Jung II-woo Behind the Story of the Rainbow Photo Shoot.

November, 2013

This is Jung II-woo’s account of his very special Rainbow Il-woo Photo Shoot.  It is really a treat to read about how he did all this… in one day!  Yes…you read it correctly, all the photos I posted for over a week, he shot in one day… all his ideas…  ready to read and delight?  But before that… this is the video:

I used a bit of this in the “RainWoo Connection” video I created recently.  In case you missed it, here it is:

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 1.jpg

A Photograph Shoot only for the fans!
And that Behind Story. I will tell you the frog from now.

In October, with a wonderful day, Jung · Il picture taken!
For all of our fans, fans, for the fans,
From concept setting with special meaning to costumes and accessories items
The fact that 100% Jung Il prepared it!
An amazing sad fact that Jung actor ‘s staff saw the concept book on shooting day (?)

Become your entertainer and always entertaining.
I can do all to singing, comedy for acting ♪
Become your entertainer, make you laugh for the rest of my life.
With feelings of forever – ♪

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 2.jpg

I bought flowers beforehand yesterday ___ ___ ___ ___ 0

All the small items were prepared according to each costume! Ah! I also prepared the video camera ~

Propulsion and preparation. I assert passion, but Jung il is the best!
Shooting taken from 11 am.
The shooting concept of this time is two kinds. Concept that shows Jung Il ‘s peaceful everyday,
It started with studio photography depicting Jung Il with various colors of seven colors.

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 3.jpg

Before shooting, special suggestions!
In order to make you feel comfort and affinity
One game in a soccer game! Breathtaking battle,
And, one piece of elementary Jung actor!

Have you prepared too much costumes?
I really do wear clothes at home …
I’m really in my house right now ~

Good beginning! Start full-scale shooting from now ♬

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 4.jpg

As long as Jung Il is there, it becomes a work wherever he is!
Enjoy a cup of coffee under warm sunshine
Imitating the expression of the model in the magazine, playing the ukulele …
It seems he could not choose the A cut! Every single piece is A cut.

If my Jung Dot com wishes, I will stage anywhere.
Manly guy needs to know how to please women ♪

Facts to pay attention to here ~!
I photographed the upper body cut of exclusive release Jung Yi.
We will see the time soon, Dudun

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 5.jpg

Are you okay now?
I will take another picture with this pose

The day before shooting I was worried that it might rain with the influence of the typhoon
It feels good too on the day and the mood of Jung and Il actor UP!

Looking at the published pictures, it seems like lying down in a thin place
This one that caused the fans to jerk!  I think he means jump…be startled! 🙂
But, in reality, it was a picture leaning against the wall.
To the goodness of the style, even the staff, Wow … long … + _ + and cheers!

What is Han River for Jeong Il?
Jang actor Han ri love to remind the radio star’s predefined questions ~ ♥

Because I took a lot of good pictures, I suggested to cancel the shoot at Han River …?
Jung actor who does not know fatigue, go to Han River go! The place where the most BEST cuts could be taken ~

While watching the puppies walking along the Han River, Jeong Il is right!
I suggest that the photographer should take a picture with the puppies as well …

Our aw, when I meet other dogs and noticed it
I do not come to me! I am enough for Au ~ I do not like it.  His dog AWOO, does not come to him if she senses the smell of another dog!  🙂

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 6.jpg

At 3 PM, it finally entered the studio.
After organizing photographs taken in the morning
Photography taken in the afternoon soon ~ * WOW
We had more costumes than in the morning.
Hahaha …
I also considered the preferences of all the fans
It seems that it was a concept setting.
How about…
Everyone of the fans also wrote about this album
You liked every single piece, were not you?

Shall I say such a thing as barefoot ‘s fighting spirit?
Chung actor shining even if taken uncensored.
When you join the prepared bouquets
Just there is a flower garden (?)
But to perfect Jung Yi
If there is only one wound … curiosity!
Every time I take a picture
Wondering if I could take a good picture
To shimmer, to watch the monitor …
I’m having trouble watching the monitor so much ~
I’ll show you later, so I can take a good picture ~

Rainbow Photo Shoot JIW BTS 7.jpg

We only wear 14 clothes prepared. A whole day shooting.
I spent busy days with costumes, accessories, concept composition
Pictures reported to Chong · Il dot com over a long time
Did you like it?
It is a word to tell every time, thanks to the fans
Jung Il exists. Please be happy all the time.

I hope everyone is happy
Become your entertainer, make you laugh for the rest of my life.
With a feeling of intuition forever.

Everyone of Jung Il dot com! Following Behind Story
I am preparing a studio photography making image.
stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!


GASP!!!  Cough… Cough!  WHATTT?!  HOW!???  He did this entire Photo Shoot in one day!!!  He prepared everything himself!  Shared his home!…his concepts of 7 colors!… his likes! Jung II-woo… you are so magnificent… I am blown off planet Earth in absolute admiration… how much you care!

I start to feel it…you are so sweet …always looking after us!  Looking at our posts, like you say…making us happy… for the rest of your life.  So kind, so giving…  But please…this is too much.  Take care of yourself… and it’s totally OK if you don’t make us happy at some point.  You are human… you can make mistakes, you can take a break, you can post what ever you want in Instagram!  If you are feeling down, it’s OK to show us! Show us your colors!  I promise to do my best in always respecting your feelings whether happy or sad, seeing all your efforts, all your hard work before opening my mouth to criticize anything that did not work out, and I will always send you good energy! Full of color and rainbows… because that is what you do for me…    for us!

Love you always and forever, till the end of eternity! Unconditionally yours,

Fan 13

P.S. My students from Sixth grade graduated yesterday… I taught them for sixth years. They sang the following song … it was so moving! And it had a rainbow part! How perfect!

P.S. 2! Please Jung II-woo fans trust in Jung II-woo even when his posts are not jolly!  For him and us!  Trust him!