Jung Il woo cancels his 2021 Fan Meeting due to the recent fires in Turkey.

August 3, 2021

Sadly, due to the fires in Turkey, Jung Il woo decided to cancel his Fan meeting.  This is the message from the Turkish Official Fan Club.

This was the description in English:

“Hello, we  are sorry to share this announcement  with you. we pray that the forest fires will end as soon as possible and Turkey will not suffer any damage.

We sincerely apologize to the fans who supported us during this process and awaited our event.

Ticket sales are now closed. For ticket refund processes and all your questions, please contact white_organisation.  You will be answered and taken care of with care and attention.”

It is so sad.  I pray all the terrible fires contained in Turkey soon.   Just saw some footage and maps and the fires there have spread towards the west too!   I pray they can contain it soon!  Something miraculous id that Istanbul, their capital is on the North.

I also pray for the fires in the US, Canada and Greece and the places we haven’t heard about.  Last year it was the Amazon in Brasil and Australia.  What does it take for us to act?

How do we act?  Because praying won’t be enough. How do we pressure the rich companies in this world, to the people in power, to change to more environmental friendly technology, products…   it starts with us, with our choices. Many of us still have the choice, of what we buy, how often we buy it.  What we eat, from where…  What transportation to use and how often…  every bit counts, for you and for me, for Jung Il woo, for all.

Ilwoo Ssi…  Of course you had to cancel, being the kind person your are.  Not wanting to add more pressure.  Other opportunities will be come… they are around the corner. You already know this!  It is time to re-group. And to nurture yourself.

Here are some videos… the last one is of the air quality in my home state.  One would never think one could be affected… but another consequence of fire is smoke and too much or it becomes air pollution, and air has no boundaries, it goes every where… and the smoke from California and Oregon and maybe even Canada came all the way into my home.  It definitely hit home for me!

Silent sigh.