Jung Ilwoo and Kwon Yuri reveal their Bossam characters’ traits. English Translated!

April 29, 2021

Jung Il woo with his co-star Kwon Yuri, reveal their character Bossam traits or profiles.   This is the video:


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These were the categories written on their boards:

1 Name

2 Age

3 Family

4 Job

5 personality

6 interest

7 something good at

8 life principles

9 thoughts on each other

10 things you want to say

And these are Ilwoo’s and Your’s comments about them:

J : Hello, guys this is JIW, who is playing Bawoo in Bossam.

Y: This is Kwon Yuri, who is playing Sukyeong in Bossam.

Y: I am Sukyeong. My dad is King Gwanghae, my mom is Soeui Yun, so I am a princess. So my personality is basically “saying everything what I want to say”.


J : I think that’s really your personality in real life. Saying everything whatever you want!

For me, I am Bawoo, and I have a son. My job is an abductor for living. My personality is tough outside but inside is weak and gets hurt easily. He is a naive and good man.


Y: My interest is, because I am a princess, wellbeing of my citizens. (Ilwoo laughs, what? peace?) Follow me, peace! This is an important part. A guy called Bawoo who suddenly appeared in her life. I think that’s her new interest.


J: He lives day by day just to survive. (Yuri: survival.)

I have something I am good at. Running. When you watch the drama, you will see me running almost one episode worth of time running around, especially because of the princess, because of Chadol, and also when I abduct people.

Y: plus, using power. He is good at fighting, not with good techniques but hitting with head, etc.

J: yeah, just street fights. I am good at that.


J: Life principles. Even if I may be hungry, don’t ask for something from other people.

Y: What is it?

J: That’s the hands.

Y: for me, something I am good at is archery. Arbitration. When people are in fights, I tell them to stop. Getting angry with a poker face. I get angry often.

J: I think Sukyeong is an angry person.  

Y: don’t say that! Say more like “ righteous”

J: I think she is good at mind control.

Y: haha, what are you saying?


Y: life principles are, live righteous. Living for others. A character who lives for others, not for herself.  (Ilwoo laughs) ah why?

J: I am joking.


J: Thought on Sukyeong.

Y: I am very curious about this.

J: met in a bad situation but want to protect her. Continuously look at her and worry about her, because she is so beautiful.

Y: emphasizing on this part. The thoughts on Bawoo. “Where is this guy from?” you have no idea how many little meanings are hidden in this short sentence. The word “guy” is very complex.  Ah why?  ‘Where is this guy from? This guy.. Something is attractive in him.’  Something like that. He is very different from me but keeps having situations with him.

J: Things you want to say?

Y: How dare you, just watch it!

J: I said to Bawoo, “be happy in next life”. He is a character who sacrifices himself for other people first, so I want him to be happy in next life.

Y: the thing I want to say is, I hope she will be happy in the next life. (Ilwoo: why do you copy me?) I hope Sukyeong is also happy.

Profile, done!

Here are some of my captures for your delight!