew for the date of his come back, until finally it was upon us!  Then Jung Il woo plunged right into full work mode reading the Haechi script and getting ready for his role, attending two award ceremonies, becoming Ambassador to the National Museum of Korea and creating and releasing his 2019 calendar!

So now you can delight in this WOOnderful year in detail below:


Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

The Discloser  (1급기밀)  (Little Big Pictures) 




Jung Il woo erases all his instagram photos.  (Mar)

Jung Il woo attends the wedding of Running Man’s PD.  (Jun)

Jung Il woo considering a Fusion Sageuk as his return drama.  (Oct)

Details about Jung Il-woo’s Civic/Military Discharge.   (Nov)

Jung Il-woo to broadcast live on the day of his Civic/Military Discharge.

Jung Il-woo completes his Civic/Military Service.

 Jung Il-woo becomes ambassador to the National Museum of Korea.    (Dec)

Jung Il-woo announces that his 2019 Calendar will be on sale soon!

Jung Il-woo’s 2019 Calendar available for sale at Global Interpark.

Jung Il-woo participates in the Script reading of Haechi.




Jung Il-woo attends the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2018.   (Dec 12)

Jung Il-woo attends the 2018 SBS Awards.    (Dec 31)

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