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February 2, 2019

This is a very scrumptious delight!  MVIO Starcast…  it combines modeling and cooking. He looks so beautiful and healthy!  It’s called:

“Do you wish to take him?” Jung Il woo, the standard of boyfriend.”

(Me: Standard?  What?!!!… If anything he is the exception!  And do I want to take him?  He’s not an object!  It’s more … Do you wish to be with him?  Do you?)

February 5, 2019

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 1.jpg

A man who just woke up, looks sexy.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 2.jpg

A man with suit on, looks sexy.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 3.jpg

And, a man to cook….

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 4.jpg

No need to say.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 5 .gif

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 6.jpg


2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 8.jpg
Jung il woo.
2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 9.jpg

This is a hotel located in Gangwon-do. The sea breeze is freezing cold. On January 19, the sensory temperature was minus 20 degrees.

However, the professional was different. Jung il woo looked relaxed. Although he was shiver with cold, as soon as the camera is on, smile all of sudden.

Jung Il woo came back as a ‘boyfriend’. He showed manner and senses that boyfriend should possess at one of the male brand pictorial shooting site.

Jung Il woo’s standard of boyfriend. Unveiling that ordinary but special moments, from now. Please don’t miss out his interview saying that he will work like a cow in addition.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 10.jpg

AM 6:30 : New employee should wake up early, right? It will be better if he can go to work bit earlier than on time for the first day.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 11.jpg


Now, here’s the biggest worry for the office workers.


2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 12.jpg

How should I wear for work?

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 13.jpg

“Do you want to know how I wear for work?”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 14.jpg

The one that Jung il woo picked is, casual suit. He wore white shirt with navy jacket and pants. He looked more dandy with black loafers. He looked smart and trendy.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 15.jpg

“A man should wear suit”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 16.jpg

“A fashionista at work”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 17.jpg

“Let’s go to work”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 18.gif

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 61.jpg

PM 3:30 : The first work was successful. He came back home early after finishing training for the newcomers perfectly. This is great time to have dating with lover.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 18.jpg

Oh, by the way, it is her birthday today. There must be a present, right?

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 19.jpg

“Cake is a basic option”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 20.jpg

“Transformed into Chef Jung”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 21.jpg

“She would fall for me?”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 22.jpg

PM 4:30 : That was not all. He decided to prepare food for the birthday dinner. A man who cooks is sexy in these days, right?

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 23.jpg

Jung il woo was ‘cooking sexy man’ in real. He started to cook ‘Royal Stir-fried Rice Cake’ with the ingredients he brought from home.

“I heard there’s a cooking scene so I suggested to cook ‘Tteok-bokki’ by myself. Usually it’s the soy sauce base for ‘Gungjung-tteok-bokki’. We put red pepper paste (gochujang) as well at my home. Oh, by the way this is made by my grandmother!” (Jung il woo)

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 25.jpg

A special tip! Jung il woo’s ‘Royal Stir-fried Rice Cake’ recipe follows:

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 24.jpg

First, slice the brisket of beef.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 26.jpg

Prepare various vegetables and seasonings.
Red pepper paste, sugar, soy sauce, spring onion, etc. ….

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 27.jpg

Put water and rice cake into the beef and boil it.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 28.jpg

It’s done if you keep boil it after put the seasonings and vegetables in it!

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 29.gif

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 60.jpg

“Dear girlfriend!”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 30.jpg

“One day if you become a real”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 31.jpg

“Let’s eat together”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 32.jpg

#Visual #awesome #handmade Tteok-bokki

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 33.jpg

PM 5:00 : Only one hour left before he meets her. Should I take a rest? He enjoys sunbathing while waiting for her

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 34.jpg

“Minus 20 degrees?”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 35.jpg

“Never mind”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 36.jpg

“This is Hawaii”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 37.jpg

Of course, if the camera is goes off. …

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 38.jpg


2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 39.jpg

“For fun?”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 70.jpg

“That was too much”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 71.jpg

“I don’t like you the coldness”


2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 42.jpg

Jung il woo

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 43.jpg

was a romantic
new office worker.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 44.jpg

He fought against the cold…,

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 45.jpg

and finished the shooting smoothly.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 46.jpg

Do you wish to see the pictorial? Here are Jung il woo oppa’s heartwarming appearances. Please enjoy Jung il woo’s self-talk together.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 47.jpg

“How are you doing? I’ve come to shoot a fashion pictorial at Gangwon-do. I really worried because I should wear short sleeves in minus 20 degrees, but it was better than I thought!
In particular, the cooking concept was fun. I like to cook, you know. It was my first time to make ‘Royal Stir-fried Rice Cake’ but all staff said it was delicious. I feel proud. “

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 48.jpg

“Oh, you know that I filmed a drama in China, right? It is ‘Beautiful Woman’ (literal transtion) scheduled to air at Hunan TV in China. I appear as a ‘cooking sexy man’ in that drama as well.Wasn’t it hard? I actually worried a lot. The language and environment are so different. I misses Korean food a lot.”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 49.jpg

“However, the atmosphere of shooting site was very good. Director and local actors do care about Korean actors a lot.
In particular, the main actress of ‘Beautiful Woman’, Qin Hailu was really nice. She watched MBC-TV ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’ that I appeared for 7 times. I really was pleased.”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 50.jpg

“Am I not doing a Korean drama? Of you I am! It’s a drama called ‘Cinderella and four knights’ (working title). It will be aired both in Korea and China at the same time in this summer so I look forward for it.
I just did script reading yesterday (1/18). I have pretty much affection for this drama. I actually shared ideas about this drama when making it”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 51.jpg

“I took the touch rebel character Kang Ji-woon. He is a man in 20s who made his own fortune after suffering from poor childhood. Actually his grandpa was a rich.
Therefore he goes into mansion called ‘Sky House’ and falls in love with part-timer (Park So-dam).”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 52.jpg

“I actually feel nervous since it is a character in his early 20s. Since I became 30, I wouldn’t have more chance in the future. I’m trying my best as I think this is the last time.
Oh, actually as I mentioned that I’m 30. I was really confused and weird at the end of last year. I’m becoming 30 soon!
As I look back, I debuted when I was 20 and experienced a lot of things. I was impatient and anxious in the beginning of 20s. People around me all could feel it.”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 53.jpg

“But one of the seniors told me this. ‘The one that endures until the end is the winner in the actor world’.
I will try hard in my 30s with that saying in my mind. I don’t care about the popularity. Stepping ahead to become an actor is more important.”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 54.jpg

“I will work like a cow this year!”

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 55.jpg

It’s not over till it’s over. Massive release of Jung il woo’s self-taken photos like a boyfriend for the last. Save it for yourself.

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 56.jpg

#Selfie taken in the morning #I woke up

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 57.jpg

#Guess #where

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 58.jpg

#Jung il woo appeared #at Gangwon-do

2015 2 5 MVIO Starcast 59.jpg

#Let’s come together #in next time

News=Kim Ji Ho (Dispatch)
Photo=Lee Seung Hoon (Dispatch)


September 6, 2018

Time for another delight.  This one is so sweet… it relates to him being a son…and the best part…it’s written by him!  So it’s really a Woo delight!!!

August 19, 2014

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom.jpg .jpg

As the showing of the drama “The Night Watchman’s Journal” continued, a very sweet news came about.  This news was that Jung II-woo’s mom, Mrs. Sim Yeon-ok, had designed and weaved the gorgeous fabric of the pink Hanbok he wore in episodes 5 and 6.  Jung II-woo’s mom is  a professor of the Department of Traditional Arts and Crafts at Korea National University of Cultural Heritage.  When she saw her son was worried about the Hanbok fashion he was wearing, she decided to help him by gifting him a beautiful Hanbok.

This is what he had to say about it:  (This was taken from Naver, informed by Jungilwoo Indonesia.)

Hello, this is Jung Il-woo.
Are you all enjoying watching ‘The Night Watchman’? I’m busily managing my schedule after the broadcast, but I’m shooting it happily since you guys are giving me much interest and love. There were many people that regarded Lee Rin’s clothes positively after the 4th episode in last week. There were comments that I look beautiful (?) due to my clothes~ ^^


2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 20.PNG

Especially the flower robe which could be said as the completeness of fashion in the drama~! This is the most favorite Hanbok. It is because the material of the Hanbok is made by my mother. What happened?!^^ Actually my mother is a professor of studies of tradition art craft in a university placed in Buyeo. When I decided to appear in ‘The Night Watchman’ and worried about the style of fashionista Lee Rin, my mother gave a Hanbok as a present in surprise! First, I didn’t know how much devotion she put in the present.


2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 4.jpg

Although I ate dinner and talked in a café whenever I had time during my shooting and when I didn’t have schedules, I almost didn’t have chance to know about what my mother did. But I got curious when she decided to make the Hanbok material that I would wear.

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 5.png

This is a message that I got when I was exercising late in the night to lose weight before shooting ‘The Night Watchman’.
“Mother: Son, I weave threads one by one like this. Other fabrics are automatically woven in high speed so it can be woven several meters in one minute. But I wove 1 meter per day with handloom. Please know about this~”
That night, I exercised more hard while imagining the pretty clothes that my mother would make.^^

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 6.jpg

My tears came up when I thought of my mother’s devotion of making my clothes…^^;; My energy was charged with my mother’s cheers~! The next day, I went to the university in Buyeo where my mother stays.

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 7.jpg

I visited in surprise~! My mother was weaving the material without noticing I had come to Buyeo! I’m looking forward to it already~!

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 9.jpg

My mother said she is busy to complete the piece after getting surprised of my visit! I was amazed at her and gazed at her job marvelously. I was so proud to see her working when I gazed at her.

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 10.jpg

Actually, I spent much time alone when I was young since my mother worked. My mother always said she was sorry… So she waits for me until I come home even when I had late schedules. I was sad when I was young since I didn’t have much time with my mother… but my mother is so smart and brave than anyone when she works! She is my ideal type forever!^^

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 11.jpg

I spent much time to talk with my mother about what I think of ‘The Night Watchman’ Lee Rin’s clothes.


2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 12.jpg

I looked at the tools (?) in curiosity for a while since it was my first time looking at it~


I tried to do what my mother did… but my mother seems worried in the picture. HaHa ^^


I wore flower pants this day!^^ I’m making flower robe by wearing flower pants~

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 13.jpg

wished to be more with my mother in the working room… but I had to leave for the shooting. I left my trace on my mother’s scissors before I left~ with the hope that the material would be finished soon~

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 14.jpg

2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 15.jpg

After a week later, on the production presentation day of ‘The Night Watchman’! I was questioned about the clothes.
“Reporter: It’s your 3rd historical drama. How do you think about the comment that you fit nicely in the Hanbok?”
“Jung il woo: It’s embarrassing but Hanbok is a clothes which the line is so beautiful. I think I fit well since my line is also pretty.” I said thoughtless words, but my words contained pride toward my mother’s clothes. ^^

This is the part in the Production Presentation Day when he says that:


2014 8 19 Jung II-woo wearing Hanbok designed by his mom 16.jpg

Finally, I wore the flower robe which my mother wove the thread one by one!!  If you’re curious about it~~ please check it through ‘The Night Watchman’ today~ Please give much interest and love~

Wearing this hanbok, Jung II-woo gave shoes to the staff on The Night Watchman’s Journal.

2014 8 Jung II-woo gives shoes. 12014 8 Jung II-woo gives shoes. 42014 8 Jung II-woo gives shoes. 52014 8 Jung II-woo gives shoes. 32014 8 Jung II-woo gives shoes. 2


June 11, 2018

WOO-W!  Where does time go?  June already and the School year is almost over.  Here is another Woo Delight!  After posting Jung II-woo’s “Rainbow Ilwoo” gorgeous photos, I was so inspired to create a video.

The original idea was to use Jung II-woo photos with rainbows and the colors of the rainbow. Then I thought it would be so great to add colorful images of rainbow related places in the world.  There are so many!  I had no idea!

The creation of this video also matched the “PRIDE” event in the USA , which also uses rainbows… and also the summit between Trump and Kim that takes place tomorrow.  I am nervous about this encounter as both of these people hold the future of South Korea in their hands…and both are so well…volatile! It doesn’t take much to set either one of them off! So… finishing this video tonight is very soothing, and I can send colorful, beautiful energy their way for a good summit…and ultimately the well being of Jung II-woo, his family and his country.  In fact…at this point he summit has already taken place as it almost midnight here.  I guess it was a success?  At least it did not end with either one of them walking off!   Let’s hope it’s good news for all of us!

Here is the video:

To see more about the video, including the newer created edits go HERE.  Please remember to credit anything that has Fan 13 on it.  Thank you! and Thank you mostly for your support of Jung II-woo!


December, 2017

Jung II-woo Delight! .jpg

I just found this delight!  I was working on a little surprise I have for you… and I ran into this post. It was done by a fan in Starcast Naver. I think the fan is called “naverenter” and this was last updated in 2015.09.09.  That’s right his birthday that year!

So look HERE!  It just gets better and better as you scroll down and down.  The way he cares for other people absolutely …hehe…delights me!  I hope you feel the same after seeing that!


September, 2017

Yes!  it is time for another delight.  It is also a video. Well 2 actually! I could not make up my mind!

The first one, was made by fan: song uyên phạm trần.    It has made so many of my early Monday walks so pleasant!  I especially delight in minute 13 when he comes out looking so gorgeous and minute 3:04 when he dances in the green overcoat!!!   Makes so, so happy!  I hope it makes you happy too!


And this I found today!  A friend from Instagram had sent me a version of this but I finally found it in YouTube!  All I can say is…get a chair…you’ll need it.  This video is the outcome of my first “Oh Delight” post when Jung II-woo rehearsed for his Fan Meet in 2010.  He sings and dances the song “Candy in my Ears” with Baek Ji-youn. (He was a guest in his Fan/Birthday Meet).  Jung II-woo looks so sexy!   See for yourself:


March, 2017

I must start with this…

This is a video I never get tired of looking at…It is of Jung II-woo rehearsing for a Fan Meet in 2010. You can see so much of his talent, charisma, sweetness, playfulness, perseverance and vulnerability in it…and as if that is not enough you hear him sing a song about “falling in love”.  His voice is accompanied by a piano…it sounds so sweet!  It leaves me feeling so happy…and full of love!  Enjoy…


This is what he sings in English.

…Actually I liked you from the first time I saw you

Speaking was very difficult for me.

I’ll miss you if I do not come first

I wrote a letter and prepared a little gift.

I think it’s only a wound when it gets deeper.

Fear is ahead of the truth,

I prayed with a sincere heart and I believe that you were the one I was looking for.

I am falling in love

I can not help it.

You are so beautiful.

(After song) this?


Original in Korean:

…사실은 처음봤을때부터 그대를 좋아했다고

말하기가 내겐 참 어려웠던거죠

먼저 다가서지 않으면 그대를 놓칠까봐

편지를 쓰고 작은 선물을 준비했죠

깊어지면 상처뿐일꺼란 생각에

두려움이 앞선건 사실이지만

간절한 맘으로 기도했고 바랬던 사람이 그대라고 나는 믿어요

Mmm I am in love mmm I am falling in love

어쩔수 없네요 내맘을 숨기기엔

그대는 너무 아름답죠

(after song ) 이정도 ?


…sasil-eun cheoeumbwass-eulttaebuteo geudaeleul joh-ahaessdago

malhagiga naegen cham eolyeowossdeongeojyo

meonjeo dagaseoji anh-eumyeon geudaeleul nohchilkkabwa

pyeonjileul sseugo jag-eun seonmul-eul junbihaessjyo

gip-eojimyeon sangcheoppun-ilkkeolan saeng-gag-e

dulyeoum-i apseongeon sasil-ijiman

ganjeolhan mam-eulo gidohaessgo balaessdeon salam-i geudaelago naneun mid-eoyo

Mmm I am in love mmm I am falling in love

eojjeolsu eobsneyo naemam-eul sumgigien

geudaeneun neomu aleumdabjyo

(after song ) ijeongdo ?