High Kick 15th Anniversary Documentary



I decided to place all things related to this WOOnderful documentary in one page, for ease of enjoyment as a whole.

Here are the videos for part 1, from MBC Life. They did a great job posting about 90% of the show in separate videos…  here they are in order. 

Translation for this Clip 1 …HERE!

Translation for this Clip 8… HERE!

Videos for part 2:

It was so emotional.  Seeing Ilwoo and Minjung reunite virtually!  …And seeing the little baby boy as a 16 year old!!!  Just WOOw!  Here are the videos posted at MBC Life in order… surprisingly enough they did not post the whole piece of Ilwoo and Minjung… but you can find this part in Instagram at the MBC account. If I see they post it I will update it  here!

Translation for part of this clip… HERE!