Jung Il woo launches his New YouTube Channel: “1day 1lwoo”

Jung Il Woo’s new YouTube launched on November 27th at 6:00PM Korean Standard Time (KST).

The first video entitled “Who’s Q&A is it?” revealed a nervous Ilwoo at the beginning who got more and more comfortable as he answered questions about himself, his thoughts about re-opening his YouTube channel and the type of content he hopes to create for his fans.  One of the questions was… What keyword would you add to yourself?  He answered “Sexy Chef, King of walking, Unexpected charm, Fashionista and Shoe lover.”  He mentioned how he hopes that it will be a gateway for him to become closer to his fans. he also added that he is looking forward to the comments and reactions of his fans.  HE also added that he hoped it would be a place to rest and find a sense of healing.

This is the first video:


The second video, published the next day was called “Somewhere between work and a day off.”  In it you can see Jung Il woo driving his car to meet his stylist “Jinkyu.” The two end up going to one of Ilwoo’s favorite’s stores: Patagonia.  He also visits a tailor’s shop and gets fitted for a suit.  Last he heads over to Cafe Fazenda (owned by one of his middle school teachers) to meet with staff and discuss his new channel’s name and content.  There is a cliff hanger at the end as Ilwoo is debating whether he wants to share something that may be very raw… about himself!

Here is the second video:

These are my screen captures:

From video 1.

From video 2.


The first word that comes to my mind as to how I feel about Ilwoo’s new YouTube channel… is DELIGHTED!  I am so happy and glad he is doing this!  It was time that his International community of fans got a bit of Ilwoo loving!  I love all the plans he has for the different sections and of course I can’t wait for his first live broadcast this coming Friday!   Just in case you missed it, it will be on December 4th, 8:00PM Standard Korean Time.

He is making a huge effort in doing this… imagine he will have been filming his new upcoming drama all week next week (he is getting back to work as I am writing this November 30th) and he will be making sometime to spend live with his fans after that.  I really hope people value and respect his efforts and show him tons of love… he is so kind to share all that he does with us.  He really goes beyond what he should… he is that open and sure of who he is.

Ilwoo Ssi, Like I said in my Instagram post, you forgot to mention the keyword #angel!  You are angel!  May GOD continue to bless you!

Jung Il Woo takes a flower test.

November 24, 2020

Yesterday, Ilwoo shared this interesting post of a flower.  The caption read “You are kind but sometimes you can’t understand what’s inside. You are thoughtful Gerbera.”

I searched online and found out it was a personality online test.  I found a site that contained all the images of the test and all the flowers possible. It is HERE.

To take the test go HERE.  Sadly you’ll have to use your Translation App.  There is no English available. Some of the questions were:

Where would you rather go?,  If I return to my guesthouse and find some people are having beers, do I join in and listen quietly or do I create the atmosphere and lead the conversations, if late one night I come home to find my roomate has been injured do I say how sorry I am and worry or do I ask how the person was injured and go to a nearby pharmacy… and on and on!

Jung Il woo’s flower description in Korean was:

Here is the translation.  Please remember dear friends to credit my website or fan 13 with the translation if you are taking it from here for your posts.  ^ ^ Thank you


I’m not a fan of online tests but for the sake of it and not having done one in ages I decided to try it…I will leave mine here as my memory of having done it.  It was surprisingly accurate in some respects.  I share with Ilwoo the loyalty to close friends “only looking at what I’m interested at…”  The last part about procrastination was completely off … I’m actually quite proactive and productive.

You are attractive even by yourself, My Way “Lanunculus”

Sometimes I laugh alone in a strange place, but I don’t notice others.  Isn’t life my way? 
Like “La Nonculus”, which is attractive enough even by herself.  The goal of life is to work less and earn a lot. 
Once a flower blooms or something catches my interest, I bite it and stretch it until you I tired of it. I hope I am the leader in this area.
I don’t like people who break their promises. 
I don’t want to to talk to people I don’t like, but I’m the type who stays close to the people I become friends with.
I hate to say things that aren’t in my heart.  I’d rather not speak. 
I am an introverted person who can pretend to be extroverted as needed. 
A capable person who can freely adjust whether it is inexpensive or inexpensive! 
I don’t really look unless I’m interested, but when I enter my area, I tend to see the end.
There are a lot of times when I procrastinate and I feel as if the fire goes off on the back of my feet.  I hate myself when I’m like this, but I can’t help it.


Jung Il woo is tested for Covid 19 after an “assistant performer” tested positive in the set of Bossam-Stealing Fate.

November 23, 2020

Update:  Ilwoo and Yuri received the test results the same day and it was negative.  (It was not clear in the translation… I edited it in red.)

Sad news today. I just read that there was a case reported with Covid 19 in the set of Bossam- Stealing Fate.  It says it was an assistant performer, it could mean an assistant to one of the performers or a supporting role performer. Time will tell. Here is the translation of the article.  It comes via Naver and the original is HERE.

[Exclusive] Corona confirmed at the filming site of ‘Bossam / Stealing Fate’… “ Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri, etc. tested for the virus.)

By Busan.com.  11-23-2020

At the filming site of the drama “Bossam” starring actor Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yu-ri, a confirmed Corona 19 came out and the filming took an emergency. The main cast and production crew were tested for Corona 19, and some cast members, such as Kwon Yuri, were negative.

According to a broadcaster on the 23rd, a corona 19 confirmed person came out at the filming site of the MBN drama ‘Bossam: Steal Destiny’ starring actor Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri. This drama has been filmed with the aim of broadcasting in the first half of next year.

A broadcast official said, “One of the drama’s assistant performers was confirmed to be coronavirus, and the filming was temporarily stopped.” Both the production crew and officials who were in close contact with the confirmed person or were in the same place were tested for corona and entered self-isolation.

The actors who appeared on the set also caught an emergency due to the occurrence of a confirmed case on the set. The main cast and production crew have been tested for corona and are waiting for the results. Some cast members, such as Jung Il-woo and Shin Hyun-soo, have undergone a corona test and are in self-quarantine in case of an unforeseen event, although the movement lines with the corona confirmed do not overlap. Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri received the notification on the same day. (Jung Il woo and Kwon Yu-ri received the notification of having tested negative on the same day)

“Bossam-Steal Destiny” is a romance drama about the love of two men and women. It captures what happens when a livelihood boss is accidentally bossing pottery. Jung Il-woo plays the bottom knuckle, “Bow,” and Kwon Yu-ri plays Ongju Su-kyung, born between Gwanghae-gun and Soui-yoon. Shin Hyun-soo, Shin Dong-mi, Yun Joo-man, and So Hee-jung also work together. PD Kwon Seok-jang, who directed the popular drama “Golden Time,” and writers Ji-soo Kim and Cheol Park, worked together.


I couldn’t sleep more this morning… and of course eventually I found out this news.

6:00am, raining outside…  My intuition says he’s fine, but there are other people involved.  I pray everyone is healthy soon and they can continue filming soon. When you pray picture him and the cast healthy!  Happily filming… we must always pray from a positive space no matter what.

This vaccine can’t come soon enough!

May the angels protect our dear Ilwoo!  May GOD bless him!

Jung Il woo’s New YouTube Channel starts on November 27th, 2020!

Hi!  For those looking for the Phillips Award go to “Woo Delights” in the main menu or click HERE.

November 21, 2020

Jung Il woo decided to re-start his YouTube Channel!  It will be called: “1 Day 1lwoo Jungilwoo.” His latest Instagram post was a short video highlighting some of the sections he is planning to have in it.  They are: V-log, Cooking, Behind Cuts,Real (as in the real Jung Il woo) and Everyday with 1lwoo.  This is the video and the screen captures.  His caption for this video was “1 week to go!”

To see his channel go HERE.  Not exactly sure of the time… yet!  But just go there on the 27th Korean time… for me is a day before at noon!  13 hour difference! ^ ^

Can’t wait to see what he does!

Jung Il woo dressed in Boston’s Autumn Colors

November 21, 2020

The end of November already! Can you believe it?  WOOw!

Today, I wanted to post the memory of the images I have been working on and posting on in Instagram based on my photos of this year’s Autumn.  All these photos as you read in the title come from the Boston metro area, and some from nearby neighboring cities and towns.  There is also one by Ilwoo from his Autumn on location in the southern South Korea.

I will go by color…


This next photo was taken and posted by Ilwoo in his Instagram.  It is a photo from the location where he is filming his next drama:


Red & Yellow



These I never posted in Instagram…  they are a special bonus for those extra special fans that check out these posts…  ^ ^

Almost two years ago we shared in Jung Il woo’s return to the entertainment world and us… do you remember this day?  Such an emotional day…  such a blessing having him back.  I remember how hard those two years of his absence were…




Walking and taking photos have definitely been some of those silver linings of Covid 19 for me.  This week for example as soon as I was done teaching around 3:00PM, I stepped out as fast as I could for a short walk.  As fast as I could because now sunset in Boston is around 4:17… (that’s today) and sadly it will continue to get earlier until Dec 21st.  It is hard for my Caribbean body when I can’t get out earlier and get some real sun.  But thank goodness there are always the weekends.  I am so much more observant and I feel I have more a more like a photographer’s eye.  Here are some of my original photos and some of the best I’ve ever taken in my life!





Happy 14th Debut Anniversary Jung Il woo!

Congratulations on the 14th year since your Debut Jung Ilwoo!   14 years!   What an accomplishment in that hard world of entertainment.  And as if that is not enough, in Kdrama entertainment.  It is so tough to survive in this particular world of entertainment.  The demands on beauty on one hand and then the fierce competition… but Jung Il woo has carved his very own spot, with his talent, his beauty, his hard work and kindness.

To Jung Il Woo: As you start this year, I really wish this Covid 19 chapter to pass as quick as possible.  I wish you also a great new drama!  Though to be honest I’m too biased to find anything wrong with any of your dramas!  When I see you in them, I know how hard and how much effort and passion you put in everything you do, so there is no way I could ever not like it.  I think this is probably one of the qualities I admire the most in you… that you give it not just 100%, but more like 200%!  You do the best that you can… and that is the best way to live life, because then you are free of regrets.

So as I thought of what to do for you to post here and in social media,  I decided on you dressed in white and in white backgrounds.  Why? I wanted to give the images an ethereal angelic look… maybe it’s the stress of this election, but this is what came to my mind as I try to remain calm and in peace.  Then for the messages, I wanted to use examples instead of the topic usual words, for example instead of saying I wish you”Love” I opted for “Kisses”… so something that was an immediate example of the topic that I wished for you.

I also used the images from his dramas, he has 13 of them that have aired!

Jung Il woo I wish you…

Kisses divine from the love of your life!

Balance in body, mind and spirit.

Quiet spiritual mind that guides your life.

Peaceful walks in forests, el Camino de Santiago, and other wonderful walking routes across the world!

Learning experiences that bring you much knowledge and abilities, but more importantly wisdom.

Coziness and comforting times with your family.

Thoughtful moments of service and kindness.

Cheers my love!

Thankfulness for everyday, every person, every circumstance… it’s all meant to be part of your life! It is the base. of seeing life in its positive true light. To be one with Universal Energy, GOD. There is always something to be thankful for even in the darkest moments when we choose to really see beyond what is.  I am so filled with gratitude and awe for all these years you have been in my life.  All that I have learned and created because of you!  All the inspiration and love I feel as I write every word!! I am eternally, humbly grateful!

Surprises and unexpected discoveries!

Inspiration to create… to do the best in your craft of acting and entertaining.

World traveling with many cultural connections!

Fun playful moments with your friends, with your colleagues and staff.

Fearless, confident moments of trusting, knowing and doing.

Flavorful, yummy tastes that make your tongue dance Kpop and Salsa! ^ ^

This is a photo, of my idea for this post in my Kribbit idea book, and my Jung Il woo pencil.  SO happy to be your fan Ilwoo Ssi!  Can’t wait for the great adventures ahead… and to write about them!  So happy and honored to be a scribe, a teller of the WOOnderful life of Jung Il woo!

With unconditional love,

Fan 13


Jung Il woo participated in Museum Week.

This actually happened on…

August 13, 2020

A 13th… and a very special day!!!

Jung Il Woo  attended this event as the public relations ambassador of the National Museum of Korea along with the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Mr. Park Yang-woo and other major members of the museum world.

These are the photos I found:

And this is a video he just posted at Bilibili… behind the scenes:

My Screen Shots:

This special Museum Week was organized jointly between the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and Cultural Foundation of the National Museum of Korea. It was conceived to highlight diversity and inclusion bringing people closer to the museums during this difficult time of Covid 19.  Art was displayed “Out to the Street” in many creative ways. The ministry organized nine programs at selected museums and art galleries in the Seoul metropolitan area, Gangwon Province, and the Chungcheong, Jeolla and Gyeongsang regions, as well as on Jeju Island.

Two huge horizontal LED screen were installed on the entrance of the Gyeongbokgung Palace.  A video creation with museum treasures was featured and played in a continuous loop.  It was the combination of two great efforts.  The first is Lee Nam Lee’s work ‘Museum-Reborn Light’, relics are born amidst Korean plum blossoms and flying butterflies bringing the process of creation of the civilization in a dynamic way. The second is Collage Plus by Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min’s work “Fantastic History” conveys the meaning of harmony, communication, and sharing of humanity through the unfolding of various cultural assets around the world.

Sadly as hard as I looked I was not able to find a video of the screen in front of the palace.  Up to now.  But I found some photos.  These come from HERE.

These are some photos of the National Museum of Korea for this event…

It was designed to provide opportunities for experiences and experiences, and to create opportunities for experts to explore the social role of museums and art galleries together.
In the ’45th National Museum of Korea Drawing Feast’ held on August 11 (Tuesday), elementary, middle and high school students (including foreign students) from all over the country visited the museum and expressed their inspiration from the exhibits. In the future, a total of 40 works will be selected and awarded the first prize (the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award) to 4 people and the Creativity Award (the Director of the National Museum of Korea) to 36 people.
The ‘2020 Museum Education Symposium’ was also held for two days from August 12 (Wed) to 13 (Thu). This year’s symposium, with the theme of’Museum as a Healing Space’, is a place to look at the possibility of a museum as an emotional and healing space beyond the space of information provision. The concerns and attempts of various museums were shared. In addition, the role of the children’s museum as a complex space for play, learning, and healing was discussed through various approaches such as art therapy and ecological sensibility, starting with children’s mind reading in the 4th industrial revolution era.   Cr. http://sbook.allabout.co.kr/

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day, the National Museum of Korea specially unveiled the “Taegeukgi given to Denny by Gojong” (Registered Cultural Property No. 382), the oldest remaining Taegeukgi in Korea. (Taegeuki is the South Korean flag.)
Denny’s Taegeukgi was given by King Gojong (rued 1863-1907) when he returned to the United States by Owen N. Denny, an American diplomatic adviser. In 1886, Denny became a diplomatic adviser to King Gojong at the recommendation of the Qing Dynasty Li Hongjang (1823~1901). He was hated by the Qing Dynasty for diplomatic activities to check the Qing Dynasty, such as recommending cooperation with Russia and other European countries, and signing a land road trade agreement with Russia, and was dismissed from his diplomatic advisory position in 1890. At this time, this Taegeukgi was the gift that Gojong gave to Denny with his heart.
In this special release, a video introducing the history of Taegeukgi was prepared, and a large banner enlarged by Denny’s Taegeukgi was installed in the middle of the road of history in the permanent exhibition hall to induce interest in Taegeukgi to visitors who visited the museum during Liberation Day.  Cr. http://sbook.allabout.co.kr/

Here is an article I translated about this event:

“2020 Museum and Art Museum Week” will be held from the 14th.”

The opening event will be held on the 13th with the attendance of the National Museum’s public relations ambassador Jung Il-woo, with the attendance of Minister Park Yang-woo of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, major figures in the museum world, and members of the event organizing committee and steering committee.

During this event, various programs are held at national, public and private museums and art galleries nationwide, including the National Museum of Korea and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, and special discounts are provided to visitors to enjoy museums and art museums.

On the 13th, the “museum (museum) that came out of the streets”, which has been arousing curiosity, will be revealed on the wall in front of the main gate of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The’Museum Coming to the Street’ is a media art (35m width, 3.5 length) in which the works in the exhibition hall were embodied by Lee Nam Lee and Collage Plus (Jang Seung Hyo & Kim Yong Min) team, which are receiving global attention m). It is expected that the works in the exhibition halls of museums and art museums that have stayed in the past can communicate directly with the public on the streets of Gwanghwamun, just like living creatures, and the people who pass through the streets will be able to feel unexpected joy and receive comfort.

In Lee Nam Lee’s work ‘Museum-Reborn Light’, relics are born amidst Korean plum blossoms and flying butterflies. And the process of creation of civilization in a dynamic way

Collage Plus (Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min)’s work “Fantastic History” conveys the meaning of harmony, communication, and sharing of humanity through the unfolding of various cultural assets around the world.

Various related events, such as a’tour to museums and art museums with themes (themes)’,’promoting diversity and inclusion’, and education fairs, also await visitors.

The 14th International Conference on Korean Museums, in which 16 academic societies and organizations including the World Museum Association (ICOM) Korea Committee and the Korea Museum Association participate, is held under the theme of “Museum for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion.” In this conference, various opinions for the development of museums and art museums in the environment changed by Corona 19 will be shared.

At the bazaar held by the Korean Museum Association, catalogs and cultural products donated by museums and art galleries nationwide can be purchased at low prices. The National Museum of Culture and Culture Foundation also sells various museum souvenirs and books at discount during the cultural product shopping week, and conducts social networking (SNS) events.

For more information on major programs, event schedules, and how to apply for the 2020 Museum and Art Museum Week, visit the official website of the Museum and Art Museum Week and the website of each participating institution. To prevent the spread of Corona 19, visitors must make advance reservations for each institution.

An official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism said, “I hope that visiting museums and art museums will be a time of comfort and a comfortable rest for the people in their daily lives tired from Corona 19.” “We will do our best to follow the safety rules.”

Source: Tech World News (http://www.epnc.co.kr

This is the official poster of the event:

And HERE is the official website.  If you click on the purple, there is a very cool page with links to all the museums participating.  It could come handy if you are traveling around South Korea.

I searched a bit about the artists… Jang Seung-hyo & Kim Yong-min.  I found this in the Instagram account of museum week:

And HERE you can see some of their work.

By the way did you hear about this coming up… it’s impressive and…on my list for my next trip to South Korea:


Where is your mask on that group photo Ilwoo Ssi!  As much as I want to see your beautiful face, I rather see you healthy!

Jung Il Woo… dazzles me! in the Twilight Literary Edition. Part 3

October 31, 2020

¡Happy Halloween!  I have been wanting to write this post probably for about a month.  I knew I wanted to combine Jung Il Woo with Twilight and Halloween!  And finally I am!!!

Twilight… how many of you are fans of the books?  The movies?  I am a huge fan, I loved especially the first book which I consumed in two days… I stayed up until 3 in the morning as I couldn’t put it down!  Even though I do not care much for horror or bloody Halloween films, Twilight was different as it is the ultimate Love story.   It also has a happy ending… and I like happy endings!  Which is why for me Twilight is probably my second favorite love story. The first?  Pride and Prejudice of course.

So let’s get started… first let’s set the mood… darkness… coldness… it’s hard for me to place Ilwoo in this context, as he is such a bright light to me… but there is a dark, a sad side to Ilwoo… if you know him well.  He sometimes reflects it in his music taste… and he has had some photo shoots that also have this… I think the first one is this one from September 2007.  It was for Elle Girl and it is a black and white photo shoot… the ambience is blurry wilderness…it looks mysterious and he never smiles in it.  He looks a bit hungry…  wait did I feel something on my neck?!!!

Cr. DCIlwoo

Next… oh!  I love these… he actually had this photo shoot in an old pool.  The paint was peeling away, it actually had stagnant water but Ilwoo never complained of the smell, or even having to put his feet in it.  He new the photographer had a vision and helped him achieve it as much as he could!  I love that about Ilwoo… he cares so much about other people… and I definitely like a man that doesn’t mind getting dirty over one that does!  These are from Marie Claire Magazine, September 2009.

WOOw is right… the look on his face… no messing with him!

Now it is time for perhaps the most vampirish of all his photo shoots.  Yes!  That is correct, this is from Singles Magazine, May 2011.  Especially this first photo… just look at him!

I really wanted to play with a red moon, but alas… I ran out of time.  There is always next year!

One of the things that I really loved about Edward and the vampires in Twilight were their powers.  I loved that Edward could hear thoughts, and Alice see the future…  and Bella… her ability to protect… so great.  I also love their speed… and how they can appear almost ghostly like between the speed and the paleness!  Talking about ghosts, there is a photo shoot where Ilwoo looked like a ghost!  Do you remember that photo shoot with Kim So-eun for 10asia.co also in May of 2011?  Here let me refresh your memory, or show you:

But these are not the one’s I’m referring to.  They are actually these:

I took out those logos… way too big and annoying!  (You’re welcome!) Cr. Fan 13.   See how much he looks like a ghost?  This one coming up to:

So these and the one coming up inspired me to do some ghost like images on windows…

Cr. Fan 13 (For editing the logo out…) And here are my creations… I liked the pink hue… for extra paranormal creepiness…

Yes that one came from this one:

Definitely a friendly ghost like casper…

Alright let’s get back to our vamp theme…

Remember Edward’s words…  “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator. Everything about me invites you in. My voice, my face, even my smell as if I wouldn’t need any of that.” (moves at super speed) “As if you could outrun me !” (leaps down from a high place) “As if you could fight me off !” (uproots a small tree from the ground with one hand) “I am designed to kill.”

And shall we remember Robert Pattison’s Edward?…  Yes please!

Scary huh?  Scary to thing that someone could outdo… this vampire, but I believe Ilwoo does… read on!

I liked Stephanie Meyer’s new additions to the vampire characteristics, like the dazzling diamond skin and the way their eyes changed color when they were hungry. Whenever Edward was hungry his eyes would become dark…red!  So… I was curious… what would Ilwoo look like with red eyes…  I used photoshop to give Ilwoo red eyes… its’ pretty impacting I must warn you!  I used images from the photoshoot for KWave Magazine from December of 2014.  These images showed his eyes up close in a very dramatic way.  So I will first place the red eyed edits and then the original… so you don’t get too spooked!