Jung Il Woo 2014

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Welcome to the year 2014 of Jung Il-woo’s professional life!

During this year Ilwoo Oppa worked really hard.  He completed the drama Golden Rainbow.  On February 20th of this year, he graduated form Hanyang University.  This was a huge feat that took him almost six years as he tried hard to balance his work and study life.

In June fans received the delightful news that Ilwoo had been cast for the drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal” as Prince Lee Rin.   He also entertained many with his appearance in Infinite Challenge, that took him to the FIFA World Cup all the way in Brazil.  Also in June he held two Fan Meets in Osaka and Tokyo.

No sooner was The Night Watchman’s Journal over, Jung Il-woo was on a plane off to Shanghai, China as he had been the only Korean invited to the Chinese Beauty Cosmo Awards.  He received the “Forever Young Icon” award.  This and his popularity rise in this country would yield him not only over 10 million followers in Weibo, but various offers which he would follow up in 2015.

Towards the end of the year he had many interviews and photo shoots.  One of the most gorgeous photo shoots he has ever had took place in Bali, Indonesia.  His beauty is such in some of these photos that one wonders if he is really human or an angel that fell from heaven!

In November, he also held his fourth Korean Fan Meeting and aside from singing and answering questions he even prepared coffee for fans!  He also had a very special little lady join him on the stage.  Do you know who I’m talking about?

In December Jung Il-woo travelled to Normandy, France to Mont Saint Michel.  There he visited Le Mere Poulard and held anevent where he help cook and served 100 very happy costumers!  And as if this wasn’t an amazing year already, Ilwoo won MBC’s “Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama” award. What a way to end the year!  The icing on the cake!!!


Jung II-woo completes an undergraduate degree in Arts and Theater from Hanyang University.  See the post about his graduation HERE.

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

Golden Rainbow (MBC) (황금 무지개)

Infinite Challenge (MBC) Episodes: 374, 383, 384  & 385

The Night Watchman’s Journal (MBC)  (야경꾼 일지)


Jung II-woo in Japanese Magazines

The Celebrity Magazine   August

Jung Il-woo in Looktique Magazine vol. 31  October

Jung Il-woo for STM Magazine    November

Jung Il-woo for K Wave Magazine.    December

Jung Il-woo in Riveriver Magazine Vol.05    December

Product Endorsements

Jung Il-woo for Tattoo Eyewear

Jung Il-woo for Biotherm


Jung Il-woo announces and then postpones his Fan Meeting in Korea.   (Apr)

Jung II-woo in an interview for MBC Section TV “Star-ting” at Café Atelier Fazenda.   (Apr)

Jung Il-woo in Jakarta, Indonesia for a Holika Holika Greet and Meet.   (May 27)

Jung II-woo in two Japanese Fan Meets “Ilwoo Together” in Osaka and Tokyo.  (June 7, 8)

Jung Il-woo and cast Script reading of the Night Watchman Journal.   (June 12)

Jung Il-woo in posters for The Night Watchman’s Journal.  (July)

Jung Il-woo and cast at the Tea Ceremony for The Night Watchman’s Journal. (July 22)

Jung Il-woo visits the set of The Night Watchman’s Journal. (July)

Jung Il-woo prepares for his role of “Prince Lee Rin” in the Night Watchman’s Journal.   (July)

Jung Il-woo as Prince Lee Rin. A first look.  (July 23)

Jung Il-woo in the Production Presentation Preview of The Night Watchman’s Journal.   (July 29)

Jung II-woo attends the Press Conference for “The Night Watchman’s Journal.”

Jung II-woo attends the VIP Movie Presentation of “Pirates” starting Song Ji-hyo.

Jung Il-woo makes dream come true of buying his own house at 28.

Jung Il-woo’s mom designs fabric and a Hanbok for…him!

Jung Il-woo’s Mind. Curious?

Jung Il-woo dates his girlfriend secretly?

Jung II-woo sings “Rain Instead of Tears” with Nicole.

Jung Il-woo at the 9th Breast Cancer Campaign “LOVE YOUR W.”

Jung Il-woo attends the Beauty Cosmo Awards in Shanghai, China.

Jung Il-woo makes Kimchi at Hanyang University in benefit of underprivileged people from Seongdong-gu.

Jung Il-woo in “Do you make coffee when you get sentimental in autumn?

Jung Il-woo at his Fourth Korean Fan Meeting.

Jung Il-woo for La Mere Poulard.

Jung Il-woo attends a bowling event for Smilwoo in Japan.

Jung Il-woo’s 2015 Season Greeting: “I will get your mind!”

Interviews / Photo Shoots

Jung Il-woo in Various Interviews. Part 1

Jung Il-woo in Various Interviews. Part 2.

Jung Il-woo in Various Interviews. Part 3

Jung II-woo in a BNT News Winter Chess Photo Shoot.

Jung Il-woo in the Bali Photo Shoot for BNT International. Part 1

Jung Il-woo in the Bali Photo Shoot for BNT International. Part 2

Jung Il-woo in the Bali Photo Shoot for BNT International. Part 3

Jung Il-woo in Atelier 2018’s Photo Shoot.


MBC Entertainment Awards (Dec 30)     “Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Project Drama”

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