Jung Il woo and main cast in the Production Presentation of Bossam Steal the Fate.

April 30, 2021

The Production Presentation of Bossam Stealing Fate took place at 2:00 PM KST on the 30th of April.   Jung Il woo , Kwon Yuri and Shin Hyun Soo were in attendance.  The director, Kwon Suk Jang was not in attendance but offered his comments via video.

Jung Il Woo look absolutely dashing in a very modern suit with ripped blue cloth accents. In a way it was a little touch, a small reminder of the roughness and poverty of his character Bawoo. Loved it!  And I loved his hair!  Alright I’ll stop there!  Yuri and Hyun Soo looked very good too!  Shall we see them then…?  Yes!

But wait a bit of more information first, with this post I will try to recreate all that went on this lovely afternoon. The photo shoot, wreath reception, the snack and live Yuri video, and then the interview/press conference at 2:00PM.  I am working on a YouTube video with my recordings, hopefully they won’t be blocked and … yes! Soon there will be a page with the English translation linked to this page as well.  It’s a lot of work, so it will take a bit of time…  but I decided I’ll post what I have up to now…

So let’s start with the Photo Shoot…


Cr. MBN Instagram Account.

Wreath Rice Reception. Ilwoo posted this really sweet video and images in his Instagram account thanking his fans.


Update May 2, 2021

HERE is the first fourth part of the interview during the Production Presentation.  It is translated to English in text form.


Before they did the official part of the presentation, they were live through Kwon Yuri’s YouTube account and this is an English Translation made by KYR125:

They are so sweet!