Jung Il woo 2021

Welcome to the year 2021 of Jung Il woo’s professional life.

This year was all Bossam from the start!  His historical drama Bossam Steal the Fate  was a huge hit and the biggest Jung Il woo has had since coming back from his military/civic duties.   It remains to this day MBN’s greatest drama ever in ratings.  Jung Il woo and Yuri Kwon were a huge hit as a couple too with fans from both actors shipping them and dreaming of them being together as a real couple.  Who knows… maybe they are… or there is plenty of time for this to happen as the chemistry and compatibility as a couple is probably the highest we’ve ever seen!

Thinking back to this year and looking at all he did, it seems (to me) this was the year when Jung Il woo has shared the most about his real self.  Even all the variety shows reflected this.  We got to see many of his photos, his trips, his past experiences and feelings throughout.  He made so many YouTube videos, it took so long to make the list further down!  What an incredible body of work and effort!

One thing that stuck with me from all this was how he uses photographs to remember events and people he has met because he suffers from memory loss (amnesia) due to his 2006 accident.  This was very eye opening to the degree in which he still suffers from this accident.

This was a year that went blank in live events or fan meetings due to COVID 19…?  With all the technology available the question will always remain (in my mind) why couldn’t he do something virtually?  What a pity to waste that great hit of Bossam without promoting its two actors in some sort of virtual event.

If anyone has seen the incredible Japanese movie “Drive my car”, and its theater scenes… they actually projected what the actors were saying in 4 languages for everyone to understand.  They could prepare a script ahead of time and make it be available in subtitles form in various languages that fans could receive the day of the presentation via email.  In fact the actors in this movie even spoke in different languages… just an idea.

Last… but certainly far from least… thank you for all your hard work this year Ilwoo Ssi… wishing you the very best in 2022 and always!

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

Bossam Steal the Fate (보쌈–운명을 훔치다)  (MBN) as Ba-woo/Kim Dae-seok.

Phone Cleansing (폰클렌징) (MBC)  as himself.  Episode 1

Eat More (더 먹어 가) (MBN)  as himself.

High Kick 15th Anniversary Documentary  (MBC) as himself.

Village Shop 마을애 가게 (Seezn-MBC every1) as himself.

Bossam Steal the Fate


YouTube Channel: “1day 1lwoo

Season 1

Homemade Dumpling Soup. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kim Bum, Do You Want to Come Over for Some ‘Real Hot Ramen’? 💛

JUNGILWOO x SANDARA PARK. First Lookbook, Couple Photoshoot.

JUNG ILWOO x SANDARA PARK Collab Part 2! Filipino Foods and Their True Friendship.

Jung Ilwoo walked. | Camino de Santiago – Episode 1 | From Porto to Braga | Day 1 – 4.

Jung Ilwoo walked. | Camino de Santiago – Episode 2 | From Lima to Vigo | Day 5 – 9.

Jung Ilwoo walked. | Camino de Santiago – Final Episode | Day 10 – 13.

White Day, With My Best Wish to Be With 1lwoolies.

One and Only Lee Yoon-ho Is Here! Ilwoo Meeting ‘High Kick!’ in 15 Years?!

‘High Kick!’ Reaction PART 2! Ilwoo Being Honest about ‘Yoon-Min’? Don’t miss this!

Ilwoo’s Cooking Class with 1lwooly 💚 Today’s the salad day!

The Italian Alps, Dolomites.

Bossam: Present the Meal Box! Wait, How Many Servings Are We Making?

ILWOO vs YURI, Cook Off with the Highest Tension! Welcome to the Insane Cooking Fiesta!

ILWOO and YURI Cook Off… Who Is the Winner? Part 2 with BOSSAM FAM

Museum Walking Tour.

‘Bossam: Steal the Fate’, the Rating Hit 7%! Team Bawoo Is Back!

From Dusk Until Dawn. Work V-log Between Ilwoo and Bawoo. BTW, Who Is She?

Finally Took MBTI Test! The Result is… Bawoo is SEXY and Ilwoo is CUTE?!

Project ‘1lwooda (Come True)’ EP. 01 Nothing Better than You

촬영끝! 휴가시작! 부산 여름 휴가 맛집 교과서.🍜🥟🍝🥩🐟🐚🍺🍷🌊음식 영상은 sorry😭 (Filming over! Vacation begins! Busan summer vacation restaurant textbook. Sorry for the food video)

일우의 버킷리스트 서핑 도전. 서핑하러간 일우에게 무슨일이..?? (Ilwoo’s bucket list surfing challenge. What happened to Ilwoo who went surfing..??)

이런 우당탕탕 바베큐는 처음이야! 역시 바베큐엔 라면이 최고지😭🍜👍👍 (This is my first time having a BBQ like this! After all, ramen is the best for BBQ 😭🍜👍👍)

Season 2

한여름 계곡 트레킹 폭포를 찾아서 (with 호카) (Midsummer Valley Trekking In Search of Waterfall (with Hoka Product Placement)

트레킹 후엔 라면이지. ‘일우라면’ 레시피 대공개 (Ramen after trekking. Recipe for ‘Ilwoo Ramen’ released)

질문은 이루리가, 대답은 일우가 [10초 Q&A]⏰⏰ (The question is Iruri, the answer is Ilwoo [10 second Q&A]⏰⏰)

BAZAAR 화보촬영 비하인드📸 (Behind the scenes of the BAZAAR photo shoot📸)


🏌나이스샷! 일우의 골프 라운딩 ⛳ (🏌 Nice shot! Ilwoo’s round of golf ⛳)

2022 시즌그리팅 촬영 비하인드📸 (Behind the scenes of the 2022 Season’s Greetings shoot📸)

🎉데뷔 15주년 | 15th Debut Anniversary

연말에 먹는 세상 간단한(?) 치킨 웰링턴 (Simple (?) Chicken Wellington at the end of the year) 


Jung Il Woo and Yuri in Cosmopolitan Korea Magazine. Vol 22. No. 249. Interview centering on Ilwoo translated to English. (May)

Jung Il woo in Harpers Bazaar Korea Magazine.  Also some heavenly edits!   (Oct)

Jung Il woo for Harpers Bazaar Korea.  The article!

Have a Refreshing Day with Jung Il woo at Harpers Bazaar Korea! (A 9ato Entertainment Post in Naver translated to English.)

Jung Il woo for Style Chosun Vol.228. (Post in Naver translated to English)


Jung Ilwoo’s first stills for his upcoming drama “Bossam-Stealing Fate.” (보쌈-운명을 훔치다).  En Español.    (Jan)

Jung Ilwoo will be in the show “Phone Cleansing” on February 9, 2021.   (Feb)

12  Jung Ilwoo in Phone Cleansing.  Updated March 18, 2021  (Where to watch it!)

Trailer of Bossam-Stealing Fate with Jung Il woo and Yuri in English!   (Mar)

Jung Il woo and cast of Bossam- Stealing Fate participate in the script reading.

Jung Il woo in the Preview Show for Bossam Stealing Fate. A bit of English Subtitles.   (Apr)

 Jung Il Woo in MBN’s “Eat More” (더 먹어 가)

Jung Il woo and Yuri share their characters traits. (With English text.)

Jung Il woo and main cast in the Production Presentation of Bossam Steal the Fate.

Jung Il woo at the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards’ TikTok Popularity Awards.   (May)

Jung Il woo announces a Turkey Online Fan Meeting for Sept. 4, 2021.   (Jun)

Jung Il Woo’s Ending Comments about Bossam Steal the Fate.

Jung Il woo cancels his 2021 Fan Meeting due to the recent fires in Turkey.  (Aug)

Jung Il woo;s YouTube Channel 1day1lwoo begins its Second Season!

Jung Il woo visits The House of Dreams.   (Sept)

Jung Il woo’s Calendar goes on sale on October 18, 2021!  (Oct)

Jung Il woo started working in a new movie: “Highway Family” !!!

Jung Il woo chosen to present Wavve’s “French Drama Festival”

Unstoppable High Kick. 15th Year Anniversary Documentary Part 1.

Jung Il woo suffered an eye injury while filming.   (Nov)

Jung Il Woo’s 15th Debut Anniversary!

Unstoppable High Kick. 15th Year Anniversary Documentary Part 2.

Jung Il woo in a first look at Village Shop (SEEZN)

Jung Il Woo’s at the Press Conference of Village Shop. English Translation.

Village Shop Episode 1

Village Shop Episode 2

Jung Il woo in Village Shop Episode 3

Jung Il woo in Village Shop Episode 4

Jung Il woo in Village Shop Episode 5

My Special Posts


Jung Ilwoo in Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. (Special Post)

15  Revisiting Jung Ilwoo’s Second Movie: “My Love” (내 사랑)

22  Jung Il woo for STM Magazine (2014)

22  Jung Ilwoo and Sandara Park (Dara)


5   Jung Ilwoo in The Queen’s Gambit!

14  Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

21  Jung Ilwoo walking El Camino. Part 1

27  Jung Ilwoo walking El Camino. Part 2


12  Revisiting Jung Ilwoo’s Third Movie “The Rise of a Tomboy.” (女汉子真爱公式)

6   Jung Ilwoo walking El Camino. Part 3.


2    Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Second Edition: The Moon that Embraces the Sun, 2011.

9    Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Third Edition: The Night Watchman’s Journal, 2014.

16    Getting Ready for Bossam-Stealing the Fate. Fourth Edition: Haechi, 2019.


29  Revisiting a Woo Delight!


Happy 35th Birthday Ilwoo! (34th Western)

21  Jung Il Woo… Sweet Songpyeon!  (Chuseok Celebration Post)


11  Waiting for Ilwoo Santa!

25   A Flower Boy Ramen Shop Christmas Pictorial

31  Happy New Year 2022!