Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Third Edition: The Night Watchman’s Journal (2014)

April 10, 2021

This is Jung Ilwoo’s Third Saeguk (Korean Historical drama).  It aired on MBC from August 4 to October 21, 2014.

These are the posters and some behind the scenes from the poster photo Shoot:


Here is a video of this photoshoot. Notice how caring Ilwoo was of his cohost who had fear of heights.

This is a video from the Script Reading:

And a few photos:

These photos are from the Press Conference:

Now let’s get into the drama… During this drama, Ilwoo wore a very special Hanbok, one where the cloth used to make it was weaved by his mom!  It is so beautiful, here is a memory of that:

And her is a snippet of Episode 5 of him wearing it… so, so lovely he is!  He is with the beautiful actress Seo Yea-ji.

Of all of Jung Ilwoo’s co-stars, the little girl who played the ghost of his mom made for some of  the sweetest scenes.  This little girl was beloved by Ilwoo who even had her come as a guest to his Fan meeting.  Her name is Kang Ji-woo.  Here we can imagine what our dear oppa would be like a father, we are going to see more of this soon in Bossam Stealing the Fate!  Let’s remember Ilwoo with Jiwoo:

The mother often commented in her daughter’s Instagram account how well Ilwoo treated Jiwoo.  I think of all his young co-stars she has been his favorite. WOOndering what this little girl looks like now?  Well she is 13 years old!  Her mom posted these photos of her this year:

I know.. WOOw! Alright!  I wonder if Ilwoo has stayed in touch with her… if there someone that would it would be him!

And now let’s continue enjoying our Oppa… here he is in pink:


Last but not least, here is a treat of the kissing kind.

This is our Oppa first in the scene:

And this is behind the scenes… it is hilarious… just watch:


Yes!  The poor guy fell asleep!  He must have been so tired!  Not even the butterflies of having to kiss an actress kept him awake!

Well, that is all for today!   To read more about this drama, go HERE.

I will leave you with this last photo that he posted in his Tweeter account along time ago!

What a beautiful photo!   What a beautiful man!  ^ ^

Characters descriptions of Bossam Steal the Fate. (In English!)

April 9, 2021

Hello!  Ready to know more about Bossam Stealing Fate’s Characters? Here they are in English.

As always, please credit my website if you are taking the translations from here to repost or change them into another language. Life always gives you what you give to it…

And this is the Character Map.  I left out those very secondary characters that did not have a description.  (Just updated the right one!  ^ ^)

Have a great weekend!   Enjoy every flower, every bird chirp… as all we have is really  NOW!




Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Second Edition: The Moon that Embraces the Sun, 2011.

April 2, 2021

The Moon that Embraces the Sun was Jung Il woo’s second historical drama.  It is full of passion, love and sadly for Ilwoo’s character: Prince Yang… pain.  So much pain!  Prince Yang is very special to me… because he is the character that made me fall in love with Ilwoo.  He was really funny at times and so full of love. I think there is always a bit of the real Ilwoo in each of his characters, and I can perceive it a lot in this character.  I still remember the day, I said… wait, what is is the name of the guy who played the prince in that drama… I really liked him…!  And I also remember calling him “Jung 2 woo” … you can see it in my first posts!  ^ ^

So to celebrate I translated one of the many videos that exist of Ilwoo talking behind the scenes of his character.  I really wish I could afford to translate them all…

This is the translation…


Hello, I am Jung ilwoo, who plays YangMyeong. Nice to meet you.

0:18 over 40% of people watched this drama. How do you feel?

Well, the director also said and they say it’s over 40% of viewing rate and everyone is really happy, and I also got many phone calls from people I know. (what did they say?) well, congratulating on the drama becoming a national popular drama. I got those calls, but in fact, I was shooting many scenes until yesterday so I am out of my mind now.

0:49 I don’t really feel it physically because we do many scenes on a set, in the mountains etc so I can’t really feel how popular it really is. I have some friends living in abroad and when I get calls from them, then I know it is quite popular.

1:10 ha, I am the il ji me(kind of Korean Robin hood).

Then, I am Hobin Rood (just making jokes),

ha, is that so?

1:18 in fact, SuHyun and I are in the same age so we are good friends, but in the drama, we are brothers and we are fighting over one woman. The reason why YangMyeong is alive in because of YeonWoo(the woman), so I am just only looking at her and can give up everything just for her. So even if Suhyun is the brother, I(YangMyeong) doesn’t want to let her go again. So I try to do better with scenes with Suhyun.

2:16 I did well now, but if we actually are rolling, I am sure I will make NG.

2:20 well, I am that kind of person (active and aggressive way of showing attraction) in real life. Yes, in real life, I want to express my feeling honestly.

2:28 Yeah, if I have a person I like, then I actively express my feelings. Well, that doesn’t mean that I am a person who bothers that person with many things.

2:39 well, I think girls will also like it when a guy express honestly and actively instead of saying things indirectly.

3:04 who is the person who makes the shooting fun?

Jaerim looks like a difficult and cold person but he is really weird(in a good way)

~Inaudible gibberish~

3:30 He is like someone from another planet, and he has good unexpected attractiveness. I did last drama with him, so we are close. Suhyun is also from another planet.

3:49 our drama has 2 weeks left now. There is a big surprise during the 2 weeks so please keep watching it. Please love YangMyeong till the end. I will do my best to finish the work well. Thank you!

These are two of the posters of this drama:

Also new… I found these gifs… they are so cool… made from the posters:

So cool… I really want to learn to make those!

And now let’s delight in some of the absolutely stunning images of Ilwoo as Prince Yang:




My favorit

More? Visit the Drama’s Page HERE… there is so, so much!

You have not seen this drama?!  Do a search with Dramacool or (Write The Moon that Embraces the Sun Episode 1  English Subtitles Kissasian in the search bar).  * Ilwoo appears starting episode 6!  (But do watch it from the beginning… it is superb!)

Let’s end this post with music… a fan created this video dedicated to Prince Yang…


May GOD bless you!







‘Bossam’ Jung Il-woo, unprecedented transformation… “The fifth historical drama, the first such rough character”

‘Bossam’ Jung Il-woo, unprecedented transformation… “The fifth historical drama, the first such rough character”

Source: xportsnews

‘Bossam’ Jung Il-woo said, “This is the first time I have ever seen such a rough character,” and announced the unexpected transformation of “Sageuk Male God”.
MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan “Bossam: Steal Destiny” (here in after “Bossam”) Jung Il-woo plays “Bow,” a livelihood boss with a secret of birth. Bau, who lives by raising his son by himself, is a person who is involved in all sorts of rough things, such as gambling, stealing, fighting, bossing, etc. to make a living.

Jung Il-woo, who played the role of king or upper classman, said, “This is the first time I’ve ever been a real male character like this. He said that he felt more attractive because he was a completely different character from the characters he had been in charge of so far. “I was able to choose this work without hesitation because I wanted to show a new look to the viewers.”

This is his fifth historical drama work, Jung Il-woo, which is known as the “Sageuk Male God. Starting with “The Return of Iljimae,” “The Moon Embracing the Sun,” “Journal of the Night Watchman,” and “Haechi,” in many historical dramas, showing off its overwhelming presence and creating numerous life characters.

His unprecedented transformation followed that much effort. He first invested time in “visual.” “In my previous work, I showed a neat and tidy appearance, but this time, I put on a beard for the first time, and my topcoat was messy and played.” As a result, he became aware of the grievances of the class society (?). “When I was filming in winter, I was wearing thin clothes and sandals, and it was cold where I lived. It was awkward at first because it was different from what I did before, but I quickly got used to it.” There was also a good point. He said, “Because I have a messy hair, I have more freedom to act and move.”

Action acting also needed a change. It’s because it was the first time I had a “raw” action, such as rolling over, hitting, and using a fist. He was accustomed to the action of riding a horse or using a sword, so he had to hit him directly, so he suffered a lot, but the more he did, the harder he exercised and raised his body. This was the reason he was able to perform action acting safely using his body until now.

The romance narrative that will build up as her relationship with her changes over the wall of her status while wrapping up Ongju Soo-kyung (Kwon Yuri) as a mistake of her life, is the biggest point of ‘bossam’. Jung Il-woo also pointed out that “a bad story that started with an unexpected meeting, but the chemistry of Bow and Su-kyung, which develops into a thrilling relationship as the play unfolds, will be a point that viewers can also enjoy.”

I did not forget to mention the chemistry with Yuri Kwon. “It was the first time we met with this work, and breathing is very good,” he said, saying, “We share our worries, monitor each other, and share know-how to overcome the cold and have fun taking pictures,” boasting a warm atmosphere on the scene. In the end, “I ask for your warm support for the romance that turns the destiny of Bow and Su-kyung. It will be a work with both laughter and emotion.”

MBN ‘Bossam’, a romance historical drama unfolded by a livelihood boss in the background of the Joseon Dynasty under the Gwanghae-gun, accidentally wrapping up ongju, will be broadcast for the first time on Saturday, May 1 at 9:40 pm. At the same time as the main broadcast starts, Korea’s leading online video service, Wavve, will release OTT exclusively.

[Reporter Kim Ye-eun of X-Sports News].    Translated to English by Fan 13.


I am so happy and excited about this new role of Jung Ilwoo.  It will be so refreshing to see him in this rougher character. I think that in a way it is the natural progress of aging in the acting world of South Korea. I’m not saying his flower boy stage is over, but I am saying that perhaps he is in a transition stage onto more mature characters as the male lead in modern or historical dramas.  He also plays a father which shows this side of where he would be if he was married.  I’m happy to see him embrace this stage of his life with gusto as it will perhaps translate into better acting and as this will open many more acting opportunities for him.  Loving what you do is always key in continuing success, even as you age or circumstances change.  It helps you adapt… and learn new things as well!

Counting the days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds, etc! Jung Il woo!


Jung Il woo and cast of Bossam- Stealing Fate participate in the script reading.

May 22, 2021

Scenes of the script reading of Bossam-Stealing Fate has been released in a new video!  It is so great to see our dear Oppa busy doing what he loves: acting!  And he has a complete different character that will broaden the spectrum of what we have seen before!  In a rougher role, with  hair in his face and as a dad!   Here is the video…

This is a video I made with English Subtitles just with Ilwoo’s parts:


And this is a related article translated to english via Google Translate:

‘Bossam-Steal Destiny’ Jung Il-woo X Kwon Yu-ri, the scene of the script practice was released.

Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today.  March 22, 2021

The making video ( was released along with the scene of the script practice where’ bossam’ was full of great energy from the first meeting.

MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan’Bossam-Steal Destiny’ (played by Ji-Soo Kim and Cheol Park, directing Seok-Jang Kwon, produced JS Pictures, Eelise / hereinafter’Bossam’) was a livelihood bossamman accidentally insisted on the Joseon Dynasty under the Gwanghae-gun. It is a romantic historical drama that unfolds while being bossy. MBN, which has been reborn as a “drama restaurant,” is a specially planned work for the 10th anniversary of the end of the film, and is already the first historical drama of director Kwon Seok-jang, the director, raising expectations for the birth of a “life drama”.

In October of last year, during the first stage of COVID-19 social distancing, the script practice site was conducted in strict compliance with the quarantine rules, including directors Kwon Seok-jang, Kim Ji-soo, and writers Park Chul, as well as Jung Il-woo, Kwon Yu-ri, Lee Jae-yong, Kim Tae-woo, Song Seon-mi, Ki-Ke-bin, Lee Jun-hyuk, and Shin Dong-mi. The cast attended.
Director Kwon Seok-jang, who had lost luck saying, “I am excited to be in charge of a historical drama for the first time,” announced the start of the script practice, revealing the foundational confidence that “I will create a masterpiece with all the directing know-how accumulated so far”.

First, Jung Il-woo conveyed his witty ambition, “I will do my best to make a drama that can satisfy the hearts of the viewers,” and immediately immersed in the livelihood boss “Bow”. In order to survive, he tried to transform himself into a rough, real man that he had never seen in his previous work by wearing a crude tone and biting eyes to digest the role he had lived in his life that he had never played before, continuing the lines without hesitation. And despite his son, Eve, Godong from the role of “Chadol,” who is like a “adult”, showed off a rich chemistry like a friend, warming the scene.

Gwanghae-gun’s daughter, Ongju, “Sookyung,” presented her first challenge to the historical drama. She calmly conveyed her determination, saying, “I want to deliver a good message through’bossam’,” and doubled the elegance of the character with her gentle tone and noble expressions and hand gestures. On the other hand, when he got through the adversity that had been driven by him, such as an organized marriage, a widow, and bossam, he showed a strong momentum with a sudden look. Above all, the moments of a lifetime of being bossed and hit, Jung Il-woo and Kwon Yu-ri, the odd eye contact of the two actors gave a foreboding to an unprecedented’bossam’ romance with exhilarating sparks.

In addition, it raised the dignity of the play with a massive sortie of luxury acting actors. Lee Jae-yong, ‘Believe Bae’, played the role of “Lee Lee Cheom,” who is the head of the North Korean wave and aims for the throne of Hosi Tam Tam, and overwhelmed the crowd by exuding charisma just by existence. “Gwanghae-gun”, who stood at Lee’s counterpoint, was played by Kim Tae-woo, who resonates with deep acting every time. The fierce battle for power they presented quickly colored the atmosphere of the field with a sense of tension.

Song Seon-mi, who is continuing her ten days by acting various characters, played the role of amplifying the conflict in the palace by playing the role of the court lady’Kim Gae-shi’, and Bae Ji-bin, returning to the home theater as a historical drama after a long time, plays the role of Lee Lee’s younger brother,’Haeindang Lee’. The emotional acting between Lee Cheom and his son Dae-yeop (Shin Hyeon-su) to alleviate the conflict for the rich was expressed in a fluid manner.

The role of Bow’s bossam mate’Chunbae’ was played by Lee Joon-hyuk, a licorice role expert, and Dong-mi Shin, who creates a perfect chemistry for each piece, plays the role of’Ancestral Palace’, which complements the waterscape, and this time, Kwon Yuri and’Gung Warmans’ ‘. In addition, scene stealers such as Yoo Soon-woong, So Hee-jung, Park Myung-shin, Yang Hyun-min, Seo Beom-sik, Yun Ju-man, Chu Yeon-gyu, and Ko Dong-ha joined and opened the doors of a well-made historical drama.

The ‘bossam’ production crew said, “I see the actors who have been completely immersed in the character from the first practice, and I am already excited about the jackpot. As it is a drama with a powerful work-gam-bae lineup, we will come to see you with a work that exceeds the high expectations of viewers.” ”Said.

MBN ‘Bossam’ will be broadcast for the first time on Saturday, May 1 at 9:40 pm. At the same time as the main broadcast starts, Korea’s leading online video service, Wavve, will release OTT exclusively.

Here are photos of all the characters:

Yes… let’s look at him closer!

^ ^

Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing Fate. First Edition: The Return of Iljimae, 2009

March 26, 2021

To prepare myself for Ilwoo’s Fifth Saeguk or historical drama, I decided to go back and reminiscence his previous Saeguks.  I fell in love with Ilwoo as an actor with his Moon Embracing the Sun’s Prince Yang.  I cried my heart out in that drama!  He made me feel so much! … and that was it!  I was totally WOOed!  ^ ^

The Return of Iljimae also called Moon River was Jung Ilwoo’s first Saeguk from 2009, and it is so good!  It is very artistic in its presentation and this united to Ilwoo’s beauty makes it an absolute delight!  Shall we start remembering?!

Look at his gorgeous hair in these posters:

These are some Behind the Scenes captures of Ilwoo and his mane during that poster photoshoot. Sadly I didn’t record the video and now who know where I found it!


These are some GIF’s during the photo shoot for the posters:

Such a cutie!!!

There are really so many images of Ilwoo that are so beautiful in this drama and this was one way I found to enjoy them… in the drama’s order:

He is really so, so, so… beautiful!

This is another video I made celebrating the love between Iljimae and Dal-hi.  The actress, Yoon Jin-seo sings!  She has such a beautiful sweet voice.

To finish the post I will share some of the many behind the scenes photos…

^ ^ … I always wonder if my heart could take him touching me…  or kissing me, though I imagine it a lot!  Here are two of his kisses in this drama in screen captures:


But the most important of the kisses is this one, the first one in the drama.  Do you know why?  Because it was his first kiss on screen… (Not counting the peck on Highkick… that’s not a kiss! )

Love Sigh…!

If you want to see more of Iljimae visit the series page HERE.

If you want to see this drama with English subtitles and free, go to Dramacool.  And fight those pop ups like Iljimae wiith splits and all!


I will leave you with this beautiful image from the first Episode…

Ilwoo in a black overcoat.  Done. Finito!  I’m totally toast… toasted!

God bless you dearest Ilwoo!

Revisiting Jung Ilwoo’s Appearance in the Movie “The Discloser”


2018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 13

March 20, 2021

Happy Spring!  It is finally here!!!  To celebrate, let’s enjoy our man in uniform!

Jung Il Woo made a special appearance in the thriller ‘The Discloser’, directed by Hong Ki Seon.  The plot of the movie is based on actual events, ‘The Discloser’ follows the story of a journalist and former military official joining forces to expose pervasive acts within the military.

Jung Il Woo played the role of a fighter jet pilot, Kang Young Woo.

This is the trailer:

Here are some movie stills:

2018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 2

2018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie "The Discloser' 14.jpg2018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 92018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 102018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 112018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 122018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 52018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 62018 1 24 Jung Il woo appearance in the movie The Discloser' 8




Jung Ilwoo in a Bossam-Stealing Fate Character Still

Jung Il-woo,’Bossam’ character still… “Believe it, prove it with just one cut”

Dispatch     March 12, 2021

Actor Jung Il-woo will once again show the essence of the historical drama and “boss” the hearts of viewers.

MBN’s 10th anniversary special plan’Bossam-Steal Destiny’ (played by Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, directing Kwon Seok-jang / hereinafter’Bossam’) released Jung Il-woo’s character still on the 12th. Jung Il-woo was played as a livelihood boss, Bow.

The overwhelming charisma was felt just by the look of his eyes. Jung Il-woo inadvertently expressed the character’s rough life with a tying tutu and rough beard. I can feel the life of the Bauran character intact.

“Bossam” is a romance-based fusion historical drama. It was set in the Joseon Dynasty under Gwanghae-gun. This is the reverse pole of a livelihood boss, who accidentally kidnaps a princess.

Jung Il-woo prepared everything for the character. He made every effort to breathe life into the Sang Man. He spent a lot of time losing weight and exercising, and he also took care of styling.

Jung Il-woo is planning to warm up the home theater with his delicate acting skills. Earlier, he showed off his overwhelming presence in a number of historical dramas such as’Returning Iljimae’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Night Watchman Ilji’, and ‘Haechi’.

The production crew said, “Jung Il-woo is generously exerting the strength that he has accumulated so far,” and said, “You will be able to see the charm with all of the stable vocalizations, unobtrusive action, and delicate emotional acting.”

Meanwhile, “Bossam” will be broadcast for the first time in May. At the same time as the main broadcast starts, OTT will be exclusively released on the representative online video service, Wave.

Reporter Song Soo-min Photo courtesy = JS Pictures, Eelise