Jung Il Woo 2017

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Welcome to the year 2017 of Jung Il-woo’s professional life!

Jung Il woo started this year by completing his basic military training against the recommendations of his doctors and even the people who saw his suffer severe headaches at the training camp. In a recent interview he said he wanted to fulfill as much of his military duties as possible.

He then started doing his civic service at the Seocho-Gu Elderly Center.  We saw sporadic photos of him with other trainees, and doing some of his tasks that included cleaning the center and taking care of the seniors in various ways.  The scariest news that came our way was that of a car accident where his car was hit by another driver from behind.  Fortunately he was OK!

And kindly he left a whole drama to entertain our lonely hearts: Love and Lies.  A drama where he became the first Korean actor to film a long drama in Thailand! He also participated in a Cultural Festival held in the town where he worked ‘The Seocho Seouripol Festival.”

As the year stretched into the the double digits months, the spotting or posts of Ilwoo were very few…  making any information like water in the desert!  And no, I am not being dramatic… it was how it felt!  So now let’s delight in this …. 2017!

Dramas and Movies (and Variety Shows)

Love and Lies (กลรักเกมมายา) (True4U)


Jung Il woo in Sannok! A Thai Web Magazine. 1

Jung Il woo for OK! Magazine Thailand.

Jung Il woo in MMA (Military Service) Magazine.


Jung Il woo Completes Basic Military Training.   (Jan)

Jung Il woo in a photo shoot.  (Feb)

Jung Il woo is involved in a minor car accident.  (April 8)

Jung Il woo donated money to the Seocho Senior Center.  (June 2)

Jung Il woo working at the Seocho Senior Center. (Special post: 2017-2018)

Jung Il woo as the MC at the 14th Military Service Awards Ceremony.  (Sept 7)

Jung Il Woo Jung receives the Minister of Health and Welfare Award  (Dec 5)

My Special Posts and YouTube Videos

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