Jung Il woo’s Childhood Photos.

February 20, 2022

I realized I have never posted about Ilwoo’s childhood.  There are some very lovely photos he has shared throughout the years.  Here are some of them…

The last two came from a video that was shown in his 2009 Fan Meeting.  Cr. DCIlwoo

And her he is in his tween and teen years:

Here is the video that they showed at the 2009 Fan Meeting in Japan…  it’s very shaky:



Jung Ilwoo has an older sister. Her name is Jung Shi-sung and she is 5 years older than him.  She is not married as of this date.  They are very close.  Although Ilwoo doesn’t post about her  (I think I’ve only see one post and it was lately,) she is in many pictures with him in 2015… she was living in China then and because she speaks Chinese she helped him a lot in that year when he did a lot of work there.   She is also the woman next to him on his last day of Civic duties too.  So if you are curious… you know now where to look. ^  ^

He also talks about her HERE.  Go straight to part 3.

I heard once from another fan that he doesn’t like people posting about her… and I always have respected that…  I’m so glad they have each other in life.