Jung Il-woo Fan Center

October 13 +1, 2018

I have been wanting to create a section that would gather the different aspects of being Jung Il-woo’s fan.  I also wanted to help those very new fans to find out the information they need.  When I started being Il-woo’s fan, I found it hard to navigate so many sites to find the bit information I needed. So frustrating!  So read further down to see basic information… and not so basic!…

…And if no one has said this to you before:  Welcome to being a fan of one of the loveliest people on this planet!  Jung Il-woo!

Where can you find information directly from Jung Il-woo?  Your best bet are:

  • His Official  Website
  • His Social Media Accounts: HERE

Also, you can visit his:

  • Fan Clubs:  HERE  Some of the clubs like the Japanese are only for people of that country.

Interested in going to one of his Fan Meetings? Or wondered what they are like? Take a look:

  • Upcoming Fan Meetings   …Coming Soon!  I hope!
  • Past Jung Il-woo Fan Meetings :  HERE

Fans show Jung Il-woo lots and lots of love, take a look: