Bossam Steal the Fate OST

August 9, 2021

Hello!  Here are the main songs of Bossam Steal the Fate’s OST.  I created  a page for each song with a video and both the Hangul and English translation.  This will be my last post at this website in August as I am traveling in two days until the end of the month!

Thank you for you continued support!  To delight in Jung Il woo one more time, here is a video fresh off the press! that highlights some of the music but most of all the impressive performance by Jung Il woo as Bawoo.

Playlist with the main tracks of the OST HERE.

Video with the OST:


Pages with each track in Hangul and English and video:

OST 1  “Just one day” (타이틀 단 하루만)

OST 2  “Love Song” (연가)

OST 3   “Song Of Destiny”

OST 4   “Angular Stones”

OST 5     “Along the Trail”

OST 6   “Song of Bawoo”

OST 7   “Collar”

OST 8  “Longest Night”

OST 9  “Very Beautiful”