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Let this be a place, a garden where you can delight in Jung Il woo, his great talent, his kindness, his beauty, his playful personality, his sweet temperament and his impressive career as an actor, model and entertainer.

January 13, 2022

Hello! Everyone!  Welcome to Jung Il Woo Delights!  A website dedicated to Jung Il-woo and all his professional endeavors (and those he choses to share with us from his personal life). It covers the time span from 2006 until today’s date in 2022.

Ready to delight in our dear Jung Il Woo?  You can visit Events in the main menu to get started!  It is a great place to start!  All events are classified by year and within each year by topic. Another great place to visit is his biography under His Story in the main menu. This gives you the chance to know about some of his more personal information.  There is also a Fan Center to help navigate the Woorld of being an Ilwoolie (that’s the loving name Jung Il woo has given his fans) and it will also give you an idea of his Fan meetings from the past and his Fan Clubs.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I wish you much health and joy … and many many! delightful Ilwoo moments!

Dear Jung Il-woo my eternal gratitude for delighting me!  Much love, health and prosperity to you always!  May GOD bless you and remember, I will always be with you!  I always have been and always will be… forever.

💛😇Fan 13✨✨✨

P.S. After 5 delightful years, I am no longer active posting any content. You can read about why here.

This website is one of the tangible products of my love for Jung Il woo. I noticed very early on as I became his fan, that there was very little content written in English and when it was, it was all in pieces. I thought this was the perfect way to do do something for him that would be helpful to all his international fans. 

Linked to this website is only a YouTube channel by the same name.  There are no social media accounts linked any longer. So if you see anyone bearing the name jungilwoo delights it is not me.

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Jung Il woo playing golf!


Jung Il woo’s passion for golf is not new.  He has played on and off in the past too.  This is from 2017:

And this was the first time he shared Golf with us this year:

July 15, 2021

Music Cr. My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster. (Audiotree Live Version)

August 18, 2021

Caption:  Golf, you can’t conquer it in your lifetime.

August 21

Caption: My favorite these days. Malbon.

September 12, 2021

Caption: Golfing for my birthday!  The flag is like 2 meters high!

On September 24th he played golf with Lee Sun-jae!


Caption: Round of golf with teacher Lee Sun-jae.  Take care of your health, teacher!  I’m happy to play a round with my teacher.

Then on October 22, he posted his first golf video in his YouTube Channel. He did a product placement for a Golf equipment and clothing company called V12.

These were the Instagram posts inviting fans to go watch it:

And this is the video:

The video description read:

Translation via Google:

And this was a short clip he also posted in his Instagram:

These are my screen captures:

HERE you can see the Spring Collection for V12.  Ilwoo would look so much better than that male model!

And this is the latest video (as of January 24th.)

Translation via Google Translate:

Beginner’s luck seems to exist

※ The filming location in this video was taken after prior consultation.
※ This video was filmed in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

※ Subtitles are available. Clicking the CC button for subtitles.
※ CCボタンカラ字幕を選択してkuだsai。

My screen captures:

This was my least favorite part:

I hope someday men realize that insulting women or senior citizens is not funny.  One thing is doing it with your friend privately … another in a public YouTube video that so many people can see and hear.   Seriously Ilwoo?….!!!

… maybe it was universal energy balancing the lady difficulty with a gentleman one?  ^ ^ Ha!!!

I loved how you cheered your friend on…even though you lost.  You are so sweet!  Talking about sweet, I really liked these edits by dct_dgmty.  They are so well done!  I hope you don’t mind me placing them here!  Thank you!

Smiling eyes… keep enjoying Golf!  Eventually you will be able to play it all over the world!   So many great places to do it!



Jung Il Woo and motorcycles.

January 4-6, 2022

I decided to create a post about Jung Il woo and all the moments he has graced the screen in a motorcycle.  I was surprised to find there are so many!  The inspiration for this post came from a recent story where he shared with us a Lego Technic Motorcycle set that reminded him of his childhood. He posted it on January 2nd.

I thought, “I will post some of his moments with motorcycles”… and suddenly that small Instagram post turned into a much bigger research and here it is so far:

High Kick

Of course when we think of Ilwoo and his character Yoon-ho, we can’t separate the motorcycle from him, it was such a part of this character. Here he is posing with it:

You can see one of the very first scenes HERE in minute 6:38.  A little treat for Russian fans!

Sadly, there are not many scenes of Jung Il woo in motorcycles from Unstoppable High Kick in the internet.  These are my screen shots from episode 39.  I have to do more and better ones, on my to do list now!

But probably the most moving scene in the entire sitcom was the end scene, with our darling prince rolling in on a motorcycle… here is a video of that last episode:

There just isn’t any way this ending could be better than it is!

Goodbye Sadness

In 2007, Jung Il woo participated in the creation of a music video. It was directed by Goo Jung-hyun and it is 30 minutes long!  It was released in eight parts…so fans had to wait to see its dramatic ending!   There are two longer versions in You Tube that show the whole story further down.  Jung II-woo along with his co-star Baek Sung-hyun won best actor(s) for their performance in these movie videos at the 9th Mnet KM Music Festival. Personally, I think it should be called ‘Hello Sadness.’  It is pretty violent…

To see the rest of it… go HERE.

This was from the press conference:

The Secret of Keu Keu Island

In 2008, Jung II-woo had a cameo appearance in episode one of this series as Lee Yoon-ho!


Here is a video set to the scene with the motocycle:


49 Days

Probably after Yoon-ho this would be his second most memorable motorcycle character… though I know some international fans would probably vote for another one coming later. ^ ^

In 2011, Jung Il woo played two characters in a drama called 49 days.  He is the scheduler, a death reaper and Song Yi-soo and both ride motorcycles.

Here is the Scheduler:

And here is Song Yi-soo, riding to his… end!  Not for the faint hearted.  This is very hard for me to watch… for many reasons:

I know… it is absolutely heart breaking…

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

The only motorcycle scene I remember there being in Flower Boy Ramen Shop is the KISS one.  You know what kiss I’m talking about if you know Jung Il woo well, because to me it is not only his best kiss to date, but the best kiss in Kdrama.  How do I dare say this?  Let me give you four good reasons:

First off, the set up of this episode is simply brilliant to its name “A Street Car Named Desire”… it is a twist highlighting the high emotions in this famous play by Tennessee Williams.  Even the name of Cha, changes to Chwa , after 전차chon-chwa‘, which means street car in Korean. 

Second because this kiss lasts the whole episode and even into another one.  The kiss starts at the very beginning of the episode, cooking like a Ramen Soup… slowly but consistently it gets hotter and hotter as Cha Chi soo feels his emotions come to complete boiling point when he finds out that Eun-bi has gone on a date with the Pillar, the Onion!  

Third because as we see Cha Chi-soo storm into the movie theater and drag Eun-bi out to the motocycle, one never sees that kiss coming.  It is a fast, and so passionate, an explosive surprise!  It is why this kiss is even a two part kiss which is rare in any Kdrama, becasue the first moment kiss is the set up for … THE KISS!  And what a kiss it is…

It is a kiss that still moves me every time I watch it, which makes it the Fourth reason!  It never, ever!  stops delighting …

I found the whole scene in YouTube… ready?

And just like the kiss, it is repeated in the next episode (11) with its aftermath of emotions on both characters:

This drama is so well written that Ilwoo’s character’s love is exactly like most high schooler’s love: self centered… it is not what he feels for her, is what he feels himself about her!

And if you need a Fifth reason is that, Jung Il woo did such an incredible job in kissing suddenly and so passionately that he even broke the actresses’ lip…!  Look:

^ ^ Oh Ilwoo is so adorable in this… !  There is the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th… infinite!

Alright time to cool down… let’s do it with some photos from this kiss and our theme… the motorcycle:

These are my screen captures:

So much to learn about love little fish… but what a heart!

Cinderella and the Four Knights

This is the drama most international fans get to know Jung Il woo by, as it is in Netflix… and this is the drama I referred to earlier that fans would see as the second most memorable motorcycle scenes (and not 49 Days).

And motorcycle scenes abound in the beginning, especially episodes 1 & 2…  In fact our introduction to his character Kang Ji-woon is through a motorcycle scene… do you remember:

Here is mix of photos from that day of filming, some are official stills and some are from fans (credit on them)…

Then to see the next scene,  jump to minute 39:48 or see it here:

Here are my screen shots:

Last motorcycle scene in episode 1 starts in minute 55:43:

I love these scenes played throughout this MV “For You” by BTOB:

If you had to take a ride with one of his characters which one would you choose?  I think I’d go with…  not easy to decide! But I’m leaning towards …




Happy New Year 2022!


December 31, 2021

Unreal.  This year is over!

Covid wise, thank goodness!  I pray we are getting closer to eradicating it… though it doesn’t seem so at the moment.  I do think that the vaccine is a step in being a bit more protected so if one does get it, it is less severe and not lethal like it was before.  We have learned and we are still learning.

Ilwoo wise… sadly. One less year of Ilwoo!  And what a tough year for all performers: actors, singers, musicians, dancers… and our darling Jung Il woo.  Yet Ilwoo managed to give us in 2021 one of his best dramas ever: Bossam Steal the Fate!  This alone is a enough reason to celebrate and to be so thankful for! Credit is due too to Kwon Yuri, who was stellar in this drama and really brought out the best of Ilwoo with her light.  It was a pity this hit of a combo could not continue to shine brighter as the Village Shop show was limited for us international fans to continue to delight in the Ilwoo-Yuri, or Mildang couple.  We were picking up bits here and there due to the generosity of IG dieuhuyensmilwoo and in the Korean language sea, which made it so hard for us to understand and therefore enjoy it.   I have faith there is more to come… with English subtitles possibilities as they are really so great together!   And being able to see it with subtitles makes such a difference.

Talking about subtitles, I want to give KYR125 Subs a very special thanks, I was able to delight in this couple’s time together due to her hard work!  If you haven’t seen this gem… her english subs for Village Shop, it is time you did!  Here it is:

A dear new friend who prefers to not be names shared the long version with me and it is not uploaded in YouTube anymore, so you can watch it in my Instagram account.

We’ll see what else we get from these two… a kiss finaly? ^ ^

We also had a new season of his YouTube channel, a phase that seemed at times more mature and definitely filmed with better camera views.  Ilwoo even tried some product placement!  Keep going Ilwoo!  Cooking products, face products… there is so much you can do!   It was also great to see Ilwoo cross off some of his bucket list items like surfing and playing golf… and maybe continue them?

What will you attempt next year?  So looking forward to seeing it!

The hands of the clock continue to turn with every second getting closer 2022… may it be the best year for you dearest Jung Il woo, for every one of you!  May your dreams come true!   I will take my leave this year! with this beautiful poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson:

Ring out, wild bells

Ring out, wild bells, to the wild sky,
   The flying cloud, the frosty light:
   The year is dying in the night;
Ring out, wild bells, and let him die.

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
   Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
   The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Ring out the grief that saps the mind
   For those that here we see no more;
   Ring out the feud of rich and poor,
Ring in redress to all mankind.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,
   And ancient forms of party strife;
   Ring in the nobler modes of life,
With sweeter manners, purer laws.

Ring out the want, the care, the sin,
   The faithless coldness of the times;
   Ring out, ring out my mournful rhymes
But ring the fuller minstrel in.

Ring out false pride in place and blood,
   The civic slander and the spite;
   Ring in the love of truth and right,
Ring in the common love of good.

Ring out old shapes of foul disease;
   Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;
   Ring out the thousand wars of old,
Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Ring in the valiant man and free,
   The larger heart, the kindlier hand;
   Ring out the darkness of the land,
Ring in the Christ that is to be.

Me: Ring in the best of each one of us!

Update… today, the last day of 2021, my instagram reached 20,000 followers!  I am so… so… delighted!  Jung Il woo, I am so grateful for all the inspiration these past five years, you helped me discover so many things about myself, most importantly my love!  Ilwoolies thank you for your support, I am so glad we get to share in this beautiful gift of our lives:

Much health and prosperity to you all! Like Ilwoo said:  It is 2022!  We are blessed!  Yes we are!  Because we are here!!!  ^ ^

A Flower Boy Ramen Shop Christmas Pictorial


December, 2021

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is safe, healthy but most importantly filled with love and joy this Christmas!    I thought a lot about what I wanted to do Ilwoo wise for a Christmas post. And suddenly I remembered Cha Chi-soo and the Christmas Tree scene.  Do you remember it?  Yes it is sad.  Yet there is something very special about it. It is the moment Cha Chi-soo realizes how much he loves all of them and how much he fears loosing them. For the first time he is fully conscious of how much he loves.  And this is I think one of life’s greatest gifts. To feel love and be fully conscious of one’s love.

Today, I want to celebrate the love I feel for Ilwoo, a love that keeps manifesting in the most incredible ways. That post with the music of Luis Miguel is simply another marker in this unbelievable magical hike he has been taking me on!  This delightful journey where I can feel my love constantly!  How much joy and love Ilwoo brings through all of the characters he portrays, all his efforts in cooking, singing, modeling… and his posts, he is totally like Santa!

This Santa has been a bit distant lately in some ways, but if know Jung Il woo, you’d know he always takes his breaks. He needs them for rebalancing!   And believe me when I tell you, he is always present even when he’s not posting!  So… Merry Christmas dearest Santa Ilwoo Ssi!  I’m sure you are having a WOOnderful Christmas time! ^ ^

And now let’s cheer for the love we each feel for Ilwoo shall we?!  I also have another reason to celebrate too! Yesterday was my Instagram’s account 5th Anniversary! That was the first moment I decided to do something to give Ilwoo my love back!  Had to be on Christmas!  Thank you dearest Ilwoolies for all the love you have given me!

And now let’s celebrate with Cha Chi-soo in this beautiful moment to the realization of love. To start here is this Christmas pictorial published by 10asia with the cast of Flower Boy Ramen Shop.  It shows Behind the Scenes photos of the cast while practicing for the Christmas Tree Scene in Episode 15.

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000072011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000092011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000102011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000112011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial00012

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000272011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000142011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000182011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000012011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000022011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000052011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000032011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000062011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000132011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000152011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000162011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000172011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000192011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000202011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000212011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000222011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000232011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000242011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000252011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000262011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000292011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial00030Cr. 10asia in 2011.

These are my screen shots from the scene:

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000382011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000392011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000402011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000412011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000422011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000432011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000442011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000452011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000462011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000472011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000482011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000502011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000512011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000522011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000532011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000542011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000552011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000562011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000572011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000582011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000592011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000602011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000632011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 00064

And this is a video of that part.  Only Korean subtitles available in it.M

Well I’m off to fill stockings!  Yes to be Santa too! and get our Christmas morning started!

May GOD bless you all in health, joy and most of all love!



Waiting for Ilwoo Santa!

Hello!  Who is waiting for Ilwoo Santa?! ⭐️🎁. Yes!  Me too! I can’t wait to hear the sleigh bells and the sound of your foot as you step down 일우 산타!
I’ve had this idea for sometime in my mind… the stepping of the car Santa idea!  Finally a bit of time to make it a reality:


Video credits: Beautiful Woman, Golden Rainbow and High End Crush Jung Il Woo dramas. 
Music Credit: The Boston Pops: A Christmas Scherzo. ( A scherzo is a vigorous, light, or playful composition.🤗)

Here is a bit more our Ilwoo Santa…

What you got in that bag?  You know I’ve been so, so good this year!   ^ ^
Oh…!  I can’t wait!  What will you treat us to?  A live video?
By the way I came upon an article that had the most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to and the safest!  Please be careful on all your get togethers, shopping and see lights drives!  Have fun!!!  This is the article:
“The study from Irish car insurance provider Chill Insurance found the most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to by analyzing the beats per minute (BPM) of each piece of music.
Research shows that songs with beats per minute (BPMs) over 120 are linked with increased dangerous driving.”
The 10 most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to:
Gene Autry, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, 172 BPM
Mariah Carey, ‘All I want For Christmas’, 150 BPM
José Feliciano, ‘Feliz Navidad’, 149 BPM
Jackson 5, ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town’, 147 BPM
John Lennon and Yoko Ono, ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’, 146 BPM
Frank Sinatra, ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’, 143 BPM
Gene Autry, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, 142 BPM
Wizzard, ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day’, 140 BPM
Judy Garland, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, 137 BPM
Jackson 5, ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’, 129 BPM
The 10 safest Christmas songs to drive to:
The Pogues, ‘Fairytale of New York,’ 78 BPM
Eartha Kitt, ‘Santa Baby’ 84 BPM
Julie Andrews, ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’, 87 BPM
Paul McCartney, ‘Wonderful Christmastime’, 95 BPM
Michael Buble, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’, 95 BPM
WHAM!, ‘Last Christmas,’ 108 BPM
Dean Martin, ‘Winter Wonderland’, 111 BPM
Bing Crosby, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, 113 BPM
Leona Lewis, ‘One More Sleep’, 113 BPM
Band Aid, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas,’ 115 BPM
What do you think of this?  I certainly feel myself drive faster in certain songs, and they usually have more rapid beats.

Village Shop Episode 1

December 1, 2021

Good morning!

Jung Il woo is not in the first episode at all… still it’s interesting to watch the beauty of the place and the interactions between the four first arrived participants.

Thanks to IG @ yuri_smiles, I was able to watch the whole episode of Village Shop though Dramacool.  Just do a search in Google for Village Shop Dramacool and it will yield a video.  Click on it and you are on your way!

Update January 27, 2022

Thanks to a very kind Ilwoolie who prefers to not be credited, here is the entire episode in Korean.  Fortunately, I was able to load into my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!


This is the only clips posted about this episode 1 in Seezn and MBC Every1 YouTube channels about this episode until now. It’s more like another preview.


My Screen shots: