A Flower Boy Ramen Shop Christmas Pictorial


December, 2021

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is safe, healthy but most importantly filled with love and joy this Christmas!    I thought a lot about what I wanted to do Ilwoo wise for a Christmas post. And suddenly I remembered Cha Chi-soo and the Christmas Tree scene.  Do you remember it?  Yes it is sad.  Yet there is something very special about it. It is the moment Cha Chi-soo realizes how much he loves all of them and how much he fears loosing them. For the first time he is fully conscious of how much he loves.  And this is I think one of life’s greatest gifts. To feel love and be fully conscious of one’s love.

Today, I want to celebrate the love I feel for Ilwoo, a love that keeps manifesting in the most incredible ways. That post with the music of Luis Miguel is simply another marker in this unbelievable magical hike he has been taking me on!  This delightful journey where I can feel my love constantly!  How much joy and love Ilwoo brings through all of the characters he portrays, all his efforts in cooking, singing, modeling… and his posts, he is totally like Santa!

This Santa has been a bit distant lately in some ways, but if know Jung Il woo, you’d know he always takes his breaks. He needs them for rebalancing!   And believe me when I tell you, he is always present even when he’s not posting!  So… Merry Christmas dearest Santa Ilwoo Ssi!  I’m sure you are having a WOOnderful Christmas time! ^ ^

And now let’s cheer for the love we each feel for Ilwoo shall we?!  I also have another reason to celebrate too! Yesterday was my Instagram’s account 5th Anniversary! That was the first moment I decided to do something to give Ilwoo my love back!  Had to be on Christmas!  Thank you dearest Ilwoolies for all the love you have given me!

And now let’s celebrate with Cha Chi-soo in this beautiful moment to the realization of love. To start here is this Christmas pictorial published by 10asia with the cast of Flower Boy Ramen Shop.  It shows Behind the Scenes photos of the cast while practicing for the Christmas Tree Scene in Episode 15.

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000072011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000092011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000102011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000112011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial00012

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000272011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000142011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000182011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000012011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000022011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000052011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000032011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000062011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000132011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000152011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000162011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000172011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000192011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000202011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000212011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000222011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000232011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000242011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000252011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000262011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial000292011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 10Asia Christmas Pictorial00030Cr. 10asia in 2011.

These are my screen shots from the scene:

2011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000382011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000392011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000402011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000412011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000422011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000432011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000442011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000452011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000462011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000472011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000482011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000502011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000512011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000522011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000532011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000542011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000552011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000562011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000572011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000582011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000592011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000602011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 000632011 12 19 Jung II-woo in FBRS Ep 15 00064

And this is a video of that part.  Only Korean subtitles available in it.M

Well I’m off to fill stockings!  Yes to be Santa too! and get our Christmas morning started!

May GOD bless you all in health, joy and most of all love!



Waiting for Ilwoo Santa!

Hello!  Who is waiting for Ilwoo Santa?! ⭐️🎁. Yes!  Me too! I can’t wait to hear the sleigh bells and the sound of your foot as you step down 일우 산타!
I’ve had this idea for sometime in my mind… the stepping of the car Santa idea!  Finally a bit of time to make it a reality:


Video credits: Beautiful Woman, Golden Rainbow and High End Crush Jung Il Woo dramas. 
Music Credit: The Boston Pops: A Christmas Scherzo. ( A scherzo is a vigorous, light, or playful composition.🤗)

Here is a bit more our Ilwoo Santa…

What you got in that bag?  You know I’ve been so, so good this year!   ^ ^
Oh…!  I can’t wait!  What will you treat us to?  A live video?
By the way I came upon an article that had the most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to and the safest!  Please be careful on all your get togethers, shopping and see lights drives!  Have fun!!!  This is the article:
“The study from Irish car insurance provider Chill Insurance found the most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to by analyzing the beats per minute (BPM) of each piece of music.
Research shows that songs with beats per minute (BPMs) over 120 are linked with increased dangerous driving.”
The 10 most dangerous Christmas songs to drive to:
Gene Autry, ‘Frosty the Snowman’, 172 BPM
Mariah Carey, ‘All I want For Christmas’, 150 BPM
José Feliciano, ‘Feliz Navidad’, 149 BPM
Jackson 5, ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town’, 147 BPM
John Lennon and Yoko Ono, ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’, 146 BPM
Frank Sinatra, ‘Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!’, 143 BPM
Gene Autry, ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’, 142 BPM
Wizzard, ‘I Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day’, 140 BPM
Judy Garland, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, 137 BPM
Jackson 5, ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’, 129 BPM
The 10 safest Christmas songs to drive to:
The Pogues, ‘Fairytale of New York,’ 78 BPM
Eartha Kitt, ‘Santa Baby’ 84 BPM
Julie Andrews, ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’, 87 BPM
Paul McCartney, ‘Wonderful Christmastime’, 95 BPM
Michael Buble, ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’, 95 BPM
WHAM!, ‘Last Christmas,’ 108 BPM
Dean Martin, ‘Winter Wonderland’, 111 BPM
Bing Crosby, ‘The Little Drummer Boy’, 113 BPM
Leona Lewis, ‘One More Sleep’, 113 BPM
Band Aid, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas,’ 115 BPM
What do you think of this?  I certainly feel myself drive faster in certain songs, and they usually have more rapid beats.

Village Shop Episode 1

December 1, 2021

Good morning!

Jung Il woo is not in the first episode at all… still it’s interesting to watch the beauty of the place and the interactions between the four first arrived participants.

Thanks to IG @ yuri_smiles, I was able to watch the whole episode of Village Shop though Dramacool.  Just do a search in Google for Village Shop Dramacool and it will yield a video.  Click on it and you are on your way!

Update January 27, 2022

Thanks to a very kind Ilwoolie who prefers to not be credited, here is the entire episode in Korean.  Fortunately, I was able to load into my YouTube channel.  Enjoy!


This is the only clips posted about this episode 1 in Seezn and MBC Every1 YouTube channels about this episode until now. It’s more like another preview.


My Screen shots:


Jung Il Woo’s at the Press Conference of Village Shop. English Translation.

November 27, 2021

Jung Il woo was not able to attend the Press Conference for Village Shop because of his busy filming schedule of Highway Family.  However he recorded a short clip that was shared.  The clip starts at 11:44 in the following video:

This is the translation, if you are using it in any way please credit appropriately.

Hello, Everyone. I am Jung Ilwoo, who is a Chef Jung in the village shop. Because I am in the middle of shooting a film I was not able to attend the press conference.

Are all the Village members doing well?  Just like the rest of the cast it was my first time visiting Gapado island. It’s a really beautiful island and I want to go back there now.

I am the main chef in the Village Shop, and I made a menu with some Haeyeos (seafood diving women). Whenever I cooked, people told me that the dishes are tasty, and that made me feel like I achieved something.

I will introduce the menu of the Village Shop. I cooked them only with local ingredients from Gapado island. These are dishes with murex and foraged barley.

First, it’s “Haenyeo’s Mom noodle”, and two types of spicy noodles: ‘Wave noodles’ and ‘Gashiri noodles’. These are noodles made of soybean paste and red chili paste. Finally, I prepared “Gapado gimbap”

I prepared them really carefully with the Haeyeos, so if you have time, please visit us.  Also, please show us a lot of love to the Village shop, where you can see me and the members being ‘real’ to each other. 

This was Jung Il woo. Thank you!

Each member of the cast had a role they played depending on their talents.

Here is an article translated through Papago.  It says that the program will be available through the channel MBC Every 1 too.  Interesting that they do not post anything on YouTube.  Hopefully after!

Village Love Shop, run by Ji Sung-ryul, Lee Joon-hyuk, friendly Jung Il-woo and Joo-E, will be unveiled.

The production presentation of MBC Plus’ Village Love Shop was held at 11 a.m. on the 25th. Lee Joon-hyuk, Jung Ha-woon, Ji Sang-ryul, and Joo-yi attended the production presentation held online to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Village Love Shop is an entertainment program that provides healing and impression through the beautiful scenery of Gapado Island, the shortest island in Korea, and the pleasant village space regeneration process of the cast.

Regarding Gapado Island, which was the background of the program, Ji Sang-ryul said, “I thought it was a place I wanted to go again with a precious person while building mileage in 52 years. Gapado Island is like a shelter in my life that becomes an air purifier when my life is cloudy,” he said.

Lee Joon-hyuk said, “Gapado Island is a great place to take pictures. “It’s thrilling the moment the waves come in,” he said. Joo-yi said, “It’s the first time I’ve entered the island by boat. It was so pretty and there was a different appearance from season to season, which was so good. “I was happy to have fun filming with my seniors,” he said.

Entertainment programs that run stores in beautiful places are already a frequent concept. When asked about the differentiation of “village love shops,” Jeong-geun said, “I also doubted that part a lot. I kept asking the PD. The difference between the programs is that they operate with local haenyeo and save the local economy together, so they are different,” he said.

On this day, Lee Joon-hyuk mentioned Jung Il-woo, who was absent from the production presentation. He said, “It’s too bad. Jung Il-woo couldn’t come because of his personal shoot. “I was injured in the middle of the shoot, so I couldn’t meet the schedule because I was recovering and filming,” he said.

In the video message released, Jung Il-woo said, “I was forced to absent due to the filming of the movie. I was in charge of cooking with haenyeo. I felt rewarded when many people said it was delicious. “The menu of Village Love Shop is decorated with ingredients that can only be tasted in Gapado Island. “We prepared it carefully, so please visit us,” he said.

Ji Sang-ryul said, “The youngest Joo-i is an adult. I have a lot to learn from Joo-E. She cheered all her silly oppas. “It was a role that gave us strength when we were tired,” he said. Also, “The member combination scores 10 out of 10.” I think paintings that I haven’t seen before are good, even though I’ve given familiarity. It’s not because this combination is mixed, but red, orange, yellow, green, and blue are all different. “They all come in different colors,” he said.

Lee Joon-hyuk praised Joo-Es tireless energy. He said, “It was good to see each of them play their roles. JooE has a lot of magnetic strength. If you’re next to me, it’ll just stick together. Tension is at the top of the stave. “The more I see it as high tension, the more attractive it is,” he praised.

Sang-ryul Ji said, “We need to increase the number of franchises.” First of all, I’m just warming up the second store,” he said. Lee Joon-hyuk also said, “Because the purpose of the work is good, I can go anywhere and have fun with these members.”

Ji Sang-ryul, who is confident of the success of the program, made an exceptional pledge, saying, “If the ratings exceed 3%, I will cut my hair into three shapes.” Lee Joon-hyuk mentioned MBC Every1’s highest ratings ever recorded by “Welcome, First Time in Korea.” When Ji Sang-ryul asked what he would do if the ratings did not come out, Lee Joon-hyuk said he would cut Ji Sang-ryul’s hair into three.

Joo E said as a pledge for ratings, “If 3.3%, MOMOLAND will perform free of charge at the first, second, and third stores.” If we get a 2.7% viewer rating, we will receive free guests for one day at the cafe we run, Jeong Rueun said.

Village Love Shop can be found at 11 p.m. on the 29th through MBC Everyone and the season.

Newstomato reporter Shin Sang-min. Cr. newstomato.com (HERE)

By the way in case you don’t know, MOMOLAND is a women’s musical group.  Joo-E is one of its members, she is the “blond” one:


Jung Il woo in the Village Shop (SEEZN) A first Look.

November 26, 2021

Jung Il woo participated in the creation of a small Village Shop in the island of “Gapado” off the Southern coast on Jeju Island. One theory of why it is named Gapado is because its shape resembles a stingray (Gaori in Korean). Most of the islanders in Gapado work in the fishing industry, but some of the others cultivate crops for a living. Cr.m.visitjeju.net

Gapado is the Korean island with the most flatlands with the highest elevation at 20.5m above sea level. In Gapado Island, you can reach anywhere you want by foot within two hours. It is good to take a stroll through the Jeju Olle 10-1 Course (5km), or just enjoy the luxury of walking around aimlessly. It is easy to forget all out about time when you watch the green barley dance to the rhythm of the wind. The land is nearly flat, and it is easy to move around on a wheelchair or with a stroller. Renting out a bicycle is also a good idea. The road is not completely free of cars, but all of the scenery is quite different from what you can see in a busy city. You can take as much time as you want since no one is honking at you to step aside.”  Cr. m.visitjeju.net

Doesn’t that sound just heavenly?

One of the things this island is known for is its Barley.  There is even a Barley Festival held every year.  If you ever visit during this time, be mindful of not stepping into the planted Barley to take photos, to these islanders this is something they survive on.  Here are some photos:

Cr. Korea Tourism Organization

Do you see this mountain?  Isn’t it incredible!  It sits on Jeju Island, it is called Songaksan Mountain.  It is actually a volcano and its grounds were used for military purposes during the Japanese occupation. Here is a map that helps to see it better spatially:

These views are from Jeju Island:

Cr. trip.com

Cr. Korea Tourism Organization

Gapado has has been struggling in maintaining economic and social progress for a long time.  In the 1970’s this island had a population of about 1000 people, according to an article from the Korea Herald, the population had declined to barely 120 by 2018.

Various private entities and the government have tried to revive this island’s economy and social interest.  One of these known as the The “Gapado Project” aims at building a sustainable economic infrastructure in the island that will not only help the residents, but also bring back those who have left for jobs elsewhere. It was initiated in 2012 and co-developed by Hyundai Card, the government of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, architectural studio One O One and the local community of Gapado.

To read more about this project go HERE.

You can see a current video of what the project has built so far.  It is a labor of love:

Village Shop was a show created to bring some more love to this island.  By hiring celebrities to this show, including Jung Il woo, it looks to promote the island for potential tourism in the near future.  It is a noble enterprise and I am not surprised to see Ilwoo involved in it.

This program is set to air on January 29th, and according to its Trailer 2 (further down) it will  only air in Seezn.  Because it carries the MBC logo I’m still hopeful it will be shown there too.  So far if you do a search in Korean for 마을애 가게 in the MBC Channel Website it yields just news articles:  HERE

Sadly, I have a class exactly at that time here (9:00AM) so I won’t be able to watch it…  even if they showed it. 🙁   Silent Sigh

This is Trailer 1

Trailer 2:

English Translation:  Please credit this website if reusing in any way!  Thank you for honoring my work!

0:00 Gapado Island, Jeju’s prestigious island has a tasty restaurant!

Maeulae shop! Village Shop has awesome ocean view and food!

0:08 We remodelled an old space into a hot place of the area, Maeulae shop!

0:14 Village shop is only possible to watch on Seezn!

0:17 We renew the place for the ‘Haenyeos’ (literally meaning ‘sea woman’) they are catching some oysters and mussels under the sea, and we are making special food using local ingredients.

0:25 Good good!

0:27 and only on Seezn, the hidden stories about Village shop!

0:33 You are all curious about it now, right? then let’s meet on Seezn!

0:40 Village shop! Village shop!

If you want to feel like you are there… go HERE.  It’s Google maps, only photos but the scenery is very serene.

I also made this short video:

The original 360 photo is posted at Google Maps by Yong woo Kwon

These are photos that have been posted in Tweeter and Instagram. Credit in captions.  If you’d like your photo removed please let me know at kdrama.fan13@gmail.com.  Thank you!

Cr. annzzanga IG
Cr. artist bellac’s IG
Cr. Kwanrim.choi IG
Cr. ksy+4818 IG
Cr. miyulk_ Tweeter

A few more photos of Gapado…

Cr. m.visitjeju.net/

All I can say is that this island and Jeju are definitely on my list, I dream of doing this:


High Kick Documentary Part 2. Clip 9 English Translation.

Oh!  This part in episode 167.  I will never forget all I felt when I saw this ending of High Kick for the first time.  I just love how fate brought them together…  and through a smiley face!  and also how without a word, just the look in Ilwoo’s eyes says it all.  Shall we see it again…

Here is the translation.  Please credit this website if you are using it anywhere else. Thank you!


Minjung : We did the last scene together. I really remember the time very clearly.


In the movies, as if it’s in rewind. That’s the last scene.


In that rural school, of course on TV it didn’t show much, but when I made some NG, Ilwoo told me “are you ok? It’s the last scene, so do whatever makes you feel comfortable, don’t think about the staff”. I think Ilwoo doesn’t really remember this, because he did so many other dramas after this. Those things come back to my memory sometimes. Oh yeah, back then it was like that.. Like that..


The last scene of High Kick (July 13, 2007)

‘And finally the last scene. One year later, “destiny” came to the two people in the name of “luck”


‘This long story maybe kept running only to have this moment”


Minjung: Yunho is so cool. Is he really a high school student?


‘Still the warm feeling is in the memory of the two actors, and in our hearts ’


Minjung: Yoonho!


‘The story after this, whatever imagination your heart says. That’s the answer. ’


Ilwoo: Oh, it’s sad…

‘It ended this sad way that’s why….’

Ilwoo: Oh yeah..


Ilwoo: It’s been so long since seeing this, but still it makes me remember those days.

‘How do you feel?’


Ilwoo: Back then, I was just Yoonho himself. And I knew it was going to the last moment, so… those feelings were more real, and it made me tear up now.


‘But why did you never think about searching for this last scene before?’


Ilwoo: I just wanted to leave the things behind as it was. I was worried if I wanted to go back to that moment, so I kept pushing the feelings inside. Thanks to this special documentary I am watching highkick again, and it makes me very happy and make me want to go back to that time.


‘Then not as an actress, personally did you want the character “Minjung” to be with ”Yoonho”? Or  “Minyong”?

Minjung: personally?…

What was her response?!!!  I never saw it!

Here are a few screen shots:


With a little extra time in my life, I decided to do some Ilwoo researching and I found out a few new things.  First off…  have you seen this photo:

It turns out this is a photo of Ilwoo at Seo Min-jung’s wedding!  I thought it was a mock photo!  And I also found this one:

And here she is with her husband:

Such a great photo!  It captures all her emotion and her whole dress.  This is a family photo from an article in 2014…

And here is one when Min-jung was really young:


and these … come I think from the episode that illustrates what I call  “An Officer and an Gentleman Episode”. I have to watch it again, but here are these:

And HERE is the video I posted in Instagram… there are many other cool videos there, if you have time!




I just love that the last episode aired on a 13th… and…