Frog Encounters!

2019 8 28 JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter. 2

January 30, 2018

For sometime now, and I’m sure it’s just because my awareness about frogs has been enhanced by Jung II-woo, I bump into a lot of frogs in my life. Just today I bumped into two!

The first one was in an odd place… it was hanging in a fence that borders one of the little gardens outside my school… it looked like some sort of earmuff or toy?  It was covered in snow…as it was snowing!  The second was while I was reading a graphic novel entitled “The Land of Tarot.” It looked a lot like Kermit…and I still have yet to understand what this graphic novel was about!!!

So… I decided to create a section for these frogs I bump into in my life…  if you want to share your frog I’ll happily post it here!  You can send it to:




Jan 7

2020 1 7  JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter.JPG

2020 1 29 JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter2020 1 29 2 JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter.

Feb 6

I went to a conference of Climate Change Education and there he was!  (Notice the elephant book too!  Seriously!  Right next to the frog book on the table… )

2020 2 6 2  JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter..JPG

2020 2 6  JIW's Fan 13 Frog Encounter..JPG