Jung II-woo in Golden Rainbow’s Script Reading, Teasers and Promotional Interviews.

November 2013,

Golden Rainbow was about to begin when Jung II-woo accepted the role of Do-young.  They had a script reading, you will see those images first…

…because the first 10 episodes were about the childhood part of the adult characters, Jung II-woo and UEE had a bit of time before they were scheduled to start filming.  They visited the set during the filming with the kids and met their counterparts.  Here I’m including some photos of this day and the trailers.  Last further down you will see the main characters of the drama with their descriptions, these came form the official Golden Rainbow website.

Sadly there are not too many trailers for this drama (that I could find), so I’ll include what I found plus a video of Jung II-woo promoting the drama.

Cr. MBC, Cupitter.  Enjoy!

Script Reading:  This took place on November 26, 2013.


2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000102013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000072013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 00015.png2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 00014.png2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 00013.png2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000062013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000092013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000082013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000022013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000032013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 000042013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow Script Reading 00005

I think there may have been an earlier Script reading for the kids.  You can find an article about the Script reading in Korean right HERE.


Jung II-woo and UEE visit the set when the kids were filming:

2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow, Meeting younger cast...00001.jpg

2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow, Meeting younger cast...00002.jpg

2013 10 Jung II-woo Golden Rainbow, Meeting younger cast...00003.jpg2013 Golden Rainbow Cast Xtras 1

This is a compilation of the kids photos:

2013 Golden Rainbow Cast Xtras 22013 Golden Rainbow Cast Xtras 32013 10 Golden Rainbow, Younger cast 1.jpgfullsizephoto365534.jpg

And this adorable cutie…  you can sense his happiness!


Coming up is another photo Ilwoo Tweeted on October 28th, after visiting the set with the kids during a night shot.  He wrote:

황금무지개 촬영장 ~~ 추워진 날씨에 고생중인 선후배 연기자분들과 스탭 여러분 화이팅~나도 곧 추위와 싸우겠져ㅋㅋ그러나 현장 열기는 뜨겁당 화이팅!!

Which is something along the lines of:

Golden rainbow shooting scene ~ ~ I am going to be with the cold and the staff soon –  I am going to work with the hungry actors and the staff who are suffering from the cold weather.

JIW Tweeter Golden Rainbow Youth set .jpg

Trailers and promotional videos:


The Cast:

Jung II-woo as Seo Do-young.

2013 10 Golden Rainbow Cast 2.jpg

Seo Do Young (Jung Il)

Son of Seo Jin Ki.
When I was young, my father’s family who remarried was always treated as a stranger and lived.

Originally had a genius brain,
Since I learned that my grandmother is checking himself better than Tae Young,
Pretending to be a rebellious child.

It is cynical, it is lazy in all, and it is said to be a prosecutor of corruption from the surroundings, a prosecutor
I want to live my life freely.
Meanwhile, it all will change when he meets Baek-won.

2013 10 Golden Rainbow Cast 1.jpg

Baek-won (UEE)

My real name is Jang Ha-bin.
It is the daughter of Yoon Young-hye and grandson of the golden group Kang Jong-Shim president,
He was known to have died at the age of four.
It was discovered in Manoon in the mountains (it was a seaside in the broadcast) and lived with him,
I will adopt Kim Han Joo.

Because of tomboy and disgusting personality, rasping in the body.
A child comes out earlier than the mouth and reacts instinctively rather than thinking with the head.
A woman like the sun makes me happy and makes me feel bright.

Even if she crumbles and walks downhill, she gets up like a small sukiyaki,
A positive-looking woman who loves the world even if the world forsakes her.

2013 10 Golden Rainbow Cast 4.jpg

Kim Manoon (Lee Jae-young)

If you believe that you are right, a persevering person who believes ignorance recklessly.
A man who expresses love by behavior rather than words.

People who found Peguon (Chan Habin) who got injured wandering in the injury.
(In the broadcast, I was injured in the foot and fell down on the beach)

In the outside world is a ruthless and cold person,
It is warmly warm to my sister and brothers, and for my brothers I sacrifice myself.
Although the number is small type, person with passion and love which is wider than the sea.

2013 10 Golden Rainbow Cast 3.jpg

Kim Chae Young (Cha Ye Ryeong)

In my childhood, while my life was hard, I lived with stepmother and father-in-law,
A woman who is saved by Peguon and comes to live in the house of Han Joo.

It has a gorgeous appearance with a clear brain.
Since I was living while I was watching the state of the person from the time I was small, the situation judgment ability and coping ability are excellent.

A woman like Icarus who is trying to fly up until the wings burn out while coming back and forth between good and evil.

This is the diagram of the relationships between the characters of the drama:

Golden Rainbow Cast Relationship Diagram 2013.jpg


I was kind of dreading having to do the posts about this drama after all the Instagram mishap, but I decided to do it without including any images of the actor Jo Min-ki (as much as I can).  I feel this is a good middle ground.  I have to honor the women that suffered abuse first and foremost.  I also want to say to Jung II-woo, I am sorry for the pain that you have felt because of the passing of your colleague. I am also sorry for any pain I may cause in making you remember this time. I will try to post all this as quick and swift as possible.  I do believe that in time you will remember the times in this drama with a smile.

As I re-watched some of these episodes, I have to say that my dread slowly melted into delight when I saw the many funny scenes between Jung II-woo and UEE.  Your character Do Young is hilarious so many times!  I laugh so hard!!!  So again you delight me, no matter what!  And again I say thank you dearest Oppa!

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