Unstoppable High Kick. 15th Year Anniversary Documentary Part 1.

October 30th,

It was so WOOnderful!  So emotional … to see them all walking back into the set one by one and greet each other…  they are truly blessed to have the opportunity to reunite after so many years!  It also marks the 15th Debut Anniversary of Ilwoo’s career as an actor… I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate than with those people he started his career with!  Who nurtured him! I’m so glad he got these incredible moments…

The show basically had two parts, in the first we see every character return to the set  reuniting and we also get to see Kang Yoo-mi and Seo Min-jung in separate settings.  Then, there are some moments where they connect and talk about what it meant for them. What did it mean for the young ones to be with these experienced actors for example.  Then we get to delight in the series 5 top episodes.  Also a very special treat… the cast reenacts of one of the scenes where Na Moon hee totally blows us away with her acting!

What a WOOnderful trip down memory lane…

MBC did a great job posting about 90% of the show in separate videos…  here they are in order. I will translate a couple of these videos and post them soon!  

These are some of my Screen Shots:


Looking forward to part 2!!!