Jung Il woo in the Village Shop (SEEZN) A first Look.

November 26, 2021

Jung Il woo participated in the creation of a small Village Shop in the island of “Gapado” off the Southern coast on Jeju Island. One theory of why it is named Gapado is because its shape resembles a stingray (Gaori in Korean). Most of the islanders in Gapado work in the fishing industry, but some of the others cultivate crops for a living. Cr.m.visitjeju.net

Gapado is the Korean island with the most flatlands with the highest elevation at 20.5m above sea level. In Gapado Island, you can reach anywhere you want by foot within two hours. It is good to take a stroll through the Jeju Olle 10-1 Course (5km), or just enjoy the luxury of walking around aimlessly. It is easy to forget all out about time when you watch the green barley dance to the rhythm of the wind. The land is nearly flat, and it is easy to move around on a wheelchair or with a stroller. Renting out a bicycle is also a good idea. The road is not completely free of cars, but all of the scenery is quite different from what you can see in a busy city. You can take as much time as you want since no one is honking at you to step aside.”  Cr. m.visitjeju.net

Doesn’t that sound just heavenly?

One of the things this island is known for is its Barley.  There is even a Barley Festival held every year.  If you ever visit during this time, be mindful of not stepping into the planted Barley to take photos, to these islanders this is something they survive on.  Here are some photos:

Cr. Korea Tourism Organization

Do you see this mountain?  Isn’t it incredible!  It sits on Jeju Island, it is called Songaksan Mountain.  It is actually a volcano and its grounds were used for military purposes during the Japanese occupation. Here is a map that helps to see it better spatially:

These views are from Jeju Island:

Cr. trip.com

Cr. Korea Tourism Organization

Gapado has has been struggling in maintaining economic and social progress for a long time.  In the 1970’s this island had a population of about 1000 people, according to an article from the Korea Herald, the population had declined to barely 120 by 2018.

Various private entities and the government have tried to revive this island’s economy and social interest.  One of these known as the The “Gapado Project” aims at building a sustainable economic infrastructure in the island that will not only help the residents, but also bring back those who have left for jobs elsewhere. It was initiated in 2012 and co-developed by Hyundai Card, the government of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, architectural studio One O One and the local community of Gapado.

To read more about this project go HERE.

You can see a current video of what the project has built so far.  It is a labor of love:

Village Shop was a show created to bring some more love to this island.  By hiring celebrities to this show, including Jung Il woo, it looks to promote the island for potential tourism in the near future.  It is a noble enterprise and I am not surprised to see Ilwoo involved in it.

This program is set to air on January 29th, and according to its Trailer 2 (further down) it will  only air in Seezn.  Because it carries the MBC logo I’m still hopeful it will be shown there too.  So far if you do a search in Korean for 마을애 가게 in the MBC Channel Website it yields just news articles:  HERE

Sadly, I have a class exactly at that time here (9:00AM) so I won’t be able to watch it…  even if they showed it. 🙁   Silent Sigh

This is Trailer 1

Trailer 2:

English Translation:  Please credit this website if reusing in any way!  Thank you for honoring my work!

0:00 Gapado Island, Jeju’s prestigious island has a tasty restaurant!

Maeulae shop! Village Shop has awesome ocean view and food!

0:08 We remodelled an old space into a hot place of the area, Maeulae shop!

0:14 Village shop is only possible to watch on Seezn!

0:17 We renew the place for the ‘Haenyeos’ (literally meaning ‘sea woman’) they are catching some oysters and mussels under the sea, and we are making special food using local ingredients.

0:25 Good good!

0:27 and only on Seezn, the hidden stories about Village shop!

0:33 You are all curious about it now, right? then let’s meet on Seezn!

0:40 Village shop! Village shop!

If you want to feel like you are there… go HERE.  It’s Google maps, only photos but the scenery is very serene.

I also made this short video:

The original 360 photo is posted at Google Maps by Yong woo Kwon

These are photos that have been posted in Tweeter and Instagram. Credit in captions.  If you’d like your photo removed please let me know at kdrama.fan13@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Cr. annzzanga IG
Cr. artist bellac’s IG
Cr. Kwanrim.choi IG
Cr. ksy+4818 IG
Cr. miyulk_ Tweeter

A few more photos of Gapado…

Cr. m.visitjeju.net/

All I can say is that this island and Jeju are definitely on my list, I dream of doing this:


High Kick Documentary Part 2. Clip 9 English Translation.

Oh!  This part in episode 167.  I will never forget all I felt when I saw this ending of High Kick for the first time.  I just love how fate brought them together…  and through a smiley face!  and also how without a word, just the look in Ilwoo’s eyes says it all.  Shall we see it again…

Here is the translation.  Please credit this website if you are using it anywhere else. Thank you!


Minjung : We did the last scene together. I really remember the time very clearly.


In the movies, as if it’s in rewind. That’s the last scene.


In that rural school, of course on TV it didn’t show much, but when I made some NG, Ilwoo told me “are you ok? It’s the last scene, so do whatever makes you feel comfortable, don’t think about the staff”. I think Ilwoo doesn’t really remember this, because he did so many other dramas after this. Those things come back to my memory sometimes. Oh yeah, back then it was like that.. Like that..


The last scene of High Kick (July 13, 2007)

‘And finally the last scene. One year later, “destiny” came to the two people in the name of “luck”


‘This long story maybe kept running only to have this moment”


Minjung: Yunho is so cool. Is he really a high school student?


‘Still the warm feeling is in the memory of the two actors, and in our hearts ’


Minjung: Yoonho!


‘The story after this, whatever imagination your heart says. That’s the answer. ’


Ilwoo: Oh, it’s sad…

‘It ended this sad way that’s why….’

Ilwoo: Oh yeah..


Ilwoo: It’s been so long since seeing this, but still it makes me remember those days.

‘How do you feel?’


Ilwoo: Back then, I was just Yoonho himself. And I knew it was going to the last moment, so… those feelings were more real, and it made me tear up now.


‘But why did you never think about searching for this last scene before?’


Ilwoo: I just wanted to leave the things behind as it was. I was worried if I wanted to go back to that moment, so I kept pushing the feelings inside. Thanks to this special documentary I am watching highkick again, and it makes me very happy and make me want to go back to that time.


‘Then not as an actress, personally did you want the character “Minjung” to be with ”Yoonho”? Or  “Minyong”?

Minjung: personally?…

What was her response?!!!  I never saw it!

Here are a few screen shots:


With a little extra time in my life, I decided to do some Ilwoo researching and I found out a few new things.  First off…  have you seen this photo:

It turns out this is a photo of Ilwoo at Seo Min-jung’s wedding!  I thought it was a mock photo!  And I also found this one:

And here she is with her husband:

Such a great photo!  It captures all her emotion and her whole dress.  This is a family photo from an article in 2014…

And here is one when Min-jung was really young:


and these … come I think from the episode that illustrates what I call  “An Officer and an Gentleman Episode”. I have to watch it again, but here are these:

And HERE is the video I posted in Instagram… there are many other cool videos there, if you have time!




I just love that the last episode aired on a 13th… and…

High Kick Documentary Part 2. Clip 7 English Translation

November 19, 2021

Hello Ilwoolies!  Yesterday I forgot to check the weather and because it had been a bit on the colder side (40’s F) I dressed up with tights, turtle neck, light sweater and medium range coat.  When I went out it was so warm!!!  Imagine that the temperature made it almost to 70’s!  Fortunately I had brought a pair of socks and was able to take off my tights…  I still had to carry my coat around!  I walked by the Charles River again, but all the leaves were gone… it made me feel a bit sad…

Something else that made me sad was this episode of High Kick. I was so glad when I saw they had highlighted in during the documentary of High Kick!  It is episode 104.  Like I said in my post from 2017, for me it is when we get to see the depth of the love of Yoon-ho for Min-jung, all his angst.  I call it the “Paint Ball Episode.”  SO of course I had to translate it!  Here is the clip:

Jung Il woo’s face when he gets “shot” by the love of his life is so… no words can describe the depth of the pain in his eyes… it goes straight to one’s heart!  Oh!

Here is the translation:

‘As there were more viewers interested in the drama, the relationship between three people got more important. People who liked MinYong and Minjung together,  and people who supported Yunho’s love to Minjung made two big fandoms.

0:17 in this scene, they are basically having a proxy war for their fandoms.


Ilwoo: you are out!

Min-jung: you are so heartless.


Min-jung : hey!

‘Fans were so shocked when they saw Min-jung shooting Y00n-ho while smiling.’


Min-jung: yes! It’s perfectly on target! You are dead, right? I caught you! Hey! Min-yung, I caught Yoon-ho!


‘There was so much interesting story going on which can be compatible with most other dramas.(considering its a sitcom)’


Min-jung: Yoon-ho did a really good job with his heartbroken facial expression. I got really a lot of horrible comments after that, saying “how can you hurt Y00n-ho’s heart like that?” “I will never see You again!”


‘As they were more like in a war between two fandoms, the crew also had to make sure that they get equal amount of screen time and dialogue.  ‘


‘then how did Sunjae’s family feel who saw all these very closely?”


Park Gyeong Rim (MC) : there were so many people back then who will be with Min-jung: Yoon-ho? Or Min-yong?


MC: May I ask you? They were a son and a grandson. Which ‘line’ did you support between the two?


Moon-hee: I vote for Min-yong

Jun-ha: because he’s her son.

MC: what about you, Sun-jae?


Sunjae: me too, the son. (Min-yong)


Haemi: of course, min-jung and yoon-ho can’t be together! (as mom )


Haemi: as a mom’s point of view, (teacher and student is a no-no)


MC: everyone is voting for that side. What about you, dad?


Jun-ha: of course, me too. He is my son. My son with a teacher? That’s a bit… so, I am also for Min-yong.


Moon-hee: Min-jung and Yoon-ho looked good together though.

Mc: they were so cute together.


MC: What about the two of you? Have different thoughts?

Hyesung: I am with Ilwoo. It’s because when I think about my old times, many children like their teachers. For that pure reason, I supported Yooho more than Min-yong.


Jun-ha: You also had those dreams. (dating with a teacher)

Hyesung: well… hahaha


Haemi: I think Ilwoo’s idea might not be the same.

Ilwoo: Well, I think I would be the same. It was my first love, so it did not come true.


Ilwoo: And back then, we did not know what’s going to be in the last episode at all. The script for the last episode was available only to a handful of people so almost no one knew what’s going to be like in the end. I remember almost right before the shooting, they gave me the scripts.

‘The crew decided how the love line’s finale will be like just a day before the last shooting ’


WITAT (What I Think About This! ^ ^)

Isn’t that amazing!  Ilwoo basically found out about the end of the drama at the end!  How cool is that?  I think it helped him greatly as an actor to maintain that line of doubt!  Incredible!

I already expressed my side in Instagram… I chose the Yoon-ho/Min-jung couple as the show went on… like I said, I felt he treated her the best.  And to me actions speak so much more than words.  People can say many things, but it is in their actions that we see who they really are.

Here is the whole episode in Korean:

To see my post from 2017, go HERE.

Have a great day/night!


High Kick Documentary. When Ilwoo reunites with Min-jung.

November 17, 2021

Hello!  This was probably of the whole documentary, the moment I wished to see the most.  The moment Jung Il woo and Seo Min-jung (the teacher) met again even if virtually.  So I was extremely surprised when MBC did not include this part in the shows YouTube videos.  Seriously?  Luckily, I was able to find the part in another video posted another of their channels.

This is the video:

This video is longer than the part I translated, so the translation starts at minute 2:11 and ends at 3:33.  Please give full credit to my work if using this translation anywhere or translating to another language. Thank you!


‘It’s been 15 years since the last time they saw. ‘


Ilwoo: nuna! Do you hear my voice?

Minjung: oh, hey!

Ilwoo: it’s been a long time!

Minjung: yes, ilwoo!


Ilwoo: what time is it now in NY?

Minjung: it’s past 11am!

Ilwoo: but you have flowers on you, and I think you were very ready!

Minjung: Well, I wanted to look pretty to meet you!

Ilwoo: ah really? You are the same!

Minjung: you are the same too!


Ilwoo: it’s good to see you at least like this

Minjung: yeah! I saw Bossam and I liked it a lot.

Ilwoo: Thank you!

Minjung: and I am also watching your YouTube.

Ilwoo: really? 1day 1woo?


Minjung: you answered some questions there.

Ilwoo: yes!

Minjung: and you said your favorite night snacks are mixed noodles (비빔국수).

Ilwoo: yeah


Minjung: That’s why I prepared these.

Ilwoo: wow! Amazing!


Minjung: just eat it with your eyes

Ilwoo: That’s so emotional!

Minjung: but it was swollen while I was waiting for you.

Ilwoo: thank you so much nuna!


Minjung: I really wanted to just put the noodles through the computer, just to share my thoughts with him. You get how I think of you, and I will just eat them all.

Here are screen captures:


She was so sweet to Ilwoo!  They are too cute!

There was another reunion in person, shortly after High Kick ended… it was the last time for almost 15 years as, Min-jung married a Korean American man and emigrated to New York after High Kick Ended.



Unstoppable High Kick. 15th Year Anniversary Documentary Part 2.

November 15, 2021

It was even more emotional!  Seeing Ilwoo and Minjung reunite virtually!  …And seeing the little baby boy as a 16 year old!!!  Just WOOw!  Here are the videos posted at MBC Life in order… surprisingly enough they did not post the whole piece of Ilwoo and Minjung… but you can find this part in Instagram at the MBC account.  Seriously MBC… how could you not post this part?!


High Kick Documentary Part 1. Clip 8 English Translation

November 10, 2021

Hi! This is Clip 8, it’s very short but I wanted to know what Senior Lee Sunjae was saying…

Q: how did it mean to you young, debuting actors like Jung Ilwoo to work with these senior actors?


Ilwoo: That time, we shared the waiting room together. So when we had important scenes, we visited them in advance and practiced the scene with them. And it was my debut drama, so I didn’t know anything technical such as double action, etc. but still, the senior actors helped me to be shaped well as an actor at the beginning.


2021 September. Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo

Lee Sun Jae is still working actively as an actor, traveling all around Korea for the last 65 years. He may have more white hair but his attitude toward acting is the same as 15 years ago.

0:55 The reason why the old actor picks Highkick as his best work is because he still has good memories with the fellow actors from then

1:11 Jung ilwoo was acting for the first time, and there was a singer who just started acting too. There were more actors who did not have many drama acting experiences. Did you have any fear that it might be bad for the Highkick?

1:22 Sunjae: For that, we have to accept it. The acting is like this. When you are in a condition where you can trust each other, then you can expect good acting. If the other actor is not memorizing the scripts well, and can’t say properly and murmur, then you both are in trouble. But if the other actor is trustful, you can even come up with the words that you forgot before.

1:42 We were more like a family. So when we were playing with the kids (Ilwoo and Hyesung, etc), we practiced with them so that we could help them as senior actors.

1:59: Munhee: my room was here and Sunjae’s room was there. And he always arrives at the set very early. He was always ready, so whenever I went there and we practiced, the maximum we did was 20 times.

2:18 Sunjae: I practiced that much also for myself. Of course, I can always say “I am sorry, let’s do it again” when I make mistakes, but if I have to say 3 or 4 times “I am sorry”, then I have to quit this job. If that happens, you will keep being concerned about the scripts, and you can not have facial expressions. When you look at the scripts, it’s really fun. And I think about how to show my facial expressions, how to move my body here, etc. I calculate in my own way. So that when the audiences see the scene, they can laugh 2, 3 times when it could just have been only one laugh.

High Kick Documentary Part 1. Clip 1 English Translation

November 8, 2021


Here is the first of the clip translations.  Please give credit to this website if you are using it to translate to other languages or copying this English version.  This is the clip:

Bold ones are from Jung Ilwoo

Italics are the words on the screen.

0:20 Sunjae’s house set for Highkick is restored after 15 years.

0:30 Jung Ilwoo, playing “Lee Yun Ho” for Highkick.

0:36 wow.. It’s home! I will go in through this way.

0:49 Jung Ilwoo is going back in time to when he was the youngest son, Yun Ho.

0:55 In the past, I used to climb and jump over this sofa.

1:04 He was only a young adult with only 20 years of age. (“yes, yes, 2nd base! Run run to the home base! (watching a baseball game)  Sunjae: such a silly boy”)

1:13 it brought back those memories I forgot for some time. The show has been over 15 years now, and I was thinking like will the fans and audiences be curious about us after this long time? These worries were in fact in my mind.

1:43 but he always dreamed of this moment.

1:48 (“how do you feel?”)

1:50 the day of last shot for High kick’s set scene, I cried. I was sad thinking that I won’t be able to come back here anymore and it will just be a memory. I am here after almost 15 years and It looks the same as before, so that’s why it’s more interesting. I am the only one that got older.

2:15 (a guy appears!)  it’s been over 15 years …(Jung Ilwoo saying things in the background) (Kim Hye Sung, actor, playing Lee Min Ho for Highkick)

2:24 oh wow, who’s this!? Wow, Minho!, hey! Yunho!

2:23 why is your hair so long?

Hye sung: It’s strange, right?

2:37 What? Hit me, little boy.

Hye Sung: Little boy? What are you saying to your older brother?

2:48 Minho and Yunho brothers who had very different characters in the drama.

2:53 You have been doing well, right?

Hye Sung: yes, I have been doing well. And you too?

Yes, me too!

2:57 Hye Sung: it feels a bit strange. It makes me feel melancholic.


HS: it’s almost the same as before.

3:04 HS: I think the wall color is also the same as before.

Yeah, right?

3:07 I got hurt so many times while I was riding this pole.

HS: yes, you also got hurt often  wow…

This is.. Really..

3:16 I think Minho will come up here saying “Uncle!”

HS: Yeah

3:23 HS: Uncle! I heard you bought a new game console!

Min Yong(uncle): should you have made some noise before coming up!

HS: where is it? Oh, is it the one?

Ilwoo: did you find it?

HS: yes, it’s here!

(this pole was the main tool and a symbol of the Highkick)

Ilwoo: Oh yeah!

Friend: Hello!

Min yong(uncle): why is everyone climbing up here?




Jung Il Woo’s 15th Debut Anniversary!

November 6th, 2021

WOOw!  Jung Il woo! 15 years!

It is a huge feat to be able to stay active as an entertainer alone… but Jung Il Woo has managed to do this in one of the toughest and most competitive entertainment businesses in the world, that of South Korea.  And when asked about his future plans his cheeky answer “to be a good actor” tells us he will continue to work for some more years!  He has so much talent…!

Update: Ilwoo shared today he will continue to act all through his life! I can’t even begin to describe how delighted I am for this!  Look:

And he also posted this reel:


Cheers!  건배 일우 씨!

To celebrate him I decided to highlight with videos all the different facets that Ilwoo has shared with us these past 15 years… so many special moments!  How can one even begin to say thank you…   yet this is my feeble attempt…


As an actor Ilwoo has delighted us in so many ways!  In so many roles.  14 dramas where we have seen him grow as an actor… as a man… as a human being.   So hard to choose a scene to represent this… so many, many!  favorites… but in the end I decided to go with this scene from Bossam Steal the Fate his latest drama.  It was  simply perfectly done!



As a model, Ilwoo has had so many photo shoots, and he has endorsed many products.  Some of the most beautiful photo sessions have been the BNT International ones.  This one took place in 2016. He looked so gorgeous in all the takes.  Here is a couple of photos:

This is an interview that was filmed during this Photo Session:

This is its translation:


Tshirt vs suit = Tshirt!

Summer vs winter? = Summer

I am emotional vs rational? = emotional

Ballad vs Jazz = Ballad

Mountain vs sea = sea

Cute girl vs sexy girl = sexy girl

Soju vs wine = soju+beer


It’s been 2 years since our last photoshoot in Bali with BNT, and I am here again. I just finished shooting over 50 hours of TV series and came here without sleep, so I look not good now. However, I think the photographer will take the photos well.


Today, I was thinking about the photoshoot with BNT. 2 years ago, I had a photoshoot with BNT right after I got a best acting male award from MBC.

0:40 (in a few hours he is about to get a ‘special asian award’ in 2016 Asia Model Awards) I will go to the model awards and I will get an award there. I think good things are coming when I have photoshoots with BNT.

0:50 (How have you been lately?)

These days, I am almost done filming Cinderella and the Four Knights. Only about 10 days are left for the final shooting, so it’s quite hectic. I think the result will be good and I am looking forward to it on air.

1:07 I am playing Kang Ji Un, who used to be Han Ji Un, but his grandpa suddenly comes up to him and he lives a different life as the top 1% of Korea. I am playing a very fantastic character. He is a person who looks very cold outside but actually warm inside. I am back to Korean drama after 2 years now, so I am sure viewers will like it.

1:42 Q: Recently, you posted on your social media that your ideal woman is a woman who can use chopsticks well. The fans are curious why that’s the reason.

1:52 There is nothing special about it. I think someone who was raised well and behaved well in their house while they were young is different when I am talking to them compared to others who weren’t. People show what’s in their mind when you are with them for a long time, I have a feeling that when someone can use chopsticks well, it feels like that person was raised well with good etiquette.

(fans! Let’s practice how to use chopsticks well from today!)

2:16: I guess the most important thing is, though, someone who fits well with me.

2:21 Q: any fan meeting plans in Korea and China?

It’s been 10 years since I debuted, and it feels special to me. I had a 10 years anniversary fan meeting in Tokyo. I got a lot of positive energy from the fans who were there for the last 10 years.

2:36 I am planning a fan meeting in Korea around my birthday. Also I am planning a fan meeting in China. I hope you come visit there and have a good time with me.

2:50 Today, I had a photoshoot with BNT. I hope you love it. Also, please give a lot of love to the drama, Cinderella and the four knights. Thank you!

To see more photos from this photo session,  you can go HERE.

Me: He changed to wine now!


As a singer Ilwoo has had singles for three dramas… but this is the song he has sang the most in his Fan Meetings.  He also recently chosed it as one of the songs he loves to sing:

This video is from Ilwoo’s Fourth Fan Meeting in Korea, in 2014. These are the lyrics in both Korean and English:

Deli spice – Confession
델리스파이스 – 고백

중2때까지 늘 첫째 줄에
always in the first row until the 2nd year of middle school
겨우 160 이 됐을 무렵
around the time you were 160cm
쓸만한 녀석들은 모두 다
all the useful kids
이미 첫사랑 진행 중
were already experiencing their first love
정말 듣고 싶었던 말이야
it’s something i really wanted to hear
물론 2년전 일이지만
even though it happened 2 years ago
기뻐야하는 게 당연한데
i should be happy about it
내 기분은 그게 아냐
but that’s not how i’m feeling

하지만 미안해 이 넓은 가슴에 묻혀
but i’m sorry, when i was buried in this chest
다른 누구를 생각했었어
i was thinking about someone else
미안해 너의 손을 잡고 걸을 때에도
i’m sorry, even while holding your hand and walking
떠올렸었어 그 사람을
i thought about that person

널 좋아하면 좋아할수록
as i like you more and more
상처 입은 날들이 더 많아
there are more days that i find myself hurt
모두가 즐거운 한 때에도
even when everyone was having a good time
나는 늘 그곳에 없어
i was never at that place
정말 미안한 일을 한걸까
was it really something to be so apologetic for?
나쁘진 않았었지만
even though it wasn’t anything bad
친구인 채 였다면 오히려
perhaps if we were friends
즐거웠을 것만 같아
it would have been fun and enjoyable

하지만 미안해 네 넓은 가슴에 묻혀
but i’m sorry, when i was buried in your chest
다른 누구를 생각했었어
i was thinking about someone else
미안해 너의 손을 잡고 걸을 때에도
i’m sorry, even while holding your hand and walking
떠올랐었어 그 사람이
i thought about that person

정말 듣고 싶었던 말이야
it’s something i really wanted to hear
물론 2년전 일이지만
even though it happened 2 years ago
기뻐야하는 게 당연한데
i should be happy about it
내 기분은 그게 아냐
but that’s not how i’m feeling

하지만 미안해 네 넓은 가슴에 묻혀
but i’m sorry, when i was buried in your chest
다른 누구를 생각했었어
i was thinking about someone else
미안해 너의 손을 잡고 걸을 때에도
i’m sorry, even while holding your hand and walking
떠올렸었어 그 사람을
i thought about that person
하지만 미안해 네 넓은 가슴에 묻혀
but i’m sorry, when i was buried in your chest
다른 누구를 생각했었어
i was thinking about someone else
미안해 너의 손을 잡고 걸을 때에도
i’m sorry, even while holding your hand and walking
떠올랐었어 그 사람이
i thought about that person

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Very interesting lyrics.  Here are a couple of photos when he sang this song during the fan meeting:


As an ambassador, Jung Il woo has supported cultural and religious organizations.  This is a video of when he became .an Ambassador for the Seoul Catholic Social Welfare Society in 2019:

Here is roughly what this video says:

Actor Jung Ilwoo is here to spread Social Welfare.

0:07  Hello everyone this is Jung Il woo.

0:10  I became an ambassador for the Seoul Catholic Social Welfare Society

0:15 I plan to do a lot of activities in the future

0:17 We ask for your interest and love

0:25 2019.11.14 Seul Myeong-dong Archdiocese Office

0:27 On the door: Seoul Catholic Social Welfare Society. Appointment Ceremony for Jung Il woo as a Public Relations Ambassador.

0:34 Anyone who enjoys human dignity and rights to create a warm society, Seoul Catholic Welfare Society appointed a Public Relations Ambassador

0:40 For the Poor and marginalized neighbors, actor Jung II woo (ANtonio) who has practiced love, is appointed ambassador for the Seoul Catholic Welfare Society.

0:51 Jung Il woo. Antonio. Actor.  I want to share my good influence with many people. Some of these things I will do in the name of the Seoul Catholic Social Welfare Association.

1:09 Like introduce fundraising campaigns for social welfare facilities and scholarships.

1:12 We have been promoting, so many believers can participate in sharing love.

1:16 Bishop Timoteo Yoo, Deputy Chief of Social Affairs in the Archdiocese of Seoul.

The social welfare work of the diocese will take advantage of this, it is a great way to promote it to more people.

1:23 May God’s blessings be on your way in the future.


So hard to choose a video of our dear Ilwoo cooking… I settled on this one starting time: 11:23… when he cooks for Kanghoon.  Just cuteness overload:

And to finish you off with cuteness excess… do you remember this:


Ohhhh!!!  Adorables!


As a DJ, Ilwoo has serenated us with his favorite songs…for so many years!  But this video of him telling us how meaningful each song was in the different moments of his life topped them all!



As a photographer, Ilwoo has also shared so many of his photos and videos.  One thing that we discovered this year through a new show called Phone Cleansing, is that due to his accident from 2006, he still suffers from amnesia and he uses photography to remember people and places.  This is a recent video created form that show:

Magazine Editor

This was such a delight!  Shortly after Jung Il woo returned to spotlight he gifted us a magazine!  His own creation… it was so beautiful!  It came out in the Spring so it was called ‘Bloom.’ I really hope someday he does another one… one a year Ilwoo Ssi?  What do you say?  Here is a video of the magazine… it is still available for sale in his website digitally… go HERE.

This is a video of him posing in pink… I used Jungyup’s “When did you come” song:


World Traveler

Jung Il woo has shared so many photographs and videos of his trips, but this video which he created himself is my favorite:


As an athlete we have seen Ilwoo play soccer, golf, ride bikes and surf.   I decided however to showcase his ‘Athletic’ Fan Meeting of 2011 when Ilwoo shared his very athletic side with his fans.  In it you will see him play dodgeball and run… and the place that served as background for this meeting was his high school:

There are so many gorgeous photos. of him from this Fan Meeting.  Here are a couple:

One can feel his joy on this day… and almost here his laughter!  If you wish to see more of this Fan Meeting go HERE.  His High School? Go HERE.

One of a KIND person!

Last but not least… and definitely what touches me the most about Ilwoo is his kindness.  He is one of the kindest people I’ve ever known, if not the kindest.  To showcase this beautiful part of his being, I have something very special to share with you… something I came across recently in YouTube.  Do you remember these photos:

They were for an event called “Love Kiss Campaign.” and I found a video that displays the entire recording of this photo session!  It is 25 minutes straight of pure Ilwoo’s kindness!   Here is the video…

I was so in awe of how kind he was to this little boy!  And then you see him recording a phrase and getting his ‘alone’ photo takes… so many times!  My heart completely melted!  He must be an angel… he has to be!

Jung Il woo, thank you for all these delights…  thank you for being someone who brings light to my life… who makes me smile!  Through you I have learned so much not only about you, and South Korea and even the World… but also about myself.  I continue to learn…

May GOD bless you with much health, and many great opportunities to let the world see the great person you are… So 건배 일우 씨!  Cheers for this 15th year and the many more to come!

With you always,

Your Fan 13



Jung Il woo suffered an eye injury while filming.

November 5, 2021

I was working on his 15th anniversary post when I ran into this in Naver.

Actor Jung Il-woo suffered an eye injury while filming.

Dispatch = Reporter Jeong Tae-yoon

9 Ato Entertainment said in a phone call with ‘Dispatch’ on the 5th, “Jung Il-woo injured his eye while filming. He is currently resting after treatment.”

As a result of the diagnosis, his retina was damaged. The agency said, “It is not a serious injury. However, it is in a state that needs stability,” he explained.

Jung Il-woo recently filmed the movie ‘Highway Family’ (Director Lee Sang-moon). It is known that he was injured because the action didn’t match in the scene where he was slapped by a minor.

‘Highway Family’ is the story of a family living a homeless life like camping along a highway rest area. It depicts the story of a couple accidentally holding hands and getting the courage to stand up again.

Jung Il-woo plays the role of a father of two and the head of a family. It is his first father role in film history. He is going to show off his gentle image and show his fatherly love for taking care of his family terribly.

‘Highway Family’ is scheduled to finish filming in the second half of this year and release next year.

<Photo=Dispatch DB>

Source: HERE.

Praying for your prompt recovery dearest Ilwoo!  Take good care!!!   (Get off the phone!) ^ ^

Unstoppable High Kick. 15th Year Anniversary Documentary Part 1.

October 30th,

It was so WOOnderful!  So emotional … to see them all walking back into the set one by one and greet each other…  they are truly blessed to have the opportunity to reunite after so many years!  It also marks the 15th Debut Anniversary of Ilwoo’s career as an actor… I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than with those people he started his career with!  Who nurtured him! I’m so glad he got these incredible moments…

The show basically had two parts, in the first we see every character return to the set  reuniting and we also get to see Kang Yoo-mi and Seo Min-jung in separate settings.  Then, there are some moments where they connect and talk about what it meant for them. What did it mean for the young ones to be with these experienced actors for example.  Then we get to delight in the series 5 top episodes.  Also a very special treat… the cast reenacts of one of the scenes where Na Moon hee totally blows us away with her acting!

What a WOOnderful trip down memory lane…

MBC did a great job posting about 90% of the show in separate videos…  here they are in order. I will translate a couple of these videos and post them soon!  

These are some of my Screen Shots:


Looking forward to part 2!!!