Jung II-woo Playing Soccer! (And Cheering for it!)

June 17, 2018

A little break in the sequence as the Soccer World Cup started yesterday.  On Monday, South Korea will play its first match against Sweden!

I decided to include some images of our dear Oppa playing soccer!  It all started very early on.  How early, not sure!  The first image I found are from his school years. The sweetest part is that Jung II-woo still meets to play soccer with his middle school friends!  Soccer is truly for life!

Jung II-woo playing soccer in school...middle school? high school?

Here he is with his middle school friends in 2017.

Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!5Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!6Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!8Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!7Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!9Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!2Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!3Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!10

He also participated at the ‘2016 Asian Smile Cup’ charity football match in Shanghai.  In the first photo he is posing with the very famous South Korean player Park Ji-sung.  Jung II-woo posted this in his Instagram back then.

Jung II-woo wioth Park Ji-sung .jpg

This is from wikipedia:

“Park was the captain of the South Korea national team until his retirement from international football. He is the most successful Asian footballer in history,[4][5] having won 19 trophies in his career and is the first Asian footballer to have won the UEFA Champions League trophy, the first Asian footballer to play in a UEFA Champions League final, as well as the first Asian footballer to have won the FIFA Club World Cup.[6] Park is able to play anywhere across the midfield and is noted for his exceptional fitness level, discipline, work ethic and off-the-ball movement.[7] His remarkable endurance levels and pace earned him the nickname “Three-Lungs” Park.

Jung II-woo attended the Asian Smile Cup with various celebrities, including the members of Running Man.  Photo Cr. On photos!

2016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup12016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup62016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup22016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup92016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup42016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup122016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup32016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup52016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup72016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup82016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup102016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup112016 1 10 Jung II-woo at the Asian Smile Cup13

Want to see him play?  Me too!  Here he is:

This video coming up is really shaky…

Are you Jung Il-woo delighted?  🙂

Last but not least, he goes and cheers for the South Korean World Cup team in qualifiers whenever he’s able…

Jung II-woo , friends and soccer! Cheers!1


Now, let’s talk FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.  South Korea’s selection has a really tough group, Group F, comprised of: Germany, Mexico, and Sweden.  With Germany and Mexico in their group and because only two teams advance to the next round, it is very unlikely that South Korea will advance. But you never know…there is always a slight margin of possibility!  I have been following Soccer World Cups since I was a teenager… and I am a fan of Liverpool, Barcelona and Messi!  Sadly the two countries that relate to me personally are not good at soccer (Venezuela and the USA).

So I will cheer for South Korea for Jung II-woo!  But.. I am going for Spain in this World Cup.  I’ll be in Spain for the final matches and it would be amazing to be in the country that wins!  I came close to experiencing it in 2010… I was there when they won quarter finals!  I was in an open air theater watching a performance and all of the sudden every one started cheering, the performers too!  I will never forget that day, walking through crazy happy crowds, people singing… the energy!   Imagine being there if they won?  WOO-w!  This is my “Quiniela”… my family has done this for many years, we collect money and give our predictions, and who ever comes the closest wins!


And this is the close up of Group F, Circle means winner, asterisk means second place…


With this said…my heart has a small quiet wish…that Messi, to me the current best player in the world, would bring that cup to Argentina.  It’s about time!

By the way this is the South Korean Squad:

South Korea Soccer Squad Russia 2018.jpg

The FIFA APP is really good to keep track…  Good luck!  South Korea! you are sure going to need it!