Jung Il woo for Harpers Bazaar Korea. The article!

October 4, 2021

Thanks to my good friend jilwww-arabfans, I was able to find the article from the magazine posted online!  It is HERE.

And here is the translation.  Do give credit if you use it in any way!  It is almost midnight and I have been up since 6:00AM… just so you get an idea of how hard I work!

Jung Il Woo’s Breathing

After finishing the drama, I met the actor Jung Il-woo, who diligently fills his daily life again. About the actor’s work of constantly emptying and filling.

Cr. Harpers Bazaar Korea. October 2021

Q: The drama <Bossam – Stealing Destiny> has been completed safely. How have you been?

A: I decided on two next projects. Starting in October, we will start filming again and prepare hard. We can’t reveal the details yet, but it is likely to be revealed in an article soon. But even in the midst of my busy schedule, I am living my daily life starting with golf and ending with golf. (Laughs) Before going to bed, I watch golf entertainment programs on YouTube and practice golf in my spare time.

Q: I heard that you were very hesitant when deciding to appear in <Bossam – Stealing Destiny>. How sure are you about your next project?

A: <Bossam – Stealing Destiny> was a very attractive work, but personally, I was afraid of continuing on historical dramas. It was a tough and challenging character that I had never played before, so I was worried about whether I would be able to digest it well. There were a lot of junior actors who appeared with me, so there was a sense of pressure that I had to focus. Of course, the same is true of this decision. One day I said I could do it, the other day I said I couldn’t. (Laughs)  Nevertheless, I try to change without being complacent. Usually, I keep thinking about how attractive the characters in the work are to me, and which character would suit the 35-year-old Jung Il-woo well.

Q:  Fear of external reactions? Or is it a fight with yourself?

A:  There were times when I thought how I would like to be seen by others. But it was all in vain. In the past, the impatient mind was greater, now the fear is greater. It has already been about 15 years since I debuted, but there is also the weight of having to show an improved image all the time. In some ways, I feel relaxed, but acting is still difficult and always feels like starting from scratch. You don’t have to try the same as the first time. So it’s all just a fight against myself. It matters how wisely you overcome it.

Q: What is the most difficult thing about acting?

Acting is technically inaccessible. You have to practice endlessly to convey the character’s sincerity. Just as friends need time to get to know each other, I also have enough time to get to know the character. I read the script aloud countless times, seek advice from teachers around me, and follow the character’s past footsteps. The process is hard, but I think it is also part of my job. It is the most enjoyable when working because the achievement is greater as it is hard. Will fear and joy coexist?

However, the drama ended successfully. MBN channel achieved the highest viewership rating ever.

A: I just want to say thank you. Not long ago, I was filming a documentary called High Kick without hesitation, and Mun-hee Na and Soon-jae Lee said that they watched the entire drama from start to finish. It’s not an easy character, but I was very proud to finish it well without being shaken until the end, so this gave me strength. It was physically difficult because it was filmed in the cold winter.

Q: The ‘chemistry’ with actors Kwon Yu-ri and Lee Jun-hyuk was also great, meeting three months before filming.

A: Reading the script, meeting ideas, and working on the overall color of the drama. I had enough time to analyze the character. I got to know the actors before filming, so the filming site was more comfortable and fun than ever. I learned a lot from Lee Jun-hyeok, and we keep in touch even after filming is over. We were recently asked to go on a variety show together, so we decided to do that too. (Laughs) He is a senior that I depend on a lot and like.

Q: You always seem to have a lot of people around you. Do you tend to get energy from spending time with people?

A: Right. In particular, when working, I approach with the mindset of building good memories together during that time. If we spend that time well, no matter what the outcome may be, it can be a happy memory only for us. If there is a quarrel, even if the drama results are very good, then we are not happy.

Q: He is creating various contents with people around him. He also plans it himself.

A has been shooting calendars for close to 10 years. Sell ​​it and donate it. I’m going to go all over the provinces to show the beauty of Korea, but last time I was in Gangwon-do, and this time I’m going to Busan. It was so much more fun when I became a creator and participated in the work. I started YouTube <1 Day 1 Woo> because I wanted to show the person Jung Il-woo in a comfortable way because he hadn’t appeared on variety shows until now. Contents containing a playlist of songs I listened to while working and a playlist that reminds me of my 20s will be released soon, and I plan to share my various tastes such as favorite movies, books, and wine. Planning ideas come from many places. Sometimes I get it while watching the news, reading a book, or talking with people around me. To do that, you must first be open. I want to try more things before I get older.

Q: Actress Kwon Yu-ri, who joined the drama, defined Jung Il-woo as an “advanced person.” Do you agree?

A:  is my family motto. My father and mother served as the president of the student council. The same goes for my sister, and I also have experience as a class president, and I think there is a challenging blood flowing through the house. (laughs)

Q: To do this, you must be very diligent. Where does that power come from?

A:  There is a belief that good acting comes out only when you have tried countless experiences. When I was in my 20s, I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm and there were times when I didn’t go out at all and stayed at home.

Q: What’s the biggest achievement you’ve ever made?

Walking on the pilgrimage to Santiago. There has changed a lot, and I also realized that we don’t need much to live. But I forget that again and need more to live. (laughs)

Q: By the way, aren’t you very interested in fashion too? (Laughs)

In fact, if you only have two or three clothes, you can live comfortably for up to a month. I went with 3-4 t-shirts, 4 socks, 3 underwear, and a camera in my backpack, but it felt very heavy while walking.

Q:  What did you see as you walked?

A:  I was able to take time to look at myself quietly. Even if you have worries or worries, your body is too hard, so you can focus completely on walking. I was able to see things that used to be dark before my eyes from a different perspective, and I learned to appreciate living day by day. When there are happy times, there are also painful times. How flexibly accepting it and overcoming it is the key. I made a lot of friends while walking. Meet and stay in touch with friends who will be with you for the rest of your life. After walking the pilgrimage to Santiago, my travel style has completely changed, and I now enjoy traveling alone. When I was young, I liked to travel to big cities, but now I go to small towns and walk all day.

Q: You’ve been there three times already. Why did it have to be a pilgrimage to Santiago?

A: In my early 20s, I had a longing for the pilgrimage route to Santiago after reading <The Pilgrim> by Paulo Coelho. There are many pilgrimage routes to Santiago, but if I have time later, I would like to walk while enjoying the Northern Spain route and various other routes. In particular, the northern road also faces the sea, so you can swim. Anywhere you can walk is good, whether alone or with friends.

Q:  Is there anything you would like to try more challenging in the future?

A:  I want to be on the stage again. I learned a lot while doing the play <Elephant Song>. Basically, I practice for more than two months before going on stage, and then I get a much deeper sense of immersion into the character. It is also very attractive that you do the same work every day, but the same acting never comes out, and that you can communicate closely with the audience. If I apply what I learned here to other works, I think I will be able to respond more flexibly in the field. If the time is right next year, I will definitely try again.

Q: Acting is painful and painful, but is there any reason why you want to continue living as an actor?

The more you do it, the more difficult it becomes, and the more you do it, the more fun it becomes. I never once lost interest and thought about quitting. I am still grateful for the love from the fans. As I turned 30, I took on a greater responsibility for that love.

Q: ‘Unstoppable High Kick’’ ‘Yunho’ is still a character loved by many people. Having such a ‘life character’ can be a kind of driving force.

I am very grateful that as an actor I have a representative work. Besides, I don’t think it’s really easy to remember the character’s name even after 15 years have passed. These things come together to become the driving force for my development, the driving force for my life as an actor. Not long ago, while filming the documentary “High Kick Without Hesitation,” I was moved by the thought that it was a time I could never return to again. In November, <High Kick Without Hesitation> will celebrate its 15th anniversary. It was just aired on November 6th, 15 years ago. I hope we can remember that time together while watching the documentary.

Jung Il woo for Harpers Bazaar Korea

Hello!  Can you believe it is all ready October?

And this month’s Harpers Bazaar Korea has our dear oppa in it!  Earlier today, in what would be his yesterday he published a behind the scenes video of the photo session.  It is such a delight to watch!  He looks so lovely!

Here are the photos from the magazine first:

These were my IG edits:

This is a short preview video Ilwoo posted on his IG letting us know it would be in his YouTube:

And I really loved the high five part so here is that:

What a sweet pumpkin!  And these are my screen shots:

And that sweet pumpkin ñapa (bonus):

And last but least my angel artwork.  I decided it was time for another set of Ilwoo angels.  I like to think of Ilwoo as an angel sometimes because it is so comforting.  But many times I see him and imagine him being protected by angels… healing him.  I included here one of those healing angels as well…



My current phone wallpaper:

May the angels protect you always!

Falling Sky by Benj Heard

When skies are falling

Please believe this
I will be here to
Pick up the pieces
When lies are crawling
Around in your head
I will remind you
You are here on purpose
Now I will speak the truth
I will believe in you
You are loved
You are loved
No matter what you do
I will believe in you
You are loved
Are loved
You are loved
When you are sinking
Inside the sadness
I’ll be a lifeline
Through all the madness
When your eyes are frozen
My arms are open
I’ll never leave you
When your world is broken
Now I will speak the truth
I won’t stop loving you my love
My love
You are loved
Nothing I wouldn’t do
Never stop reaching
You are loved
My love
You are loved
No hiding any longer
Together we are stronger
than our fear
When skies are falling
I’ll pick up the pieces
Now I will speak the truth
I will believe in you are loved
You are loved
Nothing I wouldn’t do
Never stop reaching you are loved
You are loved
You are loved
You are loved
😇🤍Fan 13✨✨✨



Jung Il Woo… Sweet Songpyeon!

Happy Chuseok!  

If you have read some of my previous posts about Chuseok, you know now it is considered like a Korean Thanksgiving.  One important addition to this celebration (probably the most important) is the remembrance and honoring of their ancestors.  It is one of their most important Korean holidays. This holiday is also celebrated under the name Mid-Autumn Festival in many other Asian countries.  By the way if you celebrate this Festival have a deliciously happy one! 

Today, I wanted to focus on one particular food item, the Songpyeon, one of the staples of Chuseok.  Many families make them and gift them.  And what exactly is it?  According to Wikipedia, Songpyeons are half-moon shaped rice cakes that typically contain sweet or semi-sweet fillings, such as soybeans, cowpeas, chestnuts, jujubes, dates, red beans, sesame seeds, or honey. They are steamed over a layer of pine needles, which gives them a distinctive taste and the fragrant smell of fresh pine trees. The name Songpyeon comes from the use of pine needles—”song” means pine tree, thus, songpyeon translates to “pine cakes.” 

I know…Cowpeas? Jujubes? What?  So cowpeas are black eyes peas:


And these are jujubes:


Songpyeon is used to show gratitude for the year’s harvest by placing it on a table with other foods, including harvested fruit, and taro. These three foods symbolize, respectively, the fruit of the heavens, the fruit of the earth, and the fruit of the underground.

Songpyeon is also said to represent the moon and wishes, which is why people will say their wishes while making and eating it. Many stories describe why songpyeon is in the shape of a half moon rather than a full moon. The most common belief is that Korean ancestors thought that a round-shaped full moon could only wane while a half-moon would fill up. This is considered a sign of abundance and prosperity. 

An old Korean anecdote says that the person who makes beautifully-shaped songpyeon will meet a good spouse or give birth to a beautiful baby.  I’m glad for Ilwoo, his songpyeon must be absolutely beautiful so… ! 

There are many variations of Songpyeon depending on the region in South Korea. 

In Seoul is they are known for its small, five-colored or osaek songpyeon (오색송편). The five colors—white, brown, pink, green, and yellow—represent the harmony of nature. White songpyeon lacks any color additives, but the other colors are obtained using natural ingredients. These are some of the ingredients Koreans use to color them naturally:

  • Green  – mugwort powder (Ssuk Garu 쑥가루)

  • Yellow  – pumpkin powder (Danhobak Garu 단호박 가루), gardenia seed pods (Chija 치자) but sometimes the taste can be a bit strange after a while

  • Red – Cockscomb flower (Maendrami 맨드라미), Beets

  • Pink  – Youth berry or magnolia vine (Omija 오미자) aka Schisandra chinensisis is a red berry that has 5 flavors, raspberry juice

  • Purple – blueberry juice, purple grapes, purple sweet potato

 They look like this:


If you are interested in trying to make them, HERE is an excellent website showing the steps.

In the Chungcheong province, known for its pumpkins, they have a pumpkin songpyeon. The pumpkins are dried and ground into a powder which is then mixed with the rice flour to make the dough. The rice cakes are often shaped to look like small pumpkins. The result is a sweet rice cake that is bright in color. 


Sadly I’ve run out of time so I can’t do region by region which was my intention…so here are some other variations from the rest of the country.  If you want to read more about how Koreans celebrate this holiday you can go HERE.

Aren’t they beautiful! 


Such a lovely tradition. I can imagine Ilwoo with his family… making them …and his laugh!

May GOD bless you, your family and ancestors Ilwoo Ssi! Have a great time together!

Jung Il woo celebrating Chuseok on the set of “My Fair Lady” in 2009.

Had to delight in that sweet Songpyeon one more time!

Happy 35th Birthday Ilwoo! (34th Western)

September 9, 2021

On a blessed day like today… 35 years ago, Ilwoo came into this world!

Dearest Ilwoo Ssi… Celebrating and wishing the best to every aspect that makes you!  These drawings look to illustrate this in the best way I can create in this moment… the diferent aspects that make you and my wishes in each one.  Some of the words were inspired by James’ song “Waltzing Along.”

I find myself so happy in this moment… SO full of love.  I’m so thankful that your Being knows my Being… and those many blessed days when we have connected will be part of the universal story forever more!

Celebrating your kind spirit…

Represented by the Eye…  May your eyes let you see beyond all the disasters.  When you really see there are no disasters… disasters are human creations, GOD is perfect and only good.  May you see beyond all that is… may you always stay connected to GOD Ilwoo!

“Seeing is deliberate.  It’s always a choice, even if we don’t realize it. Proper seeing, requires a separate intention of the eye.  It’s all about the angles.  Change your perspective and you change not only how you see but what you see. From the right point of view, every storm and every drop in it is a rainbow.”  Henry David Thoreau


Celebrating your creative mind…

Represented by the Brain…  May your mind be wide open, May your mind set you free.   The mind is our connection to spirit and body… by staying open we stay connected to GOD and all its abundance, we see different perspectives and ultimately realize we are all one and our lives reflect this connection in joy and prosperity… may you always be happy Ilwoo!

“Your life is not determined by whatever you achieve or not achieve. Your life is determined by your state of consciousness in the present moment.” Eckhart Tolle


Celebrating your beautiful body…

Represented by the the Heart…  May your heart beat strong. May your heart lead you on.  Your heart is the pump that beats about 115,000 times a day to keep your body living.  Your body is the embodiment of your soul in this material plane. A good balance between the physical intakes such as air, water and food and your connection to GOD will help manifest health and beauty in your body that irradiates from within…  Continue to be good to your body Ilwoo! It totally shows!

If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another.

The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience.

If this sounds too mystical, refer again to the body. Every significant vital sign- body temperature, heart rate, oxygen consumption, hormone level, brain activity, and so on- alters the moment you decide to do anything… decisions are signals telling your body, mind, and environment to move in a certain direction.
Deepak Chopra

The heart also represents Love and Will…  May your heart always be guided by GOD’s divine love!

“The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or ever touched – they must be felt with the heart.”  Hellen Keller


Cheers dearest brother!  Trust in  GOD…in health, in joy, in love!

Cheering you on and waltzing along with you,

Fan 13

Let’s dance! Ready?  This is the song that inspired me… it is one of my favorite spiritual songs… it always upflifts me…

Here is James singing this beatiful spiritual song!  May your ears be open by the wonderful!


Help comes
When you need it most
I’m cured by laughter
Mood swings – not sure I can cope
My life’s in plaster (In plaster)
May your mind be set you free (Be opened by the wonderful)
May your heart lead you on
May your mind let you be through all disasters (Be opened by the wonderful)
May your heart lead you on
These wounds are all self-imposed
Life’s no disaster
All roads lead onto death row
Who knows what comes after
May your mind be wide open
May your heart beat strong
May your minds will be broken
By this heartfelt song
May your mind set you free (Be opened by the wonderful)
May your heart lead you on
May your mind let you be through all disasters (be opened by the wonderful)
May your heart lead you on (may your heart lead you on)
May your eyes let you see through all disasters (be opened by the wonderful)
May your heart lead you on (may your heart lead you on)
(May your mind let you be opened by the wonderful)
Set you free (May your heart lead you on) etc.
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: James Patrick Glennie / Timothy Booth / James Lawrence Gott




Jung Il woo visits The House of Dreams.

September 1, 2021

Hello!  How have you all been?  I am back from my trip.  Family Time! Paris, Madrid, Málaga and Granada… I feel so nourished and happy… inspired!… but most of all so, so, SO THANKFUL!

I looked into this, The House of Dreams, Ilwoo’s latest adventure.  When I saw Ilwoo’s Instagram Post I thought “He visited an exhibit in a museum.”  Yes and really no, this was a temporary event/store showcasing interior design ideas (and more) and the sale of apartments.  Is Ilwoo considering moving into his own place?  Only time will tell…!  I visited The House of Dreams Website.  These are images from there translated using Google:

All of the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of New concept living festa!

The most perfect home for you.
We present ‘Dream House’ , a space that contains all the possibilities of a space that you have been thinking about , breaking the concept of an existing space and allowing various arrangements and productions.

Dream House Gallery is a new type of brand experience space that showcases the house and lifestyle that everyone dreams of based on the housing philosophy and technology of e-Pyunhan World .

A lounge with a variety of brand experiences for dreamers

A space where the journey of Dream House begins with interaction

A space immersed in the time of light with digital media art

This is what our dear Oppa posted!  A dream man in a dreaming bridge!  Can it get an better?

BTW, the music is “Glass Animals” from Black Mambo.  He has shared this music in a story before… and this was the video he took there:

For this video he used Han Zimmer’s Day one.

Media space where you can experience advanced technology in advance

A concept house that inspires everyone’s dream home

A space where the event starts with the world’s premium niche perfumes. (Me: he must have loved this!)

Studio reflecting the lifestyle of one or two people with various personalities and tastes

Community showroom reflecting various lifestyles of all ages

There was a store in the website:


A collaboration item that Dream House, which contains the philosophy and values ​​of Korea’s representative brand e-Pyunhan World, presents the best life that everyone has dreamed
of together with excellent brands that represent lifestyle.

A unique limited edition artist collaboration item presented by D-Museum and Dream House, which leads domestic and foreign cultural and artistic trends and turns everyday life into art.


A limited edition lifestyle item created with the sensibility of e-Pyunhan World for dreamers who dream of their own special lifestyle

At the beginning I thought it was like an interior design store.  But their company is also a building company that sells apartments in their apartment building complexes.  HERE you can see this company’s history.  And HERE if you click on the second item from left to right, you can see the many buildings they have… this is one of them (translated with Google Translate)

And now let’s enjoy some images from their Instagram hashtag in Korean.  The first photo has Ilwoo there and comes via one of The Dream House creative directors: IG victoria_ism.


I wanted to picture him there a bit more, so I created these:

I like these… the green in these:


I think this must have been inspiring to see to get ideas. It’s interesting how it is very little Korean as it looks very western.   The bags remind me of Harrod’s tea tins somehow.

What does your house of dreams look like? For me, My House of Dreams is not material, it is not another person. It is within me and I carry it wherever I go. It’s foundation is connected to universal energy… to GOD. My bedroom is peace, the studio/office is adventure, the kitchen is health and the living room is trust.  The garden is beauty. I work on keeping it clean. Sometimes fear shadows slip in with all their chaos, but I keep the windows open and let the light in. Shadows of fear are not real so they disintegrate when held in the light of truth.  I love how the light dissolves them into rainbows as they are swept away leaving stardust floating like fireflies…

Bossam Steal the Fate OST

August 9, 2021

Hello!  Here are the main songs of Bossam Steal the Fate’s OST.  I created  a page for each song with a video and both the Hangul and English translation.  This will be my last post at this website in August as I am traveling in two days until the end of the month!

Thank you for you continued support!  To delight in Jung Il woo one more time, here is a video fresh off the press! that highlights some of the music but most of all the impressive performance by Jung Il woo as Bawoo.

Playlist with the main tracks of the OST HERE.

Pages with each track in Hangul and English and video:

OST 1  “Just one day” (타이틀 단 하루만)

OST 2  “Love Song” (연가)

OST 3   “Song Of Destiny”

OST 4   “Angular Stones”

OST 5     “Along the Trail”

OST 6   “Song of Bawoo”

OST 7   “Collar”

OST 8  “Longest Night”

OST 9  “Very Beautiful”


Jung Il woo cancels his 2021 Fan Meeting due to the recent fires in Turkey.

August 3, 2021

Sadly, due to the fires in Turkey, Jung Il woo decided to cancel his Fan meeting.  This is the message from the Turkish Official Fan Club.

This was the description in English:

“Hello, we  are sorry to share this announcement  with you. we pray that the forest fires will end as soon as possible and Turkey will not suffer any damage.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who supported us during this process and awaited our event.

Ticket sales are now closed. For ticket refund processes and all your questions, please contact white_organisation.  You will be answered and taken care of with care and attention.”

It is so sad.  I pray all the terrible fires contained in Turkey soon.   Just saw some footage and maps and the fires there have spread towards the west too!   I pray they can contain it soon!  Something miraculous id that Istanbul, their capital is on the North.

I also pray for the fires in the US, Canada and Greece and the places we haven’t heard about.  Last year it was the Amazon in Brasil and Australia.  What does it take for us to act?

How do we act?  Because praying won’t be enough. How do we pressure the rich companies in this world, to the people in power, to change to more environmental friendly technology, products…   it starts with us, with our choices. Many of us still have the choice, of what we buy, how often we buy it.  What we eat, from where…  What transportation to use and how often…  every bit counts, for you and for me, for Jung Il woo, for all.

Ilwoo Ssi…  Of course you had to cancel, being the kind person your are.  Not wanting to add more pressure.  Other opportunities will be come… they are around the corner. You already know this!  It is time to re-group. And to nurture yourself.

Here are some videos… the last one is of the air quality in my home state.  One would never think one could be affected… but another consequence of fire is smoke and too much or it becomes air pollution, and air has no boundaries, it goes every where… and the smoke from California and Oregon and maybe even Canada came all the way into my home.  It definitely hit home for me!

Silent sigh.




Revisiting a Woo Delight!

July 29, 2021

I decided to place this in a post to make it easier for you to enjoy.  This post came as a consequence of two people related to Jung Il woo that are having birthdays today.  One his mom, another his fan.  Today I’ve thought of how amazing Jung Il woo’s mom is, not just helping raise this man into the wonderful human being that he is, but also for being so patient and kind as she encounters us, his fans!  This is something I witnessed in person and I will never forget!  Happy Birthday and may God bless you Mrs. Sim Yeon-Ok!

So as you delight in these beautiful images, think of all the work it must have taken to raise this person… I’ve always wondered how one gets chosen to be a mom… is it vibrational energy…? Is it total randomness?  Fate?  What ever it is… I will take a version that is more than fate or randomness… I believe that behind all that we see and experience is an intelligent energy, that places everything where it is meant to be.  Then think of all the situations in one’s life that helps you become who you are…

So now onto the factual information:  This is from 2015!  A Behind the Scenes look at the Photo Shoot for his 2016 Calendar. He told the story and created anticipation for his coming calendar through a section in Naver called StarCast.  Sadly, it doesn’t exist anymore!  Good thing I copied them all! ^ ^ Many of them are in the WOO Delight section in the main menu.

Here we go…

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 1.jpg

Life is short and time flies… Ah, it’s so sad. There is no time!
“Will you tell me the way…? The way to get to your mind~?” How come days pass so fast like this…?

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 2.jpg









Time, will you stop for a while? You go so fast~♪
The time flies so fans as if running away strangely if I’m with you like the lyric in the song… But! What can I do? 2015 seems to pass so fast too. Why? Since the Season Greeting that you would fall into Jung il woo every day for 365 days, 12 months, and for the year is prepared!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 3.jpg

Hello~?! My name is… Jung il woo.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 4.jpg

We’re at the shooting set scene of Jung il woo’s 2015 Season Greeting.
Does he look like a child that has put on name tag? Jung il woo looks vacantly~

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 5.jpg

The A cut is perfect, the cuts that we will release today are behind cuts. Jung il woo looking vacant, dark, and like a child will be all released~
We selected unprecedented pictures that show various expressions of Jung il woo! So called, ‘pictures of Jung il woo that you may want to save, share, that won’t make you get bored even when you see them in different angles, and that you may wish to see again’

We exclusively release the scene of Jung il woo’s Season Greeting that was shot in top secret since November to only STARCAST! Please look forward to the 2015 Season Greeting which will contain plentiful new images of Jung il woo~

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 6.jpg

Shooting test-cut lightly

Although white T-shirt and blue jeans don’t tell everything, isn’t the guy who fits well with them perfect? That guy is fashionista Jung il woo that makes your heart thump!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 7.jpg

This is an actor that expresses with eyes. Goodbye, the image of innocent guy that smiles like a fool. We shivered at his real guy’s charisma!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 8.jpg

He’s a real man~ He was so handsome! We thought he was going to steal female staff’s heart before stealing fans’ hearts…! But he had vanished while he went changing his clothes~ We found him for a long time. What was he doing at the dark place?

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 9.jpg

Jung il woo looked relaxed going beyond the boundaries of being serious and going off the wall freely. He completed great style with the luminous stick like the light saber in Star Wars.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 10.jpg

Can you imagine how those humorous expression and luminous stick would be expressed in the Season Greeting photos?
We won’t tell you them now~

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 11.jpg

Oh! This is great~! I really like it! HaHaHa~ So great!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 12.jpg

Curious Jung Il woo! King of being curious, Jung Il woo showed passion of shooting photos again and again after monitoring pictures that were taken and discussing it with the photographer. As you may know by seeing every photo of the Season Greeting photos, the shooting was progressed excitingly since Jung Il woo cared about everything!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 13.jpg

Wait a moment! Who is that lady with that beautiful back line checking pictures together by sticking out her head under Jung il woo’s luminous stick?!

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 14.jpg

Excuse me… is this the place where obba Jung il woo gets photographed? Obba~

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 15.jpg

A dinosaur appeared at the studio shaking its bottoms! She was Jung il woo’s pet, Jung Ah Woo who visited the scene of Jung il woo’s shooting set with her unique heavy walks. She looks like a dinosaur … but she was a Shar-pei dog called, Ah Woo, the youngest of Jung il woo’s family that gets loved from everywhere and who has charm that seems like to burst as much as her clothes.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 16.jpg

Ah Woo, did you come? How was I today?

Jung  Il woo gently looked down at Ah Woo with that expression of looking at someone and with great pose.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 17.jpg

You’re strange. Are you the guy that I know? You make me focus on you~♥

Thanks to Ah Woo that watched him quietly at the scene strangely since she’s a bad girl that messes the whole house, Jung il woo was able to get immersed in the shooting.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 18.jpg

What is this?
We’re happy and thankful that there are 365 days in 12 months and in a year. Are you ready to get your hearts stolen by Jung Il woo for 365 days? This is an image of Jung Il woo preparing to make different concepts for every month.

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 19.jpg

We emphasize two and three times that these pictures are just test-cuts and B cuts~ The actual Season Greeting that would be produced plentifully with best cuts… We will save our words!

Since the piece contains Jung Il woo’s soul as much as it would hurt our mouths if we express about it~

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 20.jpg

Jung il woo and Ah Woo finally reunited. The dinosaur clothes were prepared several days before in order to bring her to the studio! He should take a commemorative picture with his sibling since she came to this place, right?

“Isn’t Ah Woo so pretty?”

2014 12 Jung Il-woo's Season Greetings for 2015. 21.jpg

Ah Woo~ don’t be nervous and be confident!
Please look forward to the 2015 Season Greeting since there is the month which Jung il woo would show up with Ah Woo more specially! Woo siblings competed inwardly to be photographed well compared to Ah Woo~!

Did you see the real guy’s images of being strange, vivid, and full of smiles through the slightly released scene?

“Everyone…, You guys must brace yourselves since Jung Il woo would get every women’s minds in next year too!”

Oh! Were you curious of one thing while reading this STARCAST posting? No, way~ he’s Jung Il woo?! He only filmed at the studio? No, you’ve guessed right. It is true that photos are taken well when those are shot here and there. We slightly release the exclusive making scene!!!

(Added extra to the Starcast: My stills from the video.)

2014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 232014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 242014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 252014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 262014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 292014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 272014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 282014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 202014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 302014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 322014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 312014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 182014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 192014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 82014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 72014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 12014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 22014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 32014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 42014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 52014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 62014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 92014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 102014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 112014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 162014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 122014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 132014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 142014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 152014 12 Jung Il woo Images for his '15 Season Greetings Video. Cr.jungilwoo.com 17

How was the making video? Did you enjoy it?
Everything such as package calendar <Jung il woo’s 2015 Season Greeting> that is pre-sold starting from today (December, 12th, Friday), postcard that contains Jung il woo’s handwritten message, and poster are prepared. Then today’s STARCAST will end with the ‘diabolic making video’ that will make you smile like a mom and that will make you want to do save screens. Let’s meet again. Goodbye=3
Writing/Picture/Video= Jung il woo & official homepage (jungilwoo.com)


That translation… Diabolic?  What?!  No way… more like angelic!  It did make me smile like a mom though!  ^ ^ I wonder if his mom smiled seeing this?