November 24, 2018

Hello!  And welcome to 2018 of Jung Il-woo’s professional life.  Yes!  That’s right Jung Il-woo will be discharged in less than a week!  I have decided to start this page with the events of 2018.  I will create pages for the different events and place them here, the top one being the latest one. Click on them and they will lead to a new page with that respective information.

Dec 31, 2018   Jung Il-woo attends the 2018 SBS Awards.

Dec 18, 2018   Jung Il-woo participates in the Script reading of Haechi.

Dec 12, 2018   Jung Il-woo attends the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) 2018.

Dec 11, 2018   Jung Il-woo’s 2019 Calendar available for sale at Global Interpark.

Dec 4, 2018      Jung Il-woo announces that his 2019 Calendar will be on sale soon!

Dec 3, 2018      Jung Il-woo becomes ambassador to the National Museum of Korea.

Nov 30, 2018   Jung Il-woo completes his Civic/Military Service.

Nov 28, 2018   Jung Il-woo to broadcast live on the day of his Civic/Military Discharge.

Nov 24, 2018   Details about Jung Il-woo’s Civic/Military Discharge.