High Kick Documentary Part 1. Clip 8 English Translation

November 10, 2021

Hi! This is Clip 8, it’s very short but I wanted to know what Senior Lee Sunjae was saying…

Q: how did it mean to you young, debuting actors like Jung Ilwoo to work with these senior actors?


Ilwoo: That time, we shared the waiting room together. So when we had important scenes, we visited them in advance and practiced the scene with them. And it was my debut drama, so I didn’t know anything technical such as double action, etc. but still, the senior actors helped me to be shaped well as an actor at the beginning.


2021 September. Changwon, Gyeongsangnamdo

Lee Sun Jae is still working actively as an actor, traveling all around Korea for the last 65 years. He may have more white hair but his attitude toward acting is the same as 15 years ago.

0:55 The reason why the old actor picks Highkick as his best work is because he still has good memories with the fellow actors from then

1:11 Jung ilwoo was acting for the first time, and there was a singer who just started acting too. There were more actors who did not have many drama acting experiences. Did you have any fear that it might be bad for the Highkick?

1:22 Sunjae: For that, we have to accept it. The acting is like this. When you are in a condition where you can trust each other, then you can expect good acting. If the other actor is not memorizing the scripts well, and can’t say properly and murmur, then you both are in trouble. But if the other actor is trustful, you can even come up with the words that you forgot before.

1:42 We were more like a family. So when we were playing with the kids (Ilwoo and Hyesung, etc), we practiced with them so that we could help them as senior actors.

1:59: Munhee: my room was here and Sunjae’s room was there. And he always arrives at the set very early. He was always ready, so whenever I went there and we practiced, the maximum we did was 20 times.

2:18 Sunjae: I practiced that much also for myself. Of course, I can always say “I am sorry, let’s do it again” when I make mistakes, but if I have to say 3 or 4 times “I am sorry”, then I have to quit this job. If that happens, you will keep being concerned about the scripts, and you can not have facial expressions. When you look at the scripts, it’s really fun. And I think about how to show my facial expressions, how to move my body here, etc. I calculate in my own way. So that when the audiences see the scene, they can laugh 2, 3 times when it could just have been only one laugh.