High Kick Documentary Part 2. Clip 9 English Translation.

Oh!  This part in episode 167.  I will never forget all I felt when I saw this ending of High Kick for the first time.  I just love how fate brought them together…  and through a smiley face!  and also how without a word, just the look in Ilwoo’s eyes says it all.  Shall we see it again…

Here is the translation.  Please credit this website if you are using it anywhere else. Thank you!


Minjung : We did the last scene together. I really remember the time very clearly.


In the movies, as if it’s in rewind. That’s the last scene.


In that rural school, of course on TV it didn’t show much, but when I made some NG, Ilwoo told me “are you ok? It’s the last scene, so do whatever makes you feel comfortable, don’t think about the staff”. I think Ilwoo doesn’t really remember this, because he did so many other dramas after this. Those things come back to my memory sometimes. Oh yeah, back then it was like that.. Like that..


The last scene of High Kick (July 13, 2007)

‘And finally the last scene. One year later, “destiny” came to the two people in the name of “luck”


‘This long story maybe kept running only to have this moment”


Minjung: Yunho is so cool. Is he really a high school student?


‘Still the warm feeling is in the memory of the two actors, and in our hearts ’


Minjung: Yoonho!


‘The story after this, whatever imagination your heart says. That’s the answer. ’


Ilwoo: Oh, it’s sad…

‘It ended this sad way that’s why….’

Ilwoo: Oh yeah..


Ilwoo: It’s been so long since seeing this, but still it makes me remember those days.

‘How do you feel?’


Ilwoo: Back then, I was just Yoonho himself. And I knew it was going to the last moment, so… those feelings were more real, and it made me tear up now.


‘But why did you never think about searching for this last scene before?’


Ilwoo: I just wanted to leave the things behind as it was. I was worried if I wanted to go back to that moment, so I kept pushing the feelings inside. Thanks to this special documentary I am watching highkick again, and it makes me very happy and make me want to go back to that time.


‘Then not as an actress, personally did you want the character “Minjung” to be with ”Yoonho”? Or  “Minyong”?

Minjung: personally?…

What was her response?!!!  I never saw it!

Here are a few screen shots:


With a little extra time in my life, I decided to do some Ilwoo researching and I found out a few new things.  First off…  have you seen this photo:

It turns out this is a photo of Ilwoo at Seo Min-jung’s wedding!  I thought it was a mock photo!  And I also found this one:

And here she is with her husband:

Such a great photo!  It captures all her emotion and her whole dress.  This is a family photo from an article in 2014…

And here is one when Min-jung was really young:


and these … come I think from the episode that illustrates what I call  “An Officer and an Gentleman Episode”. I have to watch it again, but here are these:

And HERE is the video I posted in Instagram… there are many other cool videos there, if you have time!




I just love that the last episode aired on a 13th… and…