Where to watch Bossam Steal the Fate with Jung Il woo.

Update! April 29:  It will be available in Viki Rakuten too!!!

April 28, 2021

Wondering where to watch Jung Il Woo’s upcoming drama: Bossam Stealing Fate?  GOOD News!  We will be able to watch it in kissasian.com or dramacool.com with little delay in English!!!  (usually it’s up the next day, later in the day! in my case: Boston, USA.)  WOO hoo!

  1. The sites kissasian and dramacool have pages for it!  So do a search for ‘Bossam Stealing Fate in kissasian or dramacool the next day (May 2nd) and it should be there!  (These sites are really good at posting the episode raw a few hours later, but it takes about 6 hours or more for English subtitles. That was my experience with Sweet Munchies.)
  2. This option will be only in Korean: Watch it in YouTube.  MBN’s channel does an amazing job posting videos of each show, almost without missing much.  So if you follow the order you should be able to see most of the drama.
  3. If you are patient and don’t want to deal with pop ups from kissasia and dramacool, this drama will make it to Viki-Rakuten translated to English eventually.  It’s a bout a two day wait.

Si hablas en Español, todavia no está anunciado en Viki Rakuten ni  www27.doramasmp4.com.

화이팅!  Fighting!