Jung Il woo in the Preview Show for Bossam Steal the Fate. A bit of English Subtitles.

April 24, 2021

Jung Il woo participated along with the main cast of Bossam Stealing Fate, on a special TV show previewing the drama at MBN.  I translated one part of it, you will see it right below its video.  Here are the videos of this preview:

Here is the tranlation. Please do not copy or translate to another language without credit.  Thank you!

Q. Well, you guys get a lot of scripts/screenplays from various places, Do you have any reason you chose this drama?

Ilwoo: in fact, for me, the character Bawoo is very tough guy, and I was thinking a lot about if I I should choose this role or not. The director, however, trusts me and also helps me a lot in the drama set, so I am doing my best filming the drama with my belief in him.


Q. “The reason why I chose Bossam is because of the director.” hmm now it makes you under pressure, Yuri, what’s your reason choosing Bossam?

Ilwoo: Well, it could be because the opposite role in a drama is her type? (oh sure, it is so!)

Q. Maybe the two co-actors are her types? (haha) did you know beforehand who will be other actors in the drama?

Yuri: of course, I heard.

Q. Oh, Ilwoo will be a counterpart.

Yuri: oh yes, well… he is a big part of the reason why I decided to do a historical drama. Well, a historical drama was some sort of a new challenge for me, but Ilwoo is known for “the always big hit historical drama actor” and people around me also told me about him so I had courage to do so. In addition, I liked the director’s works a lot and as a fan of him, i thought it as a good opportunity.


Q. So, Yuri’s reason of choosing Bossam is Jung Ilwoo?

Yuri: well. To say that way… its…

Q. Jung ilwoo (feat. director)

Yuri: well, not only Jung ilwoo, but also director and Shin Hyunsoo and writers, and all others.


Q. What about you, Hyunsoo?

H: I was reading the scripts and I was imagining Ilwoo and Yuri in the drama. Frankly speaking, I thought I could see Ilwoo very befitting with Bawoo. I was thinking he will do so well as a role of Bawoo.


Q. Why why?

Ilwoo: I think I have to buy him dinner tonight.

Q. yeah! You are saying nice words of him.

H: it’s what I really feel.

Yuri: I will say it all again differently.

Here are some of my captures: