Translation from the Bossam Steal the Fate Production Presentation interview.

May 2nd, 2021

I recorded most of the presentation except for a couple of parts that got cut off as I was trying to make videos that were no longer than 15 minutes.  This is the first fourth part.

Production presentation

Production presentation

I= Interviewer

J = Jung Ilwoo

K = Kwon Yuri

S = Shin Hyunsoo


I: yeah, you just saw bossam’s highlight videos. You just have seen very good visual arts from the director himself and some changes of three actors’ acting. You will be able to see the stories of changed fates soon. Tomorrow night, Saturday night, you will be able to see every saturday and sundays. It’s the beginning of romance-historical drama, and many people are already encouraging this drama. Now we will meet the main actors, Kwon Yuri, JIW, Shin Hyunsoo. First, starting from JIW, please introduce yourself.


J: Hello, This is JIW who is playing the role of Bawoo in Bossam. Nice to meet you.

I: yes, nice to meet you!  Now, Yuri, please

K: Hello, this is Kwon Yuri, in a role of Sukyeong in Bossam. Nice to meet you.

I: yes, now Shin Hyunsoo.

S: Hello, I am Shin Hyunsoo, who is acting as  Yi Daeyeop in Bossam. Nice to meet you!


I: we just had a short introduction. Today, the director couldn’t join us, so he made a short video on introduction to the drama, Bossam. Let’s check the video now.


Director: Hello, I am MBN’s special production drama, Bossam’s director, Kwon Seok Jang. (q: what is the drama about?) it’s about people whose fates were designed by others not by their will, but keep fighting to have their own fates. This is a drama about those who couldn’t think of defying destiny before, but have courage to do so now and discovering their own fates now.

(Q. why did you choose your first historical drama with “Bossam”?) The spectrum of emotion is wide so I thought it would be easy to direct, but it wasn’t as I thought. In historical dramas, there are things that can be done and can’t be done, but in this drama, there were some characters who can cross between those two possibles and impossibles. In historical drama, there are things that should be done, shouldn’t be done, but there are moments when expressing their emotions and desires. And these were on the edge of historical drama so I think that’s what makes historical drama interesting.


(Q. what is the reason you chose these three actors?)

Jung Il woo already had done many historical dramas so I thought I could use him to make it easy for me. It was a joke. In fact, I met him before because he has a lot of desire for self interest, and has conflicts in his mind about what he likes to do in acting, and I think these are good attitudes to have. He showed me that he wanted to become better in acting in our talk, and he said that if he works with me, he will be able to fulfill his eagerness. Actually, I think I was persuaded by him.

4:31 about Yuri, the character she is portraying in the drama is a princess, so elegance was very important. When we first met, I could naturally feel she had it.

5:04 about Shin Hyunsoo, he gives me a stable feeling even though he is rather a new actor. His diction and how his eyes focus gave me a feeling of stability, so the combination of these three actors are somewhat focusing on each individual and can be seen as an interesting triangle.


(Q: are the actors sync with the characters in the drama?)

Now, when I think about the actors, I think of their characters, to that degree, I am comfortable with it. Also the actors are very used to their characters so it’s difficult to say how many percentages of sync they are. If I have to say “how much I am satisfied”, then I am very satisfied.

6:10  yeah, the director Kwon mentioned the actors and the drama……

I thought a lot about how I should describe a person who loves his sister-in-law in fiction. I know that this drama is somewhat based on history but I thought we could put some more stories inside and I enjoyed the work of filming.

I: yes, I can feel that you were thinking a lot about it. And now, I will give a question to JIW. for you, it’s your 5th historical drama. I saw it in an article. “It’s my first time playing this tough character. “ I kind of agree with it for now. Is there any different kind of charm in Bawoo?

J: Yes, in the past, I was in the role of a royal family. (yes) so I think my work back then was quite easy. This time, I put on some beard for the first time and I had long hair and it takes over 2 hours every time. That’s quite difficult. I put on these makeups thinking that it will show the feeling of toughness of Bawoo.  Even if the look itself can be tough, I wanted to show people that his inside is warm and caring for others.

I: yes, according to the videos I saw, I read reactions saying “Yuri’s appearance and low voice fits very well with historical dramas”. Bossam is your first historical drama, right?

Yuri: yes

I: how was it because it’s different from modern drama, such as costumes, and makeups.

Yuri: Well, everything in this drama was my first so at first, it was unfamiliar to me. The voice tone, usage of old words, etc made it difficult even to pronounce. As I was filming, the energy I got from the location, costumes and makeup made me focus on the role. I got used to it after some time. At first, costumes and makeup was a bit unfamiliar but as I kept shooting scenes, they made me focus on the role and I got to know interesting facts about historical dramas now.

I: at first, I heard that you were a bit disappointed by the costume when you saw it.

Yuri: yeah, when I heard that my role will be a princess, I thought a beautiful costumes(Interviewer: fake hairs, silk) yeah, I received the first 4 episode scripts and from the first episode I became a widow and got abducted so I did not have any other clothes, so…

I: I think that costume fits you well though.

Yuri: yes, I got used to it now.

I: now I will ask Shin Hyunsoo. It’s a question from a reporter. She said “you have been in roles in modern drama or young adult/teen dramas, and how do you feel about being in a main role in a historical drama?

S: yes, its my second historical drama. I feel good that I can show my other side and that’s why I chose this drama. I also thought the story of Yi Daeyeop is quite attractive. I thought it shows pure love for one woman. I could wear nice clothes so it was very fun. I think it’s interesting for both me and the viewers.

I: I saw in the video, that you were cutting the bamboo trees. Was it practicing?

S: I think that’s a spoiler. It was some sort of emotional scene.

I: ah, ok. Were there any scene where you show your martial art skills? And how did you prepare the action scenes?

S: I knew that there will be many action scenes. So I prepared to have healthier body beforehand to have more stamina. Eat more. Workout more. (eat chicken breasts) Yes haha. Also I have many activities I like to do, so I thought it is very interesting to be in action scenes. Action scenes were not tiring or difficult but more like giving me happiness and new experiences. I guess that’s why my action scenes were good and I hope it shows well in TV.

I : I hope we see it too. Ilwoo, you also did a lot of action scenes in historical dramas, such as using knives and horse riding. Because Bawoo is an abductor, I think there are quite rough action scenes. Is there any specific things you had in mind during the action scenes?

J: well, I think I can express the character through action scenes. I tried to do more “wild” action acting, not the subtle action acting I did before. Shin Hyunsoo will show you the subtle and artistic action acting. I will be more like rough fights such as using my head.  

I: I heard there are scenes where you show “everything” about you. I don’t know if I have to say this here but you worked out a lot.

J: Yeah, I did workout some. I think it already went out for a teaser. I only ate chicken breasts for some months, but I thought it’s the way to show Bawoo’s toughness, so I did my best.

I: prepared your best. Are there many scenes where you two guys fight?

J: yes, there are some.

I: Hyunsoo, can you tell me what kind of scenes they are?

S: Bawoo and Daeyeop are growling at each other whenever they face each other. Every those moments you will see actions so you better be ready for seeing a lot of action scenes. When a delicate action and rough action meets.

I: you fight whenever you meet?

J: so we start because of Sukyeong and we finish because of Sukyeong. She’s the only reason. (just Sukyeong)

I: how do you think about these two actors fighting over you?

Yuri: I think I shouldn’t say this way, but I am happy. (happy?) yes, happy.

I: receiving two guys love……

——-video cut—- sorry!

To be continued…