Jung Il woo’s YouTube Channel begins its Second Season!


Yes!  Jung Il woo’s YouTube Channel began its Second Season with a new look and even product placement!  Way to go Ilwoo Oppa!  Learning to make the most of YouTube!

Here is the first video.  It takes us into nature… so refreshing!  Take a look:

Here are my screen captures:

Look at that face!  He looks kust like a little boy who got his favorite candy! Well I’m glad to see Ilwoo promoting shoes that use eco-friendly materials!    The brand of the shoe is called Hoka.  You can see the shoe in their website HERE.  Eventually it will be gone, so I’ll place some screen photos of it here:

They look so flexible… I like that feature!


I really love the camaraderie between Ilwoo and his friends.  Though it is very clear to see who’s the boss! ^ ^