Jung Il Woo and motorcycles.

January 4-6, 2022

I decided to create a post about Jung Il woo and all the moments he has graced the screen in a motorcycle.  I was surprised to find there are so many!  The inspiration for this post came from a recent story where he shared with us a Lego Technic Motorcycle set that reminded him of his childhood. He posted it on January 2nd.

I thought, “I will post some of his moments with motorcycles”… and suddenly that small Instagram post turned into a much bigger research and here it is so far:

High Kick

Of course when we think of Ilwoo and his character Yoon-ho, we can’t separate the motorcycle from him, it was such a part of this character. Here he is posing with it:

You can see one of the very first scenes HERE in minute 6:38.  A little treat for Russian fans!

Sadly, there are not many scenes of Jung Il woo in motorcycles from Unstoppable High Kick in the internet.  These are my screen shots from episode 39.  I have to do more and better ones, on my to do list now!

But probably the most moving scene in the entire sitcom was the end scene, with our darling prince rolling in on a motorcycle… here is a video of that last episode:

There just isn’t any way this ending could be better than it is!

Goodbye Sadness

In 2007, Jung Il woo participated in the creation of a music video. It was directed by Goo Jung-hyun and it is 30 minutes long!  It was released in eight parts…so fans had to wait to see its dramatic ending!   There are two longer versions in You Tube that show the whole story further down.  Jung II-woo along with his co-star Baek Sung-hyun won best actor(s) for their performance in these movie videos at the 9th Mnet KM Music Festival. Personally, I think it should be called ‘Hello Sadness.’  It is pretty violent…

To see the rest of it… go HERE.

This was from the press conference:

The Secret of Keu Keu Island

In 2008, Jung II-woo had a cameo appearance in episode one of this series as Lee Yoon-ho!


Here is a video set to the scene with the motocycle:


49 Days

Probably after Yoon-ho this would be his second most memorable motorcycle character… though I know some international fans would probably vote for another one coming later. ^ ^

In 2011, Jung Il woo played two characters in a drama called 49 days.  He is the scheduler, a death reaper and Song Yi-soo and both ride motorcycles.

Here is the Scheduler:

And here is Song Yi-soo, riding to his… end!  Not for the faint hearted.  This is very hard for me to watch… for many reasons:

I know… it is absolutely heart breaking…

Flower Boy Ramen Shop

The only motorcycle scene I remember there being in Flower Boy Ramen Shop is the KISS one.  You know what kiss I’m talking about if you know Jung Il woo well, because to me it is not only his best kiss to date, but the best kiss in Kdrama.  How do I dare say this?  Let me give you four good reasons:

First off, the set up of this episode is simply brilliant to its name “A Street Car Named Desire”… it is a twist highlighting the high emotions in this famous play by Tennessee Williams.  Even the name of Cha, changes to Chwa , after 전차chon-chwa‘, which means street car in Korean. 

Second because this kiss lasts the whole episode and even into another one.  The kiss starts at the very beginning of the episode, cooking like a Ramen Soup… slowly but consistently it gets hotter and hotter as Cha Chi soo feels his emotions come to complete boiling point when he finds out that Eun-bi has gone on a date with the Pillar, the Onion!  

Third because as we see Cha Chi-soo storm into the movie theater and drag Eun-bi out to the motocycle, one never sees that kiss coming.  It is a fast, and so passionate, an explosive surprise!  It is why this kiss is even a two part kiss which is rare in any Kdrama, becasue the first moment kiss is the set up for … THE KISS!  And what a kiss it is…

It is a kiss that still moves me every time I watch it, which makes it the Fourth reason!  It never, ever!  stops delighting …

I found the whole scene in YouTube… ready?

And just like the kiss, it is repeated in the next episode (11) with its aftermath of emotions on both characters:

This drama is so well written that Ilwoo’s character’s love is exactly like most high schooler’s love: self centered… it is not what he feels for her, is what he feels himself about her!

And if you need a Fifth reason is that, Jung Il woo did such an incredible job in kissing suddenly and so passionately that he even broke the actresses’ lip…!  Look:

^ ^ Oh Ilwoo is so adorable in this… !  There is the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th… infinite!

Alright time to cool down… let’s do it with some photos from this kiss and our theme… the motorcycle:

These are my screen captures:

So much to learn about love little fish… but what a heart!

Cinderella and the Four Knights

This is the drama most international fans get to know Jung Il woo by, as it is in Netflix… and this is the drama I referred to earlier that fans would see as the second most memorable motorcycle scenes (and not 49 Days).

And motorcycle scenes abound in the beginning, especially episodes 1 & 2…  In fact our introduction to his character Kang Ji-woon is through a motorcycle scene… do you remember:

Here is mix of photos from that day of filming, some are official stills and some are from fans (credit on them)…

Then to see the next scene,  jump to minute 39:48 or see it here:

Here are my screen shots:

Last motorcycle scene in episode 1 starts in minute 55:43:

I love these scenes played throughout this MV “For You” by BTOB:

If you had to take a ride with one of his characters which one would you choose?  I think I’d go with…  not easy to decide! But I’m leaning towards …