Myeondong and Zaemiro (재미로)! And Jung Il woo of course!


In 2019, I visited Seoul to see Jung Il woo in his Fan Meeting.  I also had the delight to visit many other areas…  after all this with Covid 19, I’m so thankful that I went!  The many memories of this trip continue to sooth my wanderlust need, and inspire me!   For more on this trip, go HERE.  Now let’s visit this area that is often frequented by our beloved oppa!


I went to this area of Seoul to see the main Cathedral of South Korea and to check out the shopping scene.  I had heard so much of this area through dramas and Jung Il woo.  What I did not expect was that I would run into a whole cartoon area called Zaemiro (재미로) or Cartoon Street… this turned out to be what I enjoyed the most.

Seoul’s Main Cathedral…the Myeongdong Cathedral.

I have this tradition of visiting the main cathedral or church wherever I travel to.  It is one of the ways that I thank God for blessing me with the trip…  and boy did I have a lot to be thankful for.  When I visited this cathedral I did not know that this was Ilwoo’s church!  I later found out that he actually attends mass there!  So now my memory of this place is even more special… his beautiful energy has been there… who knows maybe I sat where he last had sat…  !  ^ ^

According to the Cathedral’s official website:

“Myeong-dong Cathedral, situated in the heart of downtown Seoul, is both the Cathedral Church for the Archdiocese of Seoul and has become a symbol of the presence of the Catholic Church in Korea.
In 1784, the first (Christian) faith community in Korea gathered in this place which was then known as Myeong-Nae-Bang.

In 1894, Father Coste began planning for the construction of the church, and on May 29, 1898, the Church was consecrated with Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception as its patron.

In 1900 the relics of the martyrs who had died in the persecutions of 1839 and 1866 were moved from Yong-San seminary to the crypt in Myeong-dong Cathedral.

In 1942 the first Korean parish priest, Fr. Rhee Ki-Jun, was appointed pastor of Myeong-dong, and the first Korean Bishop Rho Ki-Nam was raised to the episcopate there.

On Liberation Day, 1945, the name of the Cathedral was changed from Chong-Hyen to Myeong-dong. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Myeong-dong Cathedral became a focal point for the democratic movement in Korea and has played an important role in the expansion of human rights.
Currently, Myeong-dong Cathedral continues to reach out to the global community with prayer and missionary work. Myeong-dong Cathedral is the first brick church in Korea built in the Gothic style. Designated historic spot No. 258, the Myeong-dong Church has significant historical value embedded in its architecture. The floor plan of the church is Latin cross with a center and two side aisles, and the roof of the church is 23 meters in height. The bell tower is 45 meters tall. The architecture retains the pure Gothic style without adornments.”

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 14

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 12

I loved how elegant it was with those gorgeous gothic arches! Yes, there was a mass taking place…

2019 Myeongdong Cathedral. By Fan 13. 1



2019 Myeongdong Cathedral. By Fan 13. 2

Here is another place I missed. There is a museum about the origin of the cathedral and Catholicism in Korea!   It’s called “The Seoul Archdiocese History Hall” or (사도회관).  There is a naver blog about someone who visited it HERE . You can even see the ruins of the first church there!  It is a very holy place.

The Seoul Archdiocese History Hall.jpg

And here is Ilwoo last fall in front of the Cathedral:

Venturing on, Myeondong is one of the large shopping areas in Seoul. It had all the looks of any shopping area in the world: lots of signs and stores… and Starbucks! ^ ^  One thing that I will say that impacted me about Seoul in general, was the amount of signs everywhere! It had so many!!!  Sometimes, they were going up the buildings. For example:

It was so contrasting compared to the city where I live. Boston, MA does not have billboards except for one that is historic (the CITGO billboard which I love because it’s a Venezuelan oil company (I was born in Venezuela) and there are no signs on buildings, except at the bottom where the store would be at street level. Some of this is due to the fact that many buildings are historic… so there are very strict rules about even the color the doors!

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 1



2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 1

Of course I looked for Ilwoo… they didn’t have anything of him…  🙁

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 2

(I went a little cosmetic crazy at that store!… I still have stuff from it …! I wish I had more time… I have takne photos of some of the items I bought… like a rose toothpaste!  It tastes like roses…  incredible!)

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 3

There is a video coming up that will make you feel you are there… see if you can spot this really cool sign in it:

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 34

And… WOOw! Look what was here…Haechi!!!

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 2

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 32

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 33

Yes… of course I remembered Oppa when he endorsed this brand…  with the music group “Sistar.”  I use a night cream from this store.  It’s so good. It’s called Good Cera.

2012 Jung II-woo in Ads for Holika Holika jungilwoodelights.com00005

2012 Jung II-woo for Holika Holika. Ads X-tra(Take 1)00008

2012 5 Jung II-woo fro Holika Holika 00008

2012 5 Jung II-woo fro Holika Holika 00009.jpg2012 5 Jung II-woo fro Holika Holika 000102012 5 Jung II-woo fro Holika Holika 00015

This is a version I had not seen of this commercial!

If you want to see more of this endorsement head HERE.

And when he visited Malaysia for a Holika Holika event there:

Well.. back to Myeongdong… !

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 352019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 36

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 37

I also saw this amazing ice cream stand where they mad ice cream in the shape of roses!

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 13

Our dear Oppa was in Myeongdong in another opportunity as a celebrity and cause quite a scene!  This was back in 2007, when there was a Hug event for his appearance in his second movie: My Love!  Yes! You got to hug him!!!  Imagine that…!  These are a few photos:

For more about this event go HERE.


After I headed back to the main road and I noticed these big plastic cartoon characters on a little square. I decided to get closer to take some photos when I noticed a map … to an area called Zaemiro, a cartoon street!!!

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 4

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 3

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 6

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 4

This reminded me of… Ilwoo as Cha Chi-soo!   Remember when the little girl gave him her Pororo towel because he was cold in Flower Boy Ramen Shop?  Then when he wore it in his bedroom? ^ ^   Pororo the penguin, is one of South Korea’s most famous cartoon characters.

2011 FBRS Jung II-woo BTS Episode 6 5.jpg2011 FBRS Jung II-woo BTS Episode 6 6.jpg2011 FBRS Jung II-woo Episode 6 00033

2011 FBRS Jung II-woo Episode 6 00034.PNG2011 FBRS Jung II-woo Episode 6 00035.PNG

I had so much fun creating graphics/cartoons of Ilwoo for his birthday, that when I was thinking of this post I knew I’d want to do the same especially for this area of the Zaemiro, or cartoon street. So you’ll see my comic creations of Ilwoo sprinkled within…

Reading up about it a bit more I found out that Zaemiro or Cartoon Street, “the street of manhwa”, was opened in December 2013 by Seoul’s city government to promote the “imaginative industry” and boost tourism and the local economy.

“The major sights added to the .28-mile street include five small parks or manhwa culture stations: “Sangsang Park” in front of Exit 3 of Myeongdong Station; “Manhwa Samgeori” in front of the Pacific Hotel; “Sayeon Post Office” where artists displayed the stories of citizens on the walls of a public parking lot; “Jaemi Sports Ground” in a convenience store parking lot; and “Manhwa Hill” on Namsan Ongbyeok (retaining wall). Other new additions included a four-story building with galleries and shops for comics, and some 70 famous local cartoonists contributed their work to walls and buildings along the street. A Manhwa Neighborhood Meeting was held to include the opinions of locals, and both the name of the street “Jaemiro”, and the name of the manhwa culture space, “Jaemirang” were selected from an SNS-based citizen competition and local votes.”   Source:

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 4



Here is the video I posted in Instagram of him in Behind the Scenes of Flower Boy Ramen Shop:

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 7

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 6

On the next photo you can see… the Nasam Tower.  I went there after!  To see this post go HERE.

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 7

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 11



2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 12

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 14



2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 13



(My favorite!)

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 15

It was so fun walking in this place… want to walk it?  Click HERE and walk straight to the beige building in the intersection, then take a right (towards the lion!) and go straight to the end!  Enjoy!

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 162019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 17

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 18

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 20

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 21

I went into this cafe/art gallery… and met the artist of all these cute  characters of Korean culture… I had a delicious ginseng tea!  on a gorgeous cup!  I ended up buying many things from her… a cushion with a king… two cups, purse mirrors, etc!  I really loved her work!

Myeondong Area by Fan 13. 11

When you get to the very top of the street there is a highway, and across it (there is a walkway)  there is the Seoul Animation Center.  This place impressed me so much!  I have to go back again!  It had an exhibit area, a Cartoon Museum, a graphic book library! and a movie theater.  The Cartoon Museum or ‘House of Cartoon’ was built in 2002 and has three floors of three dimensional artwork, and a library of over 56,000 items!!! including 48,000 comic books and 8,000 animation videos!  Of all these places I was only able to visit the exhibit area…  (Yes I have to go back!)

Here are my photos:

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 22

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 23

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 242019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 25

I found a YouTube video of this character…  they are hilarious… !!!

Loved these larvae cartoons!  So original… so creative… and disgustingly realistic at times!

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 26

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 27

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 28

2019 Myeongdong and Zaemiro. By Fan 13. 29


Jung Il woo in a video thanking his Japanese Fans.

September 18, 2020

Here is the video… it’s actually straight when you play it!

Hello, This is Jung Il Woo.

Many people congratulated me for my birthday and sent me gifts, letters, and I was so thankful for you and I decided to make a video about it. I have been reading letters for around 4 days. I feel proud of you guys developing your Korean skills, you guys are the best. As a reward for your love, I will answer 99 questions for this month’s Q&A. Every time the video is uploaded, it will be with 9 questions and there will be a total of 11 videos. I will try to answer your questions sincerely, frankly and in a fun way. These days, we can’t really go outside freely, but in some way, I feel happy that we can at least communicate in this way. I hope the Q&A sessions will be a satisfying and fun time for you.

My hair is quite long, isn’t it? It is very long now. I can’t see what’s in front of me well. I am ready for my next acting role, and they are trying to find a concept for it. I am just letting my hair grow. I will show my good acting for you in my next acting role. I will see you in our Q&A time! Bye!

WITAT  (What I think about this)

Another spiritual exercise ^ ^…  Silent Sigh …

…wait!… silent sigh… I love this song by Badly Drawn Boy…  have you heard it?  It’s from a really good movie called: About a Boy…

“Never stop living here
Till it eats the heart from your soul
Keeps down the sound of your
Silent sigh…
Silent sigh, silent sigh, silent sigh
Keeps down all move me down
Could we love each other?”

Weirdest video I know!  But this song is my personal hymn to Ego dissatisfaction… Having no expectations is my goal, of anything or anyone… to just live, love and be happy living and loving… absolutely free… but the Ego always attaches and wants… and boy does it put on a good fight!  It’s like that duck!  It is then picked up when you think it’s dead by some other part of you, that takes it to the moon and relives it and it attaches again!   LOUD sigh! ^ ^

Jung Il woo searches his fans top searches in Baidu… and comments. With English translation.

September 12, 2020

Jung Il woo posted this on Bilibili… he has been trying to connect more with his Chinese Fans. To do this he decided to look up what are the top searches about him in China’s biggest web search engine: Baidu.  He comments about each one… it was very interesting to hear the top searches there.  In my website, the top search and post most read is about his accident.  I’m surprised that did not make his list. I’m also very surprised that they don’t search for his girlfriend… that is another top search that lands people on my website.  Hummmm…

I will use anpan.0225 IG post as a base… I love the way she broke up the videos into 8 parts.  So here we go!  As always remember to give credit if you are using my translation as a base for your translation to another language.  Crediting someone’s work is the right way to repost… a lot of new accounts in Instagram have yet to learn this!   I’m glad he has more people starting accounts and giving Ilwoo lots of love, but its important to be respectful of other people’s hard work.

Today, I want to talk about related words when I search my name on China’s most used search engine. I think it will also be fun to me since I am seeing what people are searching about me. I can also answer you for what you are curious about me. I will open the portal website first. I see there are around 8 related words. First, Jung il woo’s drama pieces. How many did I film dramas?

I debuted with high kick, iljimae, my fair lady, and what was it? 49 days, cool guys hot ramen, moon embracing the sun, golden rainbow, diary of a night watchman, Cinderella and the Four Knights, Haechi, and Sweet Munchies. I did 11 dramas, High-End Crush, it is not on air yet but there is Chinese one and there is one from Thailand. I think it is around 14 pieces. Yeah…

(Me: So cute when he can’t remember…!  so you don’t count “The Girl’s Lies”?)

Second, Jungilwoo’s high kick. It is my debut, that’s why it is on the search, I think. I did this drama in 2006, as a debut. I did a film called “the world of silence” before but it was released after High Kick,  so my debut was with High Kick. I got a lot of love and I think High kick made today’s Jung il woo.  I am really thankful for this drama and I remember this a lot.

Next, Jung il woo’s Cinderella and the four knights. I did this drama before I joined the military. It is shortened as “Cin Ne Ghi (Cin Four Kni)” I heard it was a big hit in China. So, while Cinderella was on air, I did a drama in China, I did a variety show there. I was walking in Shanghai, many people recognized me and told me that they were watching Cinderella. I got a lot of love with this work.  Next, Jung il woo and Wang i buo. They say he is a actor and singer in China. I don’t know why he is in my related search words list, I am also curious. I am going to ask my fans why it is so, I don’t know why. He is good looking.

Next, Jung il woo’s singing. Singing. I did some OST for my dramas. (허수아비, ??,  scheduler song).  I also sing in my fan meetings. For my Chinese fan meetings, I did some Chinese songs. My favorite actor is Leslie Cheung, he sang a song from another person.

(Me.  This is the video of this song by Leslie Cheung with English Subtitles… it is very famous.)

Next, Jung il woo’s family. I am in my home. I think this search word has always come up since I debuted. I am thankful that I grew up happy under good parents. My parents are the ones I admire the most. Life as an actor is not always easy, but my parents always make me focus. I am really thankful for them. My older sister is giving me help a lot, and I am thankful for her as well. In case you were wondering, I am in my home.

Next, Jung il woo, Seoul Choa House. I want to live in Choa House (luxurious housing complex). I live in a normal place, I live on the first floor, and I have a garden, and I love it. I live with my parents and I want to move out and I am planning about it.

Next, Jung Il woo Weibo. It is my place where I communicate with my Chinese fans, and my SNS. I post many photos here to share with you guys. I just started a video platform, and I think they will be on Weibo as short clips. I want to communicate more with you, please come visit Weibo and Bilibili. If you have any questions, ask me on my SNS accounts, I will reply to you there. Bye!

Happy 34th Birthday Jung II Woo!

September 9, 2020

It’s your birthday!  Today, 34 (33 Western) years ago, divine providence brought you to life!  On the day that you were born the angels got together and decided to create …my dream come true!

Ilwoo Ssi, I wish you another WOOnderful year in your life!  May it be filled with health, peace and joy.  May you enjoy many lovely walks and learn and discover new things!  Another delicious dish somewhere else in the world?  I am so happy that life brought you to my life!  May you be successful in your future projects, I wish you the very best as an actor!  I hope to be with you another year supporting and sharing your acting, modeling, cooking endeavors with fans all over the world.  I am so thankful for you and all the inspiration and daydreams you kindle within me…!

To celebrate your 34th birthday, I created 34 beautiful graphics using your photos.  (More actually!  That’s how much you inspire me!)  I also created a new video.  The first time I heard the song “I Adore You” by Harry Styles, all I could think was of you! I decided to use some of my graphics and incorporate them into the song with some of the most beautiful photo shoots you’ve had..  To me these graphics of you represent, the magical, whimsical, the fantastic aspect of life that cannot be defined in any human terms…  love?!  The miracle of you being in my life even though there are mountains and oceans between us…  and this feeling that you are with me all the time manifesting in my life!  Like when I was looking for a movie to watch the other night. As soon as I saw 34, through my intuition, I knew that it was the movie… I felt it immediately!…  then when it related to the Boston Marathon… I was WOOed!   ^ ^

Here is the video:  Jung II Woo, I Adore You!  (I know I share these feelings with many of your fans!)

Here are 34 of the graphics I created.  I hope you enjoy them… they are filled with your colors, your beauty and … your delights!

It was so fun doing this!  I finally made my dream come true of creating Ilwoo comic art!  Thank you for all these amazing creative moments Ilwoo Ssi!

Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine 2011.

September 1, 2020

Hi! This is the last of the posts related to the “One More Time” MTV program with Jung Il woo.  This post will cover the photo shoot part for Ceci Magazine.  I now noticed how he is wearing a lot of “The North Face” clothing and accessories.  I love that brand, I have a red backpack from them I’ve had for like 13 years!   I also found some new behind the scenes photos which you will see below.

I started going to school in the middle of last week to get ready for this very extraordinary school year.  My school will be going “in person” and “remote” at the same time.  Some of our students decided to continue remotely.  We have had so many meetings!  Just the list of all we have to do Covid 19 related is overwhelming and understandably so.

I am feeling such contradictory feelings. One part of me can’t wait to see the kids and I think anything is worthwhile to give us the chance to be together in person again. But we changed so many things!  And of course these changes bring fear… fear of the unknown, fear how we can epically fail!  I’m thankful to Eckhart Tolle and all his teachings about “being in the present moment” because they are helping me a lot.

Another person that of course helps me greatly is Jung Il woo… he is a respite in the chaos, a place that I can go to mentally and that automatically makes me smile… ^ ^  I mentioned in Instagram, that my first day of school is the day of his birthday!  It will be a crazy day…  I really enjoyed looking at these Ceci photos again, in a way it felt like I am starting to say goodbye to the summer time…  I pray the next one is Covid 19 free!

Here are the Magazine Photos:

2011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine.  10.jpg2011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 12011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 22011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 32011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 42011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 72011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 132011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 142011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 182011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. 19

And now let’s take a look at behind the scenes:

2011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 12011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 22011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 32011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 62011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 42011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 52011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 72011 Jung Il woo in Ceci Magazine. Behind the Scenes. 8

Where are you taking us next Captain Ilwoo?

Do you want a “ñapa”?  (Bonus?)  Alright… here it is:

2011 7 OMT Day 2 Canada Place 112011 7 OMT Day 2 Canada Place 132011 7 OMT Day 2 Canada Place 142011 7 OMT Day 2 Canada Place 102011 7 OMT Day 2 Canada Place 12

I hope you leap full of joy and peace into your 34th birthday Ilwoo Ssi!  Get ready…you are almost there!!!  (33 Western)  (His Birthday is September 9th)

Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 6 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 5
August 29, 2020

I just can’t believe August is nearly gone!  I am getting ready for school so I guess it’s true!  Today I completed my CPR (First Aid training).  There are some adaptations because of Covid.  I went to school for a short demo with a small group of my colleagues.  I felt such joy seeing them!  Can’t wait to see my students…  I will probably cry!  How I’ve missed them…  Anyways, ready for the last (Sadly) of the One more Time episodes?  This is my favorite…  I describe why at the end!

One More Time 정일우 – EP06 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

One More Time
Episode 6

00:43 while I am shooting my trip to Canada, I was quite nervous at the beginning because I did not know what to do. Thanks to help from the staff, It went much better than I thought and I was able to show myself as a real person. I came to like Canada much more than before. After watching this series, if you have a chance, please visit Canada.

1:17 Vancouver Island, when I first arrived here, my first impression was “relaxing and exciting”. I will spend my time here well and have fun!

1:28 Here is the town called “Chemainus” in Vancouver. If you follow these yellow footsteps, you can see all the murals in here. Now I will follow the footsteps and will see the murals. Lets’ go check out all the Canadian history at once.

2:15 8! I was thinking that it would be something like those inside a cave, but these are very modern.

2:28 One woman is waiting for me.

2:37 In front of here, shouldn’t we do “Indian bab”? (a play we used to do when we were young, hitting someone’s back with palms and guessing whose hand it was)

2:50 This person designed this mural village.

3:01 As I saw how people from the past lived, I was also curious how I was like in the past. How was I? Remembering the past of me is like a mirror that can see the future of me.

3:19 I can see the history and culture of Canada at once and It shows what were the interests for the people back then so it is an interesting place. I think it is the best to have a role for my age, such as a bright character. I want to do Romantic comedy. Any character is important, but there is a french movie called “Love Me If You Dare”. If we have a remake movie in Korea, I would love to be part of it. I like Josh Hartnett, Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t want to direct a documentary, but I like to experience more so I want to travel  with a bike or motorcycle. I think it will be awesome to visit where I haven’t been yet.

4:33 Victoria, A place where people say that the spring comes earliest in North America. Here is a city as it sounds like: cute and romantic. As I followed the streets near the harbor there were painters and people selling stuff. So I went to where the ships dock. Today is the last day in Canada. We will take a boat and see the whales and will end our last day in Canada, revisiting my trips to Canada. I heard that Killer Whales are seen a lot here. I am looking forward to seeing them. /what if you don’t see them?/  well, if I don’t then… just they must come!

5:30 When I was young, I watched a movie called “Free Willy”. Back then, I thought they were just cute animals, but in fact I got to know that they are one of the most intelligent animals in the ocean and very good hunters.

5:50 Oh look, isn’t it killer whales? 3!

5:53 Finally, we can see the killer whales. That one looks like a baby. That kid will also be a spectacular adult later, just like me who set a goal to be the best actor in the future. Hoping for that day to come, I took a picture.

6:14 Wow, good! Oh wow, really good shot!

6:18 I guess I am a lucky guy today.

6:23 I heard it is not easy to see the whales in the ocean, but I saw them today, it feels amazing and I was lucky today.

6:38 as an actor, I want to be a colorful person. Not just focused on one character, but I want to have a wide range of acting roles. I remember all my past roles. High Kick, my love, The Return of Iljimae, My Fair Lady, 49 days. All of them were important works and characters for me. When I think about the drama, I can think of all the memories from that time.

7:12 When I start the role, I watch similar works other people have done, especially I see Synopsis and scripts a lot. By doing so, I practice the way of speech, facial expressions. While I was doing 49days this time, I kept practicing with a recorder, changing my voice tones. I think it helped me with my acting. I also shot myself with facial expressions and practicing readings.

7:42 I want to get the best acting actor award, the most popular actor award, netizen’s award. Now I am not aiming to get any awards, but I am trying to find myself through doing each work one by one.

7:58 As I get older, I want to be someone who can show sincerity to other people. As I always try to be sincere and film the scenes with my whole heart, I really want the viewers to see that.

8:12 My favorite saying is, the old proverb, that “as rice ripe, it lowers its head”. I don’t want to lose my feeling I had when I first started, always be humble. I want to be that kind of person.

8:55 Trip to Canada, if you ask me what this trip was about, I will say that it is “my secret story that has never been spoken before”. The learning time that I can show who I am to the viewers.

9:07 It is my first time riding a motorcycle by the ocean, I feel amazing. Especially I love to ride motorcycles, and the staff prepared this for me. It makes me feel good.

9:55 mostly, I take scenery. In general, I only take scenery pictures. I hardly take pictures of people. At work, I was always the object who was taken, so I try to take photos of scenery, especially the clouds, lights. I try to take different kinds of photographs, and I am thinking of having my own photo exhibition later. That’s why I keep taking pictures wherever I go on  a trip.

11:10 There are floating houses. They say people actually live there.

11:37 oh it is interesting. The bike. These flowers. Those flowers. And there!

12:14 This house looks pretty. It is built with glasses so you can see the sky. The colors of the flowers and the walls are going well together.  The owner has a great taste. The privacy is almost non-existing here.

12:42 And these houses, you attach on the boat, and can move. Isn’t it cool? If you don’t like this neighborhood, then move to Southeast Asia and, if not, move to another… wow, it scared me.

12:56 I find it really “free” here.

13:03 My foreign friends earn money by doing some part time job, and then go on a vacation. Then comes back without money and work and then goes on a trip again. When I see people like that, I wish I was able to be like them. And that’s why when one drama is done, I try to go on a trip abroad.

13:36 Since I was young, I went on many trips with my family.  After I became an adult, I went on trips with my friends. I also traveled to Korea. With friends, I went to Gangwon, Jeju.

14:10 Thank you guys! Have a fun trip! Bye!

14:25 oh! What is it! /1, 2, 3~/

14:30 Ilwoo, you did very well!

14:40 Did well, did well! Really!/ STOP! Wow, should I cry now?

14:49 Everyone, thank you for your hard work! Thanks to all of you, I think we have good footages. Thank you all! Let’s blow together, 1, 2, 3!

15:08 These are all anonymous letters to you. (from the staff members)

15:14 Who is it?

15:20 I am so moved!

(“we only have 15 minutes for this”)

15:30 I will read them one by one and cry.

15:45 We can taste a lot of different beers here. The time has come! I can finally drink alcohol on TV.

16:11 These places, not everyone can come inside.

16:28 He is explaining how beer is made. The beers made here are only available here.

16:57 The beer is not easily made. The smell is very interesting. It is hops. I am looking forward to the tasting.

17:15 I forgot that I came here for the party, because the owner was so enthusiastic about explaining the beer. Canada is an interesting place. But can we really show these secret recipes to the viewers?

17:30 Now we will drink the beers. In Korea, we have big breweries like a factory size, but here it is very small and we can taste the master’s special beers. He will give us 10 different tastes of beers and I hope I don’t get drunk much before the actual party. Let’s go! It feels like i am on a morning show!

18:10 If I do one shot, I turn red, so I will not. It’s so tasty!

18:39 He made this special beer for us. Special. Only we can taste this.

18:52 the beer with a long history tasted amazing. As if the good barley aged well.

19:24 “How was your trip to canada?  Hope you enjoyed this trip, and remember this trip for a long time” and guessing who wrote it.

19:36”While travelling Canada, I was able to see ilwoo’s different sides, and hope we support each other and grow up together”  it’s you, right? You?

19:59 Is it “mind reading” letter?

20:00 “It was good to meet Ilwoo. He was so bright and fun. I hope you become a bright , handsome, human loving actor.”   It is from a guy!

20:23  It was nice to meet you. Hope to see you later when we have another chance.

20:48 I have never gotten letters from travel, it is so touching. Thank you for everyone who led me along the trip. Thank you!

21:22 Thank you my loving fans who watched my “One More Time”. I was too straightforward so I may have behaved something more than I should have, but thank you for watching the whole show.

21:36 Finally, it’s time to take a plane back to Korea. It was a very precious time here in Canada, and I am sure I will remember this time for a long time. I hope this “one more time” is also remembered by you. Bye everyone!


Photos… there are a lot of them!!!  Some may not be from this episode but oh well!

2011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 32011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 42011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 62011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 72011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 82011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 102011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 112011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 122011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 132011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 142011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 152011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 162011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 172011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 18.52011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria 182011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 32011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 42011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 52011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 62011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 72011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 82011 7 OMT Day 5 Victoria Chemainus 9

2011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 12011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 22011 7 OMT Day 5 Whale Watching Tour 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Fisherman's Wharf 42011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 32011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 42011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 52011 7 OMT Day 6 Victoria Scooter Drive 62011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 12011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 22011 7 OMT Day 6 Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub 3


This is my favorite of all the episodes.  I just love how he shares his passions and how excited and moved he is by the village, the whales, the ride of the scooter and the surprise by his staff.

I thought it was fascinating when he talked about how he prepared for his scheduler role trying different voices and expressions in the mirror!  Oh how I wish I could be a fly in his wall to see that!  I love his dedication and how hard working he is… I guess because I relate 100%.  I have learned to stop myself though… and take time to smell the flowers!  I think he has too. The fact that he can be gone from Instagram two weeks or more tells me so.  And I’m so glad for him!  Go live your own personal life Ilwoo… smell many flowers!  We are not going anywhere…

It’s interesting to hear about actors that he likes… I have heard of several ’till now so maybe I’ll make a post about the movies and actors he has mentioned since very young.  I find these probably feed him in a different way than when say I watch one.  For me it’s about identifying more with the character, for him it’s probably that but also seeing the performance, how the character develops, the camera takes, etc.  It’s a different view.  It’s interesting because ultimately depending on what one does, I believe one perceives the world according to that lens… an architect probably notices the buildings and architecture, etc.

Here is the trailer of the movie he loved.  Perhaps he had a huge crush on Marion.   She is gorgeous and such a great actress!  Looks like a fun movie… I can see why he’d like the competition part about it!  ^ ^

And wasn’t he the cutest in reading all the letters from his staff… that was such a nice gesture from them…  just like the staff from Sweet Munchies did all those videos we saw in Instagram.  I made just one screen capture… of this moment… his eyes, his expression says it all…

Jung Il woo in One More Time Episode 6.jpg

… So full of love!

Well I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about what he said during this trip…  For me it made such a difference to know what he says… he shares so much!

Take good care everyone!

Jung Il woo in Vancouver, Canada in MTV’s One More Time, 2011. Episode 5 with English Translation.

2011 7 OMT Day 7 Qualicum Farm Tour 3

August 25, 2020

Hello!  How are you? Here is the 5th part of ‘One More Time” with Ilwoo in Vancouver, Canada and its translation.  One very cool thing about this episode is that we get to learn something that he did with his dad!…  Yes! Read on!

Here we go:

One More Time 정일우 – EP05 from DC ILWOO on Vimeo.

Episode 5

0:40 this time at Victoria, I want to be serious and manly. I like to take pictures and love to take scenery from Victoria. Victoria is the final destination of my trip to Canada so I want to spend time there to wrap this trip up and think more about myself.

1:!5 Whitler was a beautiful place and I had a lot of fun. I said goodbye thinking that I will definitely come back later. Our next destination is Vancouver island. I am looking forward to this new destination but also I already feel that I am missing my past destinations.

1:58 You tortured me, so now….

Showing the prank scenes.

2:23 we have to revenge her with an awesome prank, so keep watching this!

2:44 She got irritated even before the prank started because Ilwoo and the PD wanted to change the concept of some scenes (for the prank but she doesn’t know it is a prank)

3:04 I will kill you!

3:10 Eyes to eyes. Teeth to teeth. I will pay back to you as I was given. Where? Here in this farm.

It is a real prank now!

3:27 The plan for the prank = the PD and Ilwoo don’t like the original schedule and the team has to change the concept of this episode. And Ilwoo doesn’t like the new concept as well.

3:40 Is this all? They are not babies, so let’s just move on (I think it will be the part of the prank scenes later)

3.54 The newly modified concept paper is lost because of the mistake of the stylist.

4:05 The reason why everything is messed up for today is because of you losing the paper. We are not here to shoot some beautiful scenery. We are here for a reality show. It is not some sort of a TV commercial.

4:20 I got you! You can’t control your facial emotions. I guess I will revenge you very well!

4:30 Ilwoo intentionally acts like he is annoyed and has complaints. And the writer (the victim of the prank) says do this and that, etc

4:45 I am going to give her back what I got from last time!

5:32 Here in Foxville feels as if I am somewhere rural in Korea. For sure, people feel the most comfortable when we are on the ground. I feel a bit sorry to start a prank in this beautiful place.

(prank started)

5:49 I don’t know why we are going to the farm. (the woman keeps explaining to feed them, etc )

5:58 We are going to experience the farm. Where is the modified concept paper?

(started acting)

6:23 Why did you lose it?

6:32 Well, the thinking you gave us a bit ago. (trying to hold laughter)

Byeongjin! Say something to them when these kinds of things happen!

6:52 A day in Foxville, I was so happy to experience something I have never done in daily life.

7:12 Byeongjin says “is there anything else than just feeding the cows? Really?

7:18 Is this really it?

7:23 Why don’t we give some food to baby cows ?

7:28 They are not babies! So let’s just skip this scene then. Byeongjin says  “do you think the cows will eat if you just throw them some food?”

8:05 He intentionally pretends as if he is not enjoying any moment in here.

8:07 Why am I even up here? To clean these up? It gets worse!

8:20 Secretly talking to the camera “ I should start something really big, starting to add up the bad situations, and at the interview, I will explode!”

8:58 here I am “Life experience” (the Korean TV show about experiencing others lives)

9:06 I think the writer intentionally booked this location to make me in trouble. The writer then says “well, I wanted to show your masculinity to the viewers…”

9:32 When I was young, I went to visit my great grandmother’s and she had around 300 cows. She still raises them and when I visit there, I feed them, and play with them, etc. (so, basically he likes farming but intentionally acting like annoyed because of the prank)

10:19 I feel like I am making dough out of flour.

10:35 let’s go! Let’s go have some burgers.

10:55 It looks tasty, I want to have some! Bring my wallet here.

11:10 here they are. Sauces.

11:23 bon appetit!

11:35 where will the interview be at? Let’s not milk the cows!

11:48 Ilwoo and PD talking about how “she” is irritated by Ilwoo’s constant complaints.

11:54 when you said “let’s not milk the cows!” her face got dark.

12:00 why? She keeps glancing here. What should we do? Let’s do it now.  We will do an interview here.

12:10 do you want to have another experience? No, let’s do an interview first!

12:19 I will say in the middle of the interview, “why in the world are we here at this farm?”

12:25 We will do the interview, but what I want to say is that in Whistler, we focused on activities, but here we wanted to show something more manly and serious version of me, but what can we even find something “serious” here?  You (his other staff, she is also part of the prank) lost the modified plan paper. You told me to write down some questions for the interview, so I told the writer but don’t you think I need some time to think before the interview? Why so sudden? I told you guys, It is a reality show, we are not here for the scenery. It is not a commercial.

13:16 We do have some stories, though. What kind of stories? Feeding, experiencing the farm, milking the cows, playing with them. Can’t we have some fun time like this when we are on a trip? Isn’t it?

13:37 Well, in fact, I am an actor. I want to show something as an actor.

13:49 Well, I think you are here as Jung Ilwoo, not as an actor. You have to put the job as a secondary thing on this trip. Wasn’t it?

14:05 that’s not true. It is Jung ilwoo, the manly actor. This place is not showing anything on this concept.

14:17 the biggest problem is, questions? Questions?

14:23 Not only the questions, but Everything!

14:29 But we have to film anyway. (Areum, the staff came with the paper, crying)

14:34 Here is the paper!

And Areum said “It is a prank!”

14:45 Ahh, you come here! How can you do that to me!

14:57 Why are you doing this only to me! The prank was going on from yesterday!? Don’t film me!

15:14 But Youngho (the photographer) looked at this very seriously.  I was doing some acting.

15:22 You were so calm. Yeah, you were too calm! I had to act harshly to trick her!

15:28 Hey, writer, wait! No Good! We need to film this scene again!

15:35 You can ask me now. Should I just answer all of them since I already know all the questions?  Sure you know all the questions.

Q. Have you ever had farm experience?

15:53 When I was young, my great grandmother had cows. I went there and saw the cows and I also milked them and played with them. I felt something here in Canada, that I am so busy in Seoul, just under much stress and just constantly working, but here I feel very relaxed and I want to raise some cows and have a happy life with my future family when I get old.

16:38 Then now I w