January 13, 2022

… Well, I’d rather say: until we meet again or see you down the road.  Yes… I know it is surprising.  But it is true. Even though I will always be a fan of Jung Il woo, I will not post any longer about him.


The main reason is that doing all this for Jung Il woo takes a lot of my time.  A few years ago it was just what I needed,  to dream and take all my time in doing all things Ilwoo. I never expected Jungilwoo Delights to become so big … and so much work!  To put it in cooking terms, as I tried in 2021, to bring the heat down and put Ilwoo in the back burner I felt so miserable!  I pushed to bring other projects that are more relevant to my career and my immediate life to the front burners. However, many times I found myself with all of them cooking at high temperatures while I was getting burned… out.  So finally, I decided that if I could not do my best, it was better for me to walk away during this time… a high note… Didn’t Ilwoo talk about this in a recent video?   I think that stayed with me. Well it feels like that moment has come for me.

I walk away feeling so, so, so grateful! I am so proud of my work and how I served him well in spite of being so far away. I am very thankful for the collaborations and the connections I had during my time being Ilwoo’s fan.  It was fun sharing all things Ilwoo with so many of you!

As a token of my gratitude and to maintain some support for Jung Il woo, I decided to keep this website active until its 13th anniversary! ^ ^ (That’s 8 more years!)  I will do some more updating internally until February 21st of this year, the website’s 5th anniversary.   (I am 13 posts away from reaching 1000!  Woo hoo!) Then I will just do maintenance after that.

I have many moments that I enjoyed being Ilwoo’s fan.  Meeting him and seeing him in a Fan Meeting and how loving he is to his fans will always be one of the highlights of my life. Of all the things I wish I could have done that I never got to do, I really wish I could  have tasted his food.  It must be so delicious!  So full of his love!  I always think of that beautiful Mexican story “Like water for Chocolate” and how the food had effects on the people depending on the emotions of the person who made it.  I would have been totally in heaven eating Ilwoo’s food!  ^ ^

I wish you all and Jung Il woo many happy moments!  I always think I got the short stick as I started being his fan three months before his military service and then during a pandemic.  But I’m sure that is why I was probably called here.  Wings are not easy to get!  ^ ^  I also wish you all a more united fanbase! It would make his life so much easier and his fans all over feel more fairly treated. But I would like to clarify a little something.  Ilwoo cares and loves all his fans equally, it is just that the Japanese Fans are the ones that pay the most money for Ilwoo. This is why he goes to Japan often and works on a lot of events for them. Understand that it is business, and not preference!

It would also be so great if a fan that speaks Korean and English, could translate more of the videos of variety shows he does for all the rest of the fans. So many of us miss so much when we can’t understand him. I also wish him to be surrounded by creative people that inspire him and help him make good decisions about his talent and efforts. People that think big!  Globally!… how can we have all the fans participate?… should always be a preset.  I also pray that Ilwoo and his staff remember to run everything he does through an “environmental lens.”  This is of utmost importance in this critical moment of our planet!

Well, I think I’ve said all I wanted to say…

I wish you all much health and prosperity!  Remember that all that is good is inside of you.  May all your wishes and Ilwoo dreams come true!   Here is the quote I used almost 5 years ago for the first time in this website…

Shoot for the moon… even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars…  Les Brown

…and in case you are wondering… I totally did land in his heart!  I meant among the stars!… isn’t it all made of the same in the end?!

Ilwoo Ssi, I will always be with you… you are in my love forever…

May GOD bless you,

💛🕊😇Fan 13✨✨✨


Like Ilwoo, I wanted to leave you with some of the music I have been listening to lately… it is such an eclectic mix, but they sum up all the feelings I have in this moment…

Louder than Words
Song Lyrics Excerpt:

Cages or wings,
Which do you prefer?
Ask the birds

Fear or love, baby
Don’t say the answer

Actions speak louder Louder than, Louder than
They speak louder Louder than, Louder than
Actions speak louder than words!

By Jonathan Larson (from his Musical Play: Tick Tick BOOM!)

Contigo a la Distancia
Song Lyrics Excerpt:

There is no time of day

No existe un momento del día
That I can get away from you
En que pueda apartarme de ti
The world seems different
El mundo parece distinto
When you are not next to me
Cuando no estás junto a mi
There is no beautiful melody
No hay bella melodía
In which you do not arise
En que no surjas tú
I don’t even want to hear it
Ni yo quiero escucharla
If you don’t listen to it
Si no la escuchas tú
You have become
Es que te has convertido
Part of my soul
En parte de mi alma
Nothing consoles me anymore
Ya nada me consuela
If you are not there too
Si no estás tú también
Beyond your lips
Más allá de tus labios
Beyond the sun and the stars
Del sol y las estrellas
With you in the distance
Contigo en la distancia
My beloved Ilwoo, I will be with you forever…
Amado Ilwoo, estaré contigo por siempre… 
Source: LyricFind
Singer: Luis Miguel
Songwriter: Cesar Portillo De La Luz