Jung Il woo signed a management contract with Nine Ato Entertainment.

April 29, 2021

Jung Il woo who is currently signed to J1 International Company has added Nine Ato to join forces in supporting Jung Il woo’s career with domestic and international opportunities.  Here is the article:

Actor Jung Il-woo signed a management contract with Nine Ato Entertainment

Actor Jung Il-woo signed a management contract with 9ato Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Nine Ato).

Nine Ato said, “I became a family with actor Jung Il-woo, who has both global topic and acting skills. Nine Ato and J1 International Company, which is in charge of the existing global part, are expected to join forces to support Jung Il-woo’s domestic and international activities based on stronger support.”

He added, “Please look forward to and cheer for the synergy that Nine Ato and Jung Il-woo will unfold together.”

Jung Il-woo became a stardom in 2006 with’High Kick without hesitation’, and then’ The Return of Iljimae’, ‘Flower Boy Ramen Shop’, ‘The Moon Embracing the Sun’, ‘Night Watchman’s Ilji’,’Cinderella and the Four Knights’, ‘Hatch’, He appeared in ‘Sweet Munchies’ and the  movies ‘My Love’, ‘Female Ledger’, and ‘The Discloser’. From May 1st, he is scheduled to meet with viewers through ‘Bossam-Steal the Fate’.

HERE is their official website.  This is their logo: