Jung Ilwoo in Phone Cleansing


February 12, 2021

This new MBC show aired on February 9.  It was longer than I thought!  It was about an hour and a half!  With about 40 minutes dedicated to the photos of Ilwoo!  Sadly, my phone did not have the space to record the whole thing so it stopped recording without me knowing.  I also missed the last 10 minutes because I had to teach. Thankfully MBC placed some nice videos with the most interesting parts in YouTube. I’m sure as this show gains audience and episodes it will appear in Viki or Kisstvshow.com.  I really want to see it again!  I read that at the end they gave him an album with pictures of his beloved pet dog Awoo.

Update March 18, 2021.  There is a lot of places one can watch this show now.  But it’s still only in Korean.  Still it’s great to see all his photos.  Remember i mentioned his legs with bandaids?  It wasn’t for mosquitos, those are the pain patches he used on his walk of El Camino de Santiago!  So. here are the options for watching this show.  Remember to fight the pop ups Iljimae Style, get back to the original screen!




The hard part was that Ilwoo talked about his photos in Korean and even in those YouTube there are no translations.  So I decided to translate some of these that I was curious about…  I will share one here:

This is the video that I was the most curious about:

Update: 11-4-21. Other videos:

Here is the translation:  (Reminder: If you are copying this or using this as abase to another language translation, do the RIGHT thing and credit this website.)

What is this?

Ilwoo: I went to Santiago pilgrimage route 3 times.

Wow, three times?

How many km did you walk?

Ilwoo: the longest was around 500~600km.

You really did it.


Many people come to Santiago pilgrimage route.

Santiago pilgrimage route : a route going to Santiago taking 800km, around 40 days.


Ilwoo: I spent around 6 months preparing this. I wrote down things that was needed for the pilgrimage.

Ah, these are the ones you think you need for the pilgrimage before leaving. You want to make sure everything is detailed!

I can see the brand names for hat, raincoats, etc

0:40 did you choose specific brand names because you have many of them with different brands?

Ilwoo: its not like that. I weighed all the items because I have to carry only one backpack, so I had to make it as light as possible, so I chose brand names of the least heavy items.

*ME:  The list is further down after the conversation.

1:00 How did you end up liking the pilgrimage route? It’s not easy to do once but 3 times?

Ilwoo: I was filming a drama called “golden rainbow” and I had bad headaches, and I went to a hospital and got tested. It turned out that I have a cerebral aneurysm. It’s like a time bomb, so if my blood vessel is expanding then it explodes, then I die. But no one knows when it will blow up.

Its commonly called “풍(palsy, stroke), when one side is paralized


Ilwoo: when I had that illness, I had serious depression and did not want to meet people. I was staying home for 1 month and I decided to go the Santiago pilgrimage route which I always wanted to go since I was young.

Took a journey with an ill body and heart and walked hundreds of kilometers and learned one lesson.

2:01 An acting work can be done when someone calls me to work, not that I do it just because I want. It’s a job to be chosen by other people so I was nervous but since Santiago, I learned that I have to enjoy each moment.

After walking 500~600km, do you think you are healthier?

Ilwoo: Yes, I think I got very healthy and it’s just a repetitive routine while I am there. Walk, wash, eat, and wake up and eat and walk, wash clothes etc.


You have to control your stress level well.

Ah, so these are those items.

Ilwoo: yeah these are.

It’s fun to take these shots.

Are these all in one backpack?

Ilwoo: yes, all can fit in one backpack.

List of items:

1 backpack

2 trekking shoes

3 stick

4 sleeping bag

5 rain coat

6 trekking hat

7 gloves

8 head lantern

9 sports towel 2~3

10 medicines (something to disinfect needles, vaseline, muscle relaxant, tiger balm, vitamin, medicine for cold)

11 emergency food (pepper paste, ramen, ramen soup base, curry base)

12 sleeping eye patch, earplugs

13 detergent

14 notebook, pen

15 electronic book

16 clothes(windbreaker jacket, 3 tshirts, 1 or 2 shirts, 2 shorts, 1 long pants)

17 2 sunglasses

18 5 underwear

19 5 trekking socks

20 sneakers

21 sandal or slippers

22 multi adapter plug

23 ipad mini


It was nice mix of food, travel, selfies and family photos.  It was so sweet seeing all his family photos! The ones with his mom… so glad he has spent more time with her recently.  Making up for lost time!   And the one with his manager when they were in school… just wow!  What a beautiful friendship!

I enjoyed seeing all his travel photos.  At one point they showed pictures he had taken in a museum… Louvre?  He is just like me I thought!  Seeing more from his Santiago trip was such a treat.  I have been in Leon too! ^ ^ But… it made me sad to learn that Ilwoo suffers on amnesia even today.  I thought it was only in the moment of the accident. I can only imagine how hard it must be so young and suffer of this.  I’m thankful he has found a way to cope using technology … keeping 70,000 photos to remember!

At times I was surprised with how much Ilwoo was willing to show… the photo with his legs full of bandaids… were those mosquito bites?  That was a bit too much for me… ouch!  Yet, I’m so touched by his humility, his humanity… his ability to open up at times and share these not so pretty aspects of his life… and himself.  I really admire how he shares all that makes him…

Here is a Ñapa! a bonus!  I found another separate batch of videos…  HERE.  I hope you are able to access them in your country.  These are in the official website.