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Let this be a place, a garden where you can delight in Jung Il woo, his great talent, his kindness, his beauty, his playful personality, his sweet temperament and his impressive career as an actor, model and entertainer.

January 13, 2022

Hello! Everyone!  Welcome to Jung Il Woo Delights!  A website dedicated to Jung Il-woo and all his professional endeavors (and those he choses to share with us from his personal life). It covers the time span from 2006 until February 21st of 2022.

Ready to delight in our dear Jung Il Woo?  You can visit Events in the main menu to get started!  It is a great place to start!  All events are classified by year and within each year by topic. Another great place to visit is his biography under His Story in the main menu. This gives you the chance to know about some of his more personal information.  There is also a Fan Center to help navigate the WOOrld of being an Ilwoolie (that’s the loving name Jung Il woo has given his fans) and it will also give you an idea of his Fan meetings from the past and his Fan Clubs.

Thanks so much for visiting!  I wish you much health and joy … and many many! delightful Ilwoo moments!

Dear Jung Il-woo my eternal gratitude for delighting me!  Much love, health and prosperity to you always!  May GOD bless you and remember, I will always be with you!  I always have been and always will be… forever.

💛😇Fan 13✨✨✨

P.S. After 5 delightful years, I am no longer active posting any content. You can read about why here.

This website is one of the tangible products of my love for Jung Il woo. I noticed very early on as I became his fan, that there was very little content written in English and when it was, it was all in pieces. I thought this was the perfect way to do do something for him that would be helpful to all his international fans.

Linked to this website is only a YouTube channel by the same name.  There are no social media accounts linked any longer. So if you see anyone bearing the name jungilwoo delights it is not me.

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