Jung Il woo in a Golden Rainbow DVD Media Presentation.

Jung Il woo in Golden Rainbow interview for Korepo. 2015 1

March 11, 2020

This interview is from Korepo, a Japanese site dedicated to Korean entertainment, dated: January 30, 2015.  It is one of various that came out after this DVD Media presentation. Link in Japanese HERE.

Jung Il is a good-looking star who has appeared in numerous hits such as “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and “The Moon Holding the Sun”, and has a reputation as an fine actor. We interviewed Jung Il, who played the role of prosecutor Do-young who challenged his father to protect his loved ones.

――Are there any criteria for selecting your work?
First of all, I will talk to the office a lot, and then I will show my acquaintances a synopsis and script. Then I listen to a lot of people, talk with my family, and finally I make a decision. The work that I chose hard can be performed very lovingly. So you will never regret. I think it’s my role to do my best to make a good work, and since I’ve decided, I always do my best.

――Please tell us why you chose this work.
First of all, there were so many seniors who I liked and respected. Senior Cho Min-gi and Senior Park Won Sook also appeared, and while acting with such people, I thought I had to firmly solidify my acting before I was in my thirties, and a long-term drama Meanwhile, I feel like trying to grow more inside.
I felt a lot and learned a lot from the work that I learned a lot, and since I took this drama, I heard a lot of evaluations that the performance has definitely improved, and the Watchman Diary started soon after this drama ended, The director of the Night Watch Diary also told me that I decided to cast myself after seeing the Golden Rainbow. “This person would be able to express the character of Lee Lin from” The Watchman Diary “well, and he seemed to see me, a work that got so many things and made me feel a lot of things I think.

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――Please introduce a character called Do-young.
The character that I played, Seo Do-young, is a prosecutor, but he is actually a prosecutor. It looks very light and looks like a person living a very free life, but he has a very deep heart and a wounded role.

――Where did you get attracted to Do-young?
Soo Do-yeon thought that I could play well. Until now, I have never played so many roles in a particular profession. That’s why the prosecutor’s role is very attractive … And I thought I could work hard and have fun shooting with this character, so I decided to appear.

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――In the play, the character was very large, but was it difficult to make a role?
It was a long-running work, so when preparing and analyzing the characters, I wanted to show them a variety of figures through these characters. At the beginning it looked very light, and as a frivolous prosecutor, I wanted to show the acting as if he really wanted to do this, and later in the second half he caught something wrong with his father I feel like I’ve prepared a lot to show such a variety of roles, struggling to protect my loved one.

――What did the director and screenwriter talk about performing Do young?
I wrote the writer all the time (laughs). For example, if I had any concerns about the story or the character, I asked him frequently and consulted with the writer many times to create a role. There were no special instructions from the director. I was able to perform with ease as I watched it as I wanted to do it.

――Please tell us about the parts that you can sympathize with Do-young. Conversely, please tell me what you want to scold.
The sympathy was that, despite knowing the father’s mistakes, no matter how bad he did, my prosecutor could not penalize him. While performing, such a part co-starred very much, and it was very painful while acting. And then, what I didn’t understand was … I tried to protect my beloved woman until the end, but there were some frustrations along the way.

――How was your co-starring with Uee, Lee Jae Yoon and Cha Jae Ryong of the same generation?
Uee is a very hard worker and has good manners, so Uee used honorifics until the end of the drama (laughs).
Even if I tried to talk with a mouth, it never became a mouth. In fact, there weren’t many parts I played with Jae Yoon. But sometimes it’s like a brother who has fun talking when we meet. Cha Ye-ryong also looks very dignified and solid, but there are some things that are surprisingly very friendly. The person who talked the most while I was drama was Jo Min-ki. He was very close since he was young, and he appeared in the role of my father. He also used the waiting room at the shooting site together. There were so many lines in both of them, so I practiced a lot of dialogue with my seniors, and because I played with my senior Cho Min-ki, I was told that my acting was very natural and that I grew up. That’s why I thank my senior Cho Min-ki.

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――How was your first co-star with Uee?
With Uee, I practiced a lot of scripting personally before the drama shooting began, I met with the director and talked a lot, and while doing so I made a role, but at the beginning it was very tough (Laughs) However, they feel soft and change while feeling the emotions they love, and I feel like we talked a lot about that. I guess I wouldn’t have both breathed together while talking about “I want to perform like this”.

――Who did the character you played most closely match the character you played?
I think Kim Sanjung wasn’t the closest one.

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――Who is the most different person?
The most different was Senior Cho Mingi. It really came out like a devil (laughs). In fact, he is very funny and interesting. That’s why I had a lot of food with my senior Cho Mingi. I feel like we ate together almost every day. I’m a very grateful senior for contacting me after the end of the drama “Night Watch”.

――If you fall in love with Mr. Il, do you look like Doyeon? What type do you think?
I’m in a style that dedicates everything to my loved ones, and to those who aren’t, I won’t get any closer. I think there are some such aspects. It may be because you meet a lot of people when you do this kind of work, but I feel that there is such a part, and if a loved one appears, it is a style that I will give as much as possible. So, I got such a nickname. It is called “event man” or “Santa Il”. He is also preparing a lot of events with his beloved fans, and he always wants to give back to his love. That’s why I always try to make new events and good memories. Also, if you have a lover you love, I think it’s a style that changes with her.
Sometimes I say “follow me” (laughs). However, it is a type that respects and respects the person as much as possible.

――Kissing scenes with Peguona have been talked about, such as the kissing and kissing with tears.
I agree……. There were so many kisses … (laughs). The first kiss scene in this work was called “Chestless Kiss”, where Begwon kissed while drawing me, and I kissed as well. After the broadcast, I was told, “Isn’t the kiss really strong?” Then, in the next kiss scene, the writer said, “Kiss as softly as possible.” At that time, I thought that I kissed very strongly in the first kiss scene of this work, and from next on I tried to kiss softly. When I see that, I remember that I laughed a lot.

――Do-young and Begwon are involved in the relationship between the parents, and the difficult scene continues in the second half.
I think it was the most difficult work. In such emotional scenes … Relationship with father, loves a loved one very much and must be sent out and gives life to that person, not one feeling, feeling with grandmother, feeling with father, feeling with loved one etc…… . It was difficult to act because various emotions were mixed, I was very worried, I feel that I worked harder.

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――What do you think is family ties?
I agree……. I think family is a constant love and trust. Anyway, my parents always support my work, and I feel like I can do good activities thanks to them, and my family is connected with a special connection. Is it not? I believe that the people in my family are the people I trust the most.

――Finally, please give a message to Japanese fans.
Japan viewers of everyone, Hello. This is Jeong Il
I feel like greeting you after a long time. I would like much support for “Golden Rainbow”. We ask for your interest and wish you always happy. Thank you very much.

“Golden Rainbow” will be rented from Culture Publishers on February 3 in advance of TSUTAYA. Complete Slim Box [DVD] will be released on April 29.

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I think Jung Il woo held a Media presentation promoting the sale of the Golden Rainbow DVD in Japan and various magazines were present.  These are two videos I found of the same time period.  The second one is from K-style and there are some photos too.







One more treat?  Well I found more photos that came out in the different articles… ready to delight?  Cr. Various magazines,  I found these at the Japanese website “Loving Ilwoo.”

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Jung Il woo in Golden Rainbow interview for the Japanese DVD. 2015. 4

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It was interesting reading that UEE’s and Jung Il-woo’s first kiss was considered too hard.  I’ll have to keep my eye for it when I see this drama again!

As Massachusetts declares state of emergency,  I pray even harder that this Coronavirus passes by soon. When one thinks deeper about it and its influence, it is teaching us an invaluable lesson… that we are all in this together.

May GOD’s grace help us!  We need it more than ever!