Frog Encounters 2018


Monday, January 30  Boston




Sunday, January 28  North Brookline



Saturday, February 3 Cambridge at a Michael’s (Craft Store)



Thursday, February 8    New York City,  MoMA Museum Store


Street Artist


Koreatown   (Actually I just learned that’s a crocodile!  March 15)


Friday, February 9    Store in the Paramount Theater Building.  I think these characters are Korean…I had never seen them before!


Saturday, February 18   CVS near Boston University… a froggy for Easter?  Why not!


Sunday, February 19 Home  I listened to this song today. “The Frog Prince” from the British band: Keane.  This is one of my favorite albums: “Under the Iron Sea.”  This song is about staying true and honest…  and not fall under appearances and false pretension:

An old fairytale told me
The simple heart will be prized again
A toad will be our king
And ugly ogres are heroes
Then you’ll shake
Your fist at the sky
“Oh why did I rely
On fashions and small fry?”
All promises broken
Feed your people or lose your throne
And forfeit your whole kingdom
I’d sooner lose it than still live in it alone
You were our golden child
But the gentle and the mild
Inherit the earth, while
Your prince’s crown
Cracks and falls down
Your castle hollow and cold
You’ve wandered so far
From the person you are
Let go brother, let go
Cause now we all know
Soon, someone will put a spell on you
Perfume, treasure, sorcery, every trick they know
You will lie in a deep sleep
That’s when
Your prince’s crown
Cracks and falls down
Your castle hollow and cold
You’ve wandered so far
From the person you are
Let go brother, let go
Cause now we all know
Songwriters: Richard David Hughes / Timothy James Rice-Oxley / Tom Chaplin
The Frog Prince lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

Tuesday, February 27   Star Market  Allston


Thursday, March 8   Fenway, Boston

IMG_0533 2.JPG

Saturday, March 14   (After “The March of our Lives”)  Copley Place, Boston


Monday, March 26  I arrived to take the train and wait… is that a frog on that man’s jacket?!  Woo-w!!!  It’s an earthy frog!


This is on a store front in Beacon Hill, Boston


Tuesday, March 27  Beacon Hill, Boston

IMG_1822 2.JPG


Wednesday, March 28   Boston  These are in the Boston Common as the there is a wading pond there that’s called “The Frog Pond!” and it becomes an Ice Skating Rink in the winter.  Jung II-woo… you should take a selfie here someday!!!   These frogs are named Angela and Tommy (the fishing one.)



And this is the Tadpole Playground!


Thursday, March 29   Public Garden Boston   (I know I have seen so many this week!  I’m befrogged!)  This little boy kindly posed for me:


And as I was coming into our school, I noticed my co-worker’s key chain!  Yes! A frog…  she said, she loves them and has a collection of them that she will show me sometime!


This are two other Japanese frogs in her key ring that she held for me:


Tuesday, April 3   A baby dropped her hat… and someone put it on the ledge of Trader Joe’s.  Brookline, Coolidge Corner.


Saturday April 14,  I was listening to M83 and this is about a frog!  Home Sweet Home!


These are the Lyrics:

I heard about this frog
It’s a very tiny frog
But it’s also very special
You can only find it in the jungle
So far away from me
But if you find it and if you touch it
Your world can change forever
If you touch its skin
You can feel your body changing
And your vision also
And blue becomes red and red becomes blue
And your mommy suddenly becomes your daddy
And everything looks like a giant cupcake
And you keep laughing and laughing and laughing
Nothing is ever quite the same really
And after you finish laughing
It’s time to turn into a frog yourself
It’s very funny to be a frog
You can dive into the water
And cross the rivers and the oceans
And you can jump all the time and everywhere
Do you want to play with me?
We can be a whole group of friends
A whole group of frogs
Jumping into the streets
Jumping into the planet
Climbing up the buildings
Swimming in the lakes and in the bathtubs
We would be hundreds, thousands, millions
The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen
Jumping and laughing forever
It would be great, right?
Songwriters: Anthony Gonzalez / Yann Gonzalez / Justin Meldal-Johnsen
Raconte-Moi Une Histoire lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Reach Music Publishing
I am going to believe this is about frogs and a fantastic tale told by a child…  I like the ending where it says ‘The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen.”  Wouldn’t that be nice…?!


Sunday, April 16.  Unpacking my groceries, I could not believe it when I saw this.  So many years shopping there… I had never noticed it!



April 19, 2018 OK…this one is not a finding, I actually was teaching the kids how to make bendable creatures using fasteners.  I made the fro as an example:



April 25, 2018  Walking home from school on a rainy day…  a frog umbrella!


April 30, 2018

Having breakfast… no way!  I have been eating this cereal forever!  I never get tired of it… and the same frog from the grocery bag was there… and the milk had one too!  It means the packaging is recycled!!!  So great!




May 19, 2018  This is another project at school… we are making frogs to hang in a bulletin board in honor of a Science teacher that is retiring.  He used to take kids “frogging” which means going to a lake to find frogs!  I’ll post the bulletin board when it’s done!

May 30, 2018  Today I noticed two frogs at school!
May 31, 2018   Part of the bulletin board with all the frogs kids made for the retiring Science teacher.
2018 5 31 Froggy Bulletin Board at School 1.jpg2018 5 31 Froggy Bulletin Board at School 2.jpg
June 18, 2018  Frogs at a party store in Brookline, MA
2018 6 18 Foggies at Party Store 12018 6 18 Foggies at Party Store 22018 6 18 Foggies at Party Store 32018 6 18 Foggies at Party Store 42018 6 18 Foggies at Party Store 5
July 3, 2018
Snacking and inflatable at a CVS in Boston’s Back Bay.
2018 7 3 Frog on Snack Bar .jpg
2018 7 3 Froggie inflatable at CVS.jpg
July 6, 2018
My nieces show me their collection of frogs.  Madrid, Spain.
2018 7 6 Twins with their frogs. Madrid Spain 1.jpg
2018 7 6 Twins with their frogs. Madrid, Spain 2.jpg
July 9, 2018.  My niece says to me… my favorite animal is the rANA (frog) because my name is in it (ANA).  Castille, Spain.
2018 7 9 Twin with frog Castille, Spain.jpg
July 10, 2018  Frog souvenirs at Peñiscola, Valencia, Spain.
2018 7 10 Peñiscola, Valencia 12018 7 10 Peñiscola, Valencia 22018 7 10 Peñiscola, Valencia 42018 7 10 Peñiscola, Valencia 3
July 19, 2018   Souvenir at Barajas Airport, Madrid
2018 7 19 Madrid, Barajas Airport.jpg
September 12, 2018  Brookline, MA
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 7

September 21  This gives me the chills… I have walked for years by these duck statues in the Public Garden.  I have seen them with scarfs and hats… but this was the first time I saw them with something else and of all things it could have been…it was frogs!!!  I could not believe it then, I still can’t believe it now…  Amazing!

2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 8
October 1  One of my students shirt, Boston.

October 23, 2018.  At my school in Boston.  A book I picked up and read during one of my breaks… it’s called Drowned City and it’s about hurricane Katrina and how inept and biased the government of this country was to its citizens that were dying with no help.  Shame on you!

2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 2

October 24, 2018.  Brookline. Of all the books it could have been next to…it had to be Sweet Dreams!  Seriously?!!!  I totally believe in magic!

2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 9
October 29, 2018.  Boston.  Just in time for Halloween, spotted this frog in a store!
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 10
November 1, 2018.  Boston.  In my student’s Spanish reading book!
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 1
November 8, 2018.  Boston.   Another of my students wears a frog shirt!
November 10, 2018.  At the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 0
November 11, 2018.   Hmart in Cambridge.
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13
November 30, 2018.   Student Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B10.JPG
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B7

December 5, 2018.   Frog Cushion at the Coolidge Corner Library.  North Brookline.  This library was just renovated… it’s so beautiful!  And it’s not even the main library!

2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B42018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B52018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B6
December 12, 2018.  Brookline Booksmith. North Brookline.
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B12018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B3
December 13, 2018.  One of my students drew a frog on the board…
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 B8.JPG
December 18, 2018
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 7.jpg
December 22, 2018.  Froggy Side Up!  At the Booksmith.  North Brookline.
2018 Frog Encounters Fan 13 6