Jung Il woo interviewed by his co-star son: Go Dong Ha. English Translation.

April 28, 2021

Good Morning!

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Hello, I am Go Dong Ha, who will be in a role for Chadol in a drama Bossam.

Now, I will go meet uncle ilwoo now.

Ilwoo: hello!


Ilwoo: Chadol, what is this about?

Please do an interview with me.

Ilwoo: ok.

Is there any special episode you had over the last 3, 4 months of filming this drama?

Ilwoo: an episode with Chadol. Chadol eats really well.


Ilwoo: special episode? Hmm what is there? What was special for you when you were filming with your father?

Well, father taught me a lot of things while filming

Ilwoo: what did you learn, Chadol? From your father?

Hmm looking at the counterpart’s eyes while I am talking to them, or how to react to certain situation, etc very specific things.


Ilwoo: it’s been 15 years since I debuted. It’s my first time having a son. His my first son and that’s why I have a great affection to him and we are enjoying filming very happily.

Thank you!

Ilwoo: ok, done?


Ilwoo: ok, I am done filming today, so you go ahead and do well on filming!


Ilwoo: if you do stretching, you will get taller, Chadol. ok?