Jung Il woo suffered an eye injury while filming.

November 5, 2021

I was working on his 15th anniversary post when I ran into this in Naver.

Actor Jung Il-woo suffered an eye injury while filming.

Dispatch = Reporter Jeong Tae-yoon

9 Ato Entertainment said in a phone call with ‘Dispatch’ on the 5th, “Jung Il-woo injured his eye while filming. He is currently resting after treatment.”

As a result of the diagnosis, his retina was damaged. The agency said, “It is not a serious injury. However, it is in a state that needs stability,” he explained.

Jung Il-woo recently filmed the movie ‘Highway Family’ (Director Lee Sang-moon). It is known that he was injured because the action didn’t match in the scene where he was slapped by a minor.

‘Highway Family’ is the story of a family living a homeless life like camping along a highway rest area. It depicts the story of a couple accidentally holding hands and getting the courage to stand up again.

Jung Il-woo plays the role of a father of two and the head of a family. It is his first father role in film history. He is going to show off his gentle image and show his fatherly love for taking care of his family terribly.

‘Highway Family’ is scheduled to finish filming in the second half of this year and release next year.

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Praying for your prompt recovery dearest Ilwoo!  Take good care!!!   (Get off the phone!) ^ ^