March 25, 2020

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I decided to create a section for all posts and pages related to Ilwoo’s associated animal: the frog.  How and when did Jung Il woo become a frog? I originally thought that it was because of his middle school friends, as I found a photo where he was wearing a soccer shirt that said that, but this association to a frog came years later.  It was actually given to him by his early Korean fans after he became famous through High Kick.  They called him Jfrog.

When he opened his first Tweeter account in 2010, he used the name J_frog Jung il woo. You can see his tweets from this time HERE.

Update February 9, 2022

Here is a video I found recently. Not sure what year it is from, but my guess is a while ago… he looks so young!

This is the translation:  (Please credit if reposting anywhere else.)

0:00 Today is Sunday, so I am here to play soccer.  It got quite cold so I bought this uniform.

0:12 (It says J.Frog. Why?

0:13 My Fans always call me Chung Gaeguri (green frog) so I made it Jung Gaeguri.

0:24 I hope I score a goal today.

…  Are those his screams?! ^ ^

0:42 Today, soccer is over and I scored three goals!  I will see you tomorrow.

Here you can see two pages I created related to frogs for now:

Jfrog Paper Doll

In this page I am creating and poster paper dolls of Jfrog and his outfits for dramas and other iconic outfits.

Frog Encounters!

In this page I am documenting the many frogs or frog related things (even songs) that manifest in my life.