Jung Il-woo Fan Center

Updated. July 15, 2021 *

Nov 13 +16, 2020,   October 13 +1, 2018

I have been wanting to create a section that would gather the different aspects of being Jung Il-woo’s fan.  I also wanted to help those very new fans to find out the information they need.  When I started being Il-woo’s fan, I found it hard to navigate so many sites to find the bit information I needed. So frustrating!  So read further down to see basic information… and not so basic!…

…And if no one has said this to you before:  Welcome to being a fan of one of the loveliest people on this planet!  Jung Il-woo!

Where can you find information directly from Jung Il-woo?  Your best bet are:

  • His Official  Website
  • His Social Media Accounts: HERE  

Also, you can visit his:

  • Fan Clubs:  HERE  * Updated July 15, 2021

Do you want to send him something?  This is his Fan Mail address.  His manager picks things up for him at this address:

Jung Il Woo

2F 37, Seocho-daero 27-gil,

Seocho-gu   Seoul   06586

Republic of South Korea

Interested in going to one of his Fan Meetings? Or wondered what they are like? Take a look:

  • Upcoming Fan Meetings   …Coming Soon!  I hope!
  • Past Jung Il-woo Fan Meetings :  HERE

Fans show Jung Il-woo lots and lots of love, take a look: