Jung Il woo visits The House of Dreams.

September 1, 2021

Hello!  How have you all been?  I am back from my trip.  Family Time! Paris, Madrid, Málaga and Granada… I feel so nourished and happy… inspired!… but most of all so, so, SO THANKFUL!

I looked into this, The House of Dreams, Ilwoo’s latest adventure.  When I saw Ilwoo’s Instagram Post I thought “He visited an exhibit in a museum.”  Yes and really no, this was a temporary event/store showcasing interior design ideas (and more) and the sale of apartments.  Is Ilwoo considering moving into his own place?  Only time will tell…!  I visited The House of Dreams Website.  These are images from there translated using Google:

All of the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of New concept living festa!

The most perfect home for you.
We present ‘Dream House’ , a space that contains all the possibilities of a space that you have been thinking about , breaking the concept of an existing space and allowing various arrangements and productions.

Dream House Gallery is a new type of brand experience space that showcases the house and lifestyle that everyone dreams of based on the housing philosophy and technology of e-Pyunhan World .

A lounge with a variety of brand experiences for dreamers

A space where the journey of Dream House begins with interaction

A space immersed in the time of light with digital media art

This is what our dear Oppa posted!  A dream man in a dreaming bridge!  Can it get an better?

BTW, the music is “Glass Animals” from Black Mambo.  He has shared this music in a story before… and this was the video he took there:

For this video he used Han Zimmer’s Day one.

Media space where you can experience advanced technology in advance

A concept house that inspires everyone’s dream home

A space where the event starts with the world’s premium niche perfumes. (Me: he must have loved this!)

Studio reflecting the lifestyle of one or two people with various personalities and tastes

Community showroom reflecting various lifestyles of all ages

There was a store in the website:


A collaboration item that Dream House, which contains the philosophy and values ​​of Korea’s representative brand e-Pyunhan World, presents the best life that everyone has dreamed
of together with excellent brands that represent lifestyle.

A unique limited edition artist collaboration item presented by D-Museum and Dream House, which leads domestic and foreign cultural and artistic trends and turns everyday life into art.


A limited edition lifestyle item created with the sensibility of e-Pyunhan World for dreamers who dream of their own special lifestyle

At the beginning I thought it was like an interior design store.  But their company is also a building company that sells apartments in their apartment building complexes.  HERE you can see this company’s history.  And HERE if you click on the second item from left to right, you can see the many buildings they have… this is one of them (translated with Google Translate)

And now let’s enjoy some images from their Instagram hashtag in Korean.  The first photo has Ilwoo there and comes via one of The Dream House creative directors: IG victoria_ism.


I wanted to picture him there a bit more, so I created these:

I like these… the green in these:


I think this must have been inspiring to see to get ideas. It’s interesting how it is very little Korean as it looks very western.   The bags remind me of Harrod’s tea tins somehow.

What does your house of dreams look like? For me, My House of Dreams is not material, it is not another person. It is within me and I carry it wherever I go. It’s foundation is connected to universal energy… to GOD. My bedroom is peace, the studio/office is adventure, the kitchen is health and the living room is trust.  The garden is beauty. I work on keeping it clean. Sometimes fear shadows slip in with all their chaos, but I keep the windows open and let the light in. Shadows of fear are not real so they disintegrate when held in the light of truth.  I love how the light dissolves them into rainbows as they are swept away leaving stardust floating like fireflies…