Jung II-woo tweets!

Around the end of 2010, Jung II-woo opened his first Tweeter account.  It was called J–frog.  This was his nickname that his Korean Fans named him. When Tweeter was new, it had no systematic way of checking and letting fans know which account was a the real actor/entertainer’s account, thus there were many impostors!

This was Jung II-woo’s photo icon of his account, and following that I share with you many of his first tweets.  A lot of them had to do with his dog Ah-woo (Or like he endearing called her “my little brother.”  Photo Cr. Jung II-woo


These posts are from 2011 starting with the new year!

1月1日 8:05 AM

J_frog Jung il woo
아우랑 새해 해돋이보러 강원도 왔는데 구름이 많아서 해 뜨는건 못보고가네요!!   I came to Gangwon-do to watch the sunrise and the new year sunrise, but I can not see the sun rising because there are many clouds !!

여러분 새해 복 많이 받으세요^^* 사랑해요!!   Happy New Year ^ ^ * I love you !!


1月1日 1:53 AM



1月27日 7:20 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
여러분^^ 영화 “그대를 사랑합니다” 많은 관심과 사랑부탁드립니다!!^-^    Everybody ^^ movie “I love you” Thank you for your interest and love !! ^ – ^

And these are his bunny drawings!  He has a very light whimsical style of drawing:


2月7日 11:15 AM

J_frog Jung il woo
오늘은 드라마 ’49일’ 포스터촬영하는날!!!!!!^_________^*     J_frog Jung il woo
Today is the day of shooting the drama ’49 days’ poster !!!!!! ^ _________ ^ *



2月9日 7:06 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
우와…… 오늘 너무 춥다!!!! 촬영중인데..    Wow …… It’s too cold today !!!! I’m shooting …

저녁 되니까 더 춥네요.. 옷 따뜻하게 입으세요^-^   It ‘s colder in the evening. Please wear warm clothes ^ – ^


2月14日 11:13 AM

J_frog Jung il woo
Happy valentine’s day. 여러분 행복한 발렌타인데이 보내세요^_^
Happy valentine’s day.
전 밤샘 촬영하고 또 바로 촬영중입니다.^^ 오늘도 역시나 춥네요^^   모두 행복한 하루보내세요!!!   I’m taking a night shot and shooting again right now. ^^ It’s cold again tomorrow ^^ Have a happy day!


2月25日 2:06 PM

오늘도 열심히 세트촬영중이에요^_^ 예고편 보셨나요? 재밌겠죠? 저도 기대되요!!!!     I’m still working hard on the set today ^ _ ^ Have you seen the trailer? Interesting? I’m looking forward to it !!!!

또 날씨가 추워지네요 감기조심   The weather is getting cold again.


2月26日 3:46 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
우와~~~ 높다…. 아주 높은 곳에서 촬영중… 다행이다 날씨좋아서^_^     Wow ~~~ High …. Taking a shot at a very high place … Glad weather is good ^ _ ^


2月26日 4:05 PM

립밤은 송이수립밤이 최고!!!!! 완전 좋아요 감사합니다^^     Lip balm is the best time to establish a mushroom !!!!! Thank you very much ^ ^     (what?!!!)



2月26日 4:25 PM

에잇!! 이건 보너스     Eight !! This is a bonus!


3月2日 6:10 PM

J_frog Jung il woo
UFO 아니에요 가로등 ~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아 웃었다 ㅋㅋㅋ 바보…    UFO is not a streetlight ~~~ ㅋ ㅋㅋ