Jung Il woo playing golf!


Jung Il woo’s passion for golf is not new.  He has played on and off in the past too.  This is from 2017:

And this was the first time he shared Golf with us this year:

July 15, 2021

Music Cr. My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster. (Audiotree Live Version)

August 18, 2021

Caption:  Golf, you can’t conquer it in your lifetime.

August 21

Caption: My favorite these days. Malbon.

September 12, 2021

Caption: Golfing for my birthday!  The flag is like 2 meters high!

On September 24th he played golf with Lee Sun-jae!


Caption: Round of golf with teacher Lee Sun-jae.  Take care of your health, teacher!  I’m happy to play a round with my teacher.

Then on October 22, he posted his first golf video in his YouTube Channel. He did a product placement for a Golf equipment and clothing company called V12.

These were the Instagram posts inviting fans to go watch it:

And this is the video:

The video description read:

Translation via Google:

And this was a short clip he also posted in his Instagram:

These are my screen captures:

HERE you can see the Spring Collection for V12.  Ilwoo would look so much better than that male model!

And this is the latest video (as of January 24th.)

Translation via Google Translate:

Beginner’s luck seems to exist

※ The filming location in this video was taken after prior consultation.
※ This video was filmed in compliance with social distancing guidelines.

※ Subtitles are available. Clicking the CC button for subtitles.
※ CCボタンカラ字幕を選択してkuだsai。

My screen captures:

This was my least favorite part:

I hope someday men realize that insulting women or senior citizens is not funny.  One thing is doing it with your friend privately … another in a public YouTube video that so many people can see and hear.   Seriously Ilwoo?….!!!

… maybe it was universal energy balancing the lady difficulty with a gentleman one?  ^ ^ Ha!!!

I loved how you cheered your friend on…even though you lost.  You are so sweet!  Talking about sweet, I really liked these edits by dct_dgmty.  They are so well done!  I hope you don’t mind me placing them here!  Thank you!

Smiling eyes… keep enjoying Golf!  Eventually you will be able to play it all over the world!   So many great places to do it!