Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!


February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish you a day full of love…  not just today… everyday!

I think love begins inside of us… if we don’t love ourselves, we really can’t love anyone else. One way I have been loving myself is by trying to balance all aspects of my being: my body, my mind and my spirit. To nourish my spirit I have been meditating in various ways and at various times of the day. Lately, I have been into what I call art-meditation. This basically means that I use color pencils, watercolors, markers, and acrylics and paint thoughtlessly while listening to very calming meditative music.  It helps a lot to relieve stress and be more centered.

This is why I am also posting once a week (or try to)…because I want to have more time to be present… and enjoy the moment. Timelessness…

Dearest Ilwoo, a while ago you posted an upside rainbow reflection image in your stories and that image stayed with me… I kept thinking it was your smile and how it radiated happiness in colors.  I decided to write a poem based on it and I wrote about what the colors reminded me related to you and in general.  I decided to illustrate each color during my art-meditation sessions… even though I was focused on the poem, it was still very relaxing. A time to be away from screens and send you my love… in every color of the rainbow.

Did you feel my colorful love coming to you this past weeks ?  Here is a memory of it with a bit of speed!

Ilwoo Rainbow Smile🌈

Covid 19 quarantine
Social distancing
Time seems like an endless loop
of zoom and woe
Juicy cold grapes
Lavander fields
Amethyst hues
In Iljimae plum smile
Caribbean waters
Blue sky with cotton candy clouds
Blueberry sweetness
Cascade softly in Ilwoo’s fountain


Rainforest frog songs
baby fern leaves
Creamy Pesto pasta
Wildmap Ilwoo exploring nature
Bright sunshine rays
Reflecting brightly
from sunflowers
Like Yellow bright Ilwoo
Delicious Jeju tangerines
Carved pumpkins smiles
Monarchs flying gleefully
Cha Chi Soo’s carrot hair!
Blood like passions
Beat in strawberry hearts
Soft velvet roses
Caress Ilwoo’s kindhearted Joseon King
Surrounded in your heavenly light
my spirit glows bright
like peace doves in love
and white plum flowers
It’s Ilwoo’s rainbow smile!🌈
bathing me in colorful hues
So grateful dearest Ilwoo
for every heartbreak and woe
you turn into Woo hoo!
By Fan 13