Jung Ilwoo walking El Camino. Part 2.

February 27, 2021


This post is really long to read but totally worth it!   I found a lot of the places that Ilwoo visited and one where he even stayed at…  I hope that it helps you enjoy his walk more closely while learning a bit more about the many sites.

This video, the second part covered 5 days between Ponte de Lima and Vigo.  It started with Ilwoo opening a bottle of wine in a very interesting way!  Let’s just say it took a lot of leg work! ^ ^

Sadly, right after this we began to see Ilwoo suffer.  He got a cold sore on his bottom lip.   And he had put some medication that maybe was not really meant to be applied on lips.  Poor Ilwoo!

Later we get to delight in watching him cook.  He felt they had not been eating properly so that’s in part why their bodies were suffering.


The next day we get up to see Ilwoo turn the beef he had marinated the previous night into a scrumptious breakfast.

And he prepares lunch… a very spicy sandwich!  I could not eat that!

They set out towards Tui, Spain.

To experience a bit of Ponte de Lima HERE is this Pharmacy site. It’s a bit more rundown in Google Maps. THIS is a pharmacy photo spot also on Google Maps.

They went to get their passports stamped at the Tourist Visitor center:

“Ponte de Lima is one the oldest towns in Portugal, founded on 4 March 1125. It was historically significant as a Roman settlement on the road from Braga to Santiago de Compostela and Lugo, and the first place in Portugal getting a municipal charter.”  Cr. Wikipedia

Ilwoo and his friends walked along the Lima river and  got this gorgeous view of The Ponte de Lima, bridge.  The bridge actually still contains five arches from the old Roman bridge which presumably dates back to the 1st century. These form a section which now runs over dry ground on the opposite bank of the river to the town.

Roman Legend of Ponte de Lima:

“It is said that during the Roman occupation of Portugal the forces stationed here found a worrying resemblance between the River Lima and the River Lethe (or River of Forgetfulness) , one of the five mythical rivers of the Underworld. They feared if they drank or tried to cross the river it would completely erase their memories.

In the year 138 BC the story goes that a Roman legion stopped at the river, refusing to cross. Eventually General Decimus Junius Brutus took the decision to quash the superstition once and for all and made the crossing himself. Admittedly he was on a horse, but this was enough to encourage his men to take the plunge. However,just to be sure they had not in fact lost their minds to “Oblivion” they were made to shout out their own names as they crossed the river.

To commemorate this tale there are now statues of a Roman phalanx on one side of the river with the general on horseback, encouraging them across, on the other.” 

Cr. http://www.travel-in-portugal.com

This is a photo from the same website:

So beautiful!  And this is a statue of the Roman General:

Cr. http://www.oneroadatatime.com

Wait was that General Jung?

The church on the far side is called San Antonio Da Torre Velha Church!  How perfect!  His Saint!  Actually Ilwoo was in the perfect place to find many churches named after his Saint as Saint Anthony was born in Portugal!  He is one of Portugal’s most revered Saints.

HERE you can experience the area around the church with a beautiful view of the town of Ponte de Lima.  These are other photos via Google Maps:

You can actually go inside of it… and look out the window!!!

And onward they continued towards Tui…

I felt so bad for Ilwoo’s manager.  He had a nose bleed right when he was eating!  I’ve been there…!

This moment was probably my favorite in this video.  Ilwoo was so happy he basically danced his way into Spain!   It makes me so happy when he is happy!

I found out that the river’s name is Minho!  That’s right like Lee Min-ho!  ^ ^. I wonder if Oppa thought of his friend the first time he saw that!   The meaning of Minho in portuguese is “mine.”

HERE you can feel like you are there and wonder around and even cross the bridge with Google Maps.  Just move until you see an arrow pointing towards the bridge and go!   SO great!  This bridge is called: Tui-Valença International Bridge. 

Ilwoo took this photo he posted in his instagram right on the other side:

HERE in Google Maps.

Tui started off as a Roman settlement called Tude.   The current oldest parts of Tui’s walls were built during the reign of King Ferdinand and date back to the 12th century. Of these only one original gate remains, called “Pia”.     Cr. http://www.galiciaguide.com

This is the Cathedral of Tui,  Santa Maria de Tui:

Cr. Wiki Commons

Cr. inspirorock.com

This Cathedral is a late-Romanesque and Gothic-style Roman Catholic church. It is located at San Fernando square, in the center of the town. It sits on the highest part of the town so it is visible from various parts of town.

“Construction began in the 12th century and the North portal and layout derive from this age. The main facade (1225) however is of a later Gothic style. The main chapel located in the choir was completed in 1699 by Castro Canseco. The interior has a large prominent “Retablo de la Expectacion”, and a large altar of relics in the Chapel of the Relics. The cloister is in Gothic style.”       Cr. Wikipedia

You can enjoy it in Google Maps HERE.

Jung Il woo and his friends enjoyed dinner …

And the next day continued on to Redondela, 35 Kms away.

But Ilwoo’s friends decided to take train at O Porriño, but Ilwoo walked.  Here he is saying goodbye to them…

Here is Ilwoo’s walk and stop at Mos… for refreshment.

He saw kids riding mini motorcycles… I tried finding this but I was not able to.

Oppa made it into Redondela and met his friends.  In the next scene we see them as they mentioned “walking like grandfathers”!   “zombies’! 

At Redondela they take it easy for a bit and around the town.

HERE you can feel you are walking down the street with Ilwoo.  It’s called Rua Alfonso XII.  The place with the red rug is  the place they are passing on the first photo.  Then they see a festival.  That happens HERE at Praza La Constitución (Constitution Square) , or if you walk down the street from the previous link you will see it just like Oppa in the next capture:

They have a nice meal.

I was able to find this Albergue!  See the door sign on the previous capture? ^ ^  It is right HERE.  Though you can see photos in that link, here are two:

Cr. Google Maps

I wonder if this photo Ilwoo posted back in 2019 is from this Albergue:

They decide to take a day off to heal and head to Vigo towards the coast.  There they enjoy some great views!

They venture around the town and find a Chinese Place where they decide to have a meal.

I found this place… the movie theater, but it looks so different as it was under construction when Google visited!   It’s HERE.

This is a photo he posted in his Instagram and they showed right about here i the video…

What a view!

I was able to find this restaurant but it was not easy as it is behind scaffolding for the construction of the year Google took this in 2019. (See photo below)  Much to my surprise the name of the street was called “Rua de Venezuela” or Venezuela Street!  I couldn’t believe it!  That is the country where I was born! And Oppa chose to walk there!!!   And I almost fell off my chair when I saw this:

I thought it was at number 13!  As you can see that’s what the sign in brown said… but it was really at 11!   ^ ^

This is a view of the street:This is an older photo from almost the same perspective from 2017 before the construction:

Cr. Google Maps

This is a great aereal view of part of Venezuela street.

After their Chinese meal they walked along the Port of Vigo and Ilwoo captured some nice views!

Do you want to walk around the port too?  Sadly, in that platform of the port where he was there are not blue tracks to walk, but you can enjoy a photo spot right HERE.  It is so great…!

In Vigo, the main Cathedral is actually a C0-Cathedral with Tui’s Cathedral.  The original church was rebuilt in neo-classical style after being burnt down by Francis Drake’s soldiers in 1585.  You can explore it HERE.

This is its facade:

Inside it looks like this:

After walking they had probably one if not the best meal so far.  Seafood delicacy!

Sadly, our poor Oppa can’t even properly suck in his oysters because of his busted lip!  I love his spirit… he makes the best of it.  Good food always makes him so happy!  ^ ^

And off they go towards Pontevedra!

See you next time!!!

I searched the music… as I could here in my head that constant “The Future is NOW”… so here is that song:

But the one I really love is this one:

I had heard it before… but never looked into it!  Go it in my library at last!  Are you having a good day?  I hope this post helped a bit!



As I looked at Vigo, Venezuela Street seemed to be one of  biggest roads in it. This made me curious… Why is it so prominent?   I found out that Venezuelans make up the number one group of immigrants in this town.  This is due to the fact that many Galicians from here and other towns nearby left to settle in Venezuela in the 1950’s. Spain was under a severe economic crisis and   Their children now middle aged adults left Venezuela (because of the terrible economy) and gone back to their parent’s land… Galicia as they enjoy double citizenship.

I also read something that made me sad.  Many of these Venezuelans were professionals such as doctors, engineers, etc in Venezuela, but due to the mess of the current Venezuelan Government they can’t get their Degree Titles Officially Stamped and Translated, so they have no way to prove to the Spanish Government the validity of their degrees.  So they are stuck working doing anything to get by.  Some have opted to study again… can you imagine?!

I’m so thankful my sister left in time… her Doctor Title was completely validated by the Spanish Government and they hired her as a doctor.  Phew!  I always remind myself of this when I miss my family.  We have so much to be thankful for!  My sister is now a Spanish Citizen, and my nieces are Spanish-Venezuelans.  I think it’s good to have dual citizenship, you never know if way in the future Venezuela ends up being a better place for my nieces!  Tomorrow never knows!

THIS is one of the articles I read.

May GOD bless Venezuelans living all over this wide world including Venezuela!  I pray I can visit there again someday.  My last time was in 2008.  That’s right… 13 years ago!

Fan 13








Jung Ilwoo walking El Camino. Part 1.

February 21, 2021

On February 12, 2021, Jung Ilwoo started to share something very precious to him: a video with the first episode of His Third walk to Santiago de Compostela, the Portuguese Central Way.


This walk took place in May of 2019.  He walked from Porto in Portugal.

Today marks the start of the Fourth year of this website!  WOO Hoo! and I’m so happy to be celebrating it by writing and sharing this post.  This post about one of the things this lovely man loves to do the most… walk his beloved Santiago way.  It has been such a ¡Buen Camino! being with you Ilwoo!  Learning because of you!  You show up, manifest in my life when I least expect it… and I am not surprised anymore… I just say… I love you too!  So now let me love you the best way I know how… by creating this post.

With this post I attempt to see more of each place you visited in detail.  To take this trip with you with a historic and cultural lens as I’m able to decipher the places you visited, ate at or slept at in your video.  I will also take information and photos you shared in the recent show Phone Cleansing and way back in your Instagram account too.

This post will be helpful to anyone who travels to Portugal (and Spain) or lives there and wants to enjoy these precious Oppa moments!  This is a way to love him and be with him spiritually…

Let’s get started!

Packing!  Jung Ilwoo shared this first photo of his trip.  Packing for it.

In Phone Cleansing he shared a photo of his notebook, a list that took him 6 months to create as he attempted to find the lightest items to take with him. This is the photo and the list (he blurred the brand names).

This is the whole list translated:


1 backpack

2 trekking shoes

3 stick

4 sleeping bag

5 rain coat

6 trekking hat

7 gloves

8 head lantern

9 sports towel 2~3

10 medicines (something to disinfect needles, vaseline, muscle relaxant, tiger balm, vitamin, medicine for cold)

11 emergency food (pepper paste, ramen, ramen soup base, curry base)

12 sleeping eye patch, earplugs

13 detergent

14 notebook, pen

15 electronic book

16 clothes(windbreaker jacket, 3 tshirts, 1 or 2 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 long pants)

17 2 sunglasses

18 5 underwear

19 5 trekking socks

20 sneakers

21 sandal or slippers

22 multi adapter plug

23 ipad mini

Here he is in Seoul heading out to Spain…

And here he is in Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal.  He actually flew into Lisbon and then continued the next day to Porto.

This is one of the main squares of Lisbon!  It’s called Plaza Rossio.  Love that yellow bandana on his neck!  THis is how I knew it was Lisbon.  I did a search for that Tezenis store and found it in Lisbon only.

Tezenis, Lisbon Cr. Google Maps.png

Do yo want to feel like you are there?  This is the Google Map LINK.  You can move around the entire area … and picture our dear Oppa enjoying it!   My family vacationed there a week before he went, in April of 2019!  They said one of the coolest things in Lisboa was the floor, there are mosaics everywhere!  My nieces enjoyed them a lot!  Here is one of them running.


This is a photo my mom took from a Mirador, or high tower there called Elevador de Santa Justa:


Jung Il woo took a train to Porto, and the first image we see after the big letters that say Porto is the train station of “Porto São Bento.”

This is what the station looks like on the outside…

Cr. Wikipedia

It is absolutely majestic on the inside.  Its vestibule contains some of the most impressive “azulejos” or painted blue tiles in the world.  This station is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is a National Monument of Portugal.

“This building was constructed over a number of years, starting in 1904, based on plans by architect José Marques da Silva. The large panels of azulejo tile were designed and painted by Jorge Colaço; they were completed in 1916 and the station was then inaugurated.[3] The murals represent moments in the country’s history and the multicolored panels depict rural scenes showing the people of various regions.”

“There are approximately 20,000 azulejo tiles, dating from 1905–1916, that were composed by Jorge Colaço, an important painter of azulejo. The actual tiles were made in the Sacavém factory.[5] Colaço placed the first tiles on 13 August 1905.[5] To the left of the entrance is a scene depicting the Battle of Arcos de Valdevez and Egas Moniz before Alfonso VII of Castile, while to the right, is D. João I in Oporto, with his fiancé, and the Conquest of Ceuta. On the border wall at the entrance are small panels depicting countryside scenes. The tile project required 11 years to complete.”  Cr. Wikipedia

Cr. Novocom.top

A video…

We see him greet his manager and best friend Joo Yoonsuk with a high five and then they sit down to have a meal and beer…