Jung Il woo is involved in a small car accident.

April 8, 2017

Jung Il woo was involved in a minor car accident when his car was hit from behind at a stop light.  There were no injuries but as a precaution he will get a check up at the doctor’s.

Here is an article about it:

On April 8, actor Jung Il Woo was reportedly involved in a car accident while driving near Gangnam, Seoul.

It was confirmed that a car hit Jung Il Woo’s vehicle at a traffic light. A witness stated, “Jung Il Woo was very professional, and wasn’t alarmed at all. There weren’t any injuries.”

Jung Il Woo’s agency spoke withIlgan Sports on April 9, “It is true an accident had occurred yesterday. There was a collision from behind.”

Without any reported injuries, Jung Il Woo will be resuming his public service duties but before that, his agency stated, “Since it was an accident. as a precaution, Jung Il Woo will be going to the hospital for a checkup on Monday( April 10.)”

Meanwhile, after entering Choongnam’s Nonsan Military Training Center last December and completing his 4-week basic training, Jung Il Woo is currently working as a public service worker.



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